maxasorb-vitamin-d3-creamThese days you can get your vitamins in so many different ways. This is the first time I’ve tried a vitamin lotion, but we’ll see what happens!

I know that a lot of people claim that the only real way to get vitamin D is with natural sunlight or eating the right foods.

Lotions, supplements, patches, etc. may not be as vitamin-packed, but they are better than not getting any vitamins at all.

We’re really supposed to be getting all of our nutrients from foods, but the way our world is today it can be very hard to eat enough of the important vitamin-rich foods each day.

Topically getting your vitamins is great because you get more benefit than you do with a supplement.

I know all about this because I used to get B12 shots. Taking a supplement is nothing like getting the shot and I never achieved the same energy levels with the shot. Now, I use a B12 patch and it comes pretty close. The same is probably true for lotions!

Vitamin D is very important for your health and is found in few foods.

Most of us are vitamin D deficient, but we don’t even know it!

Here’s a little info about vitamin D3:

  • 80% – 90% of what the body gets is from exposure to sunlight
  • Found in very small amounts in foods like herring, mackerel, tuna, and sardines
  • Vitamin D treats rickets, osteoporosis, prevents fractures, conditions the heart, diabetes, obesity, and more

If you don’t get enough time in the sun then you should definitely try something like a vitamin cream to make sure your levels stay at a healthy place. I don’t get as much sun as I used to because I work all summer and get few days to lay in the sun like I did through college!

I’m using Maxasorb D3 cream on my arms and legs. It hasn’t been long enough to say whether it’s working or not, but I feel good so that’s what counts!

One pump equals “one dose” of vitamin D3 (1,000 IU), so you know how much you’re getting when you apply it.

It’s also hypoallergenic, scent-free, and non-irritating!

Have you tried a lotion for vitamin absorption, or do you stick to daily supplements? Please share your tips and favorite products in the comment section!

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