Hand wipes aren’t just for your hands!

It would be silly not to use such a conveniently packaged on-the-go solution for a million other uses!
Here are 25 clever uses for hand wipes, and there may be more to come!

  1. Toilet paper substitute when no one is there to “spare a square”.
  2. Removing your eye make up.
  3. Cleaning the inside of your car while you’re stuck in a traffic jam.
  4. Take to the beach for when things get sandy!
  5. Take to a picnic.
  6. Cleaning your shopping cart handle at the grocery store.
  7. Cleaning gym equipment before you use it.
  8. Wiping down restaurant tables.
  9. Clean hairspray off  EVERYTHING in your bathroom :).
  10. Wipe off excessively applied spray tanner.
  11. Use it for envelopes so you don’t have to lick them!
  12. Cleaning a chalkboard
  13. Cleaning your iPad or tablet screen (also great for computer monitors).
  14. Take them on camping trips.
  15. Freshen up on a hot summer day.
  16. Take them to your kids soccer or baseball game.
  17. Take them to a picnic at someone else’s house….you never know!
  18. Cleaning your desk phone or cell phone (huge germ haven)!
  19. Clean a public toilet seat if you cannot hover successfully.
  20. When you order wings because they NEVER give you enough wet wipes (if any)!
  21. At the dentists office….clean off the head rest before you lay back. (A tip from my cousin who is a dental hygienist!)
  22. Keep them in your purse for stain emergencies.
  23. Use them as doggie butt  wipes (plenty of you do this and you know who you are).
  24. Clean off the tray and arm rests when you’re on an airplane (ewww).
  25. Clean rubber stamps for crafting.


25-Clever-Uses-For-Hand-WipesHow do you use hand wipes?!

I was inspired to write this post because I recently ordered some new individually wrapped hand wipes on Amazon.

I didn’t pay close attention and I got a HUGE box of them in the mail last week!

I was too excited and distracted by the “citrus scent” that I just ordered without caring about any other details!

I have no idea how I will use all of those wipes! If you’re looking for a great deal and a wipe that doesn’t smell like baby wipes try these from Softy…they’re so soft too!

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