WEN-Causes-Hair-LossWEN causes hair loss. Yes, for many it has caused problems like hair loss, sensitivity, etc. That’s because WEN doesn’t live up to it’s promises, and EVERY one of my clients that has used it has horrible hair!

There weren’t many of them at first, but over time I’ve met more and more people that have had a bad experience with WEN.

I can tell the minute I touch my clients’ hair. They always think it’s a good thing when I ask them if they use WEN shampoo. It’s because their hair feels so much worse than the majority of hair that I come in contact with(even Pantene users). Hair that has been in contact with WEN products feels completely different from everyone else’s hair.

This may sound crazy, but I’m highly observant and I always ask my clients what they shampoo and condition with. After a while I started to notice that the WEN users had a different texture to their hair. It was horrible and most noticeable when wet.

I started to ask them…

Do you use WEN products?

Most people would say…

Yes, I do! How did you know? Is it because my hair is so awesome?!

No…that’s not the reason at all! It’s because your hair feels like crap…it feels like straw! This straw-like feeling is not to be confused with the “straw” texture that you get when you’re hair is over-processed. WEN causes hair loss…

I can’t describe how blatant the difference is with words, so you’ll just have to trust me. Or, find someone that is still willing to use WEN and compare your hair to theirs.
I’m not kidding when I say this stuff is horrible. I would use Pantene Pro-V before WEN any day! (If they were the last two shampoos left on Earth, of course!)


November 2016- $26 million dollar lawsuit moves forward!

More info below!

WEN Causes Hair Loss

The product that’s currently facing a potential lawsuit is WEN Cleansing Conditioner. That doesn’t mean that it’s the only product that will cause hair loss.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner was the product that the woman used who first spoke up and initiated the law suit. I’m willing to bet that there other products will do the same!


Here’s what it does to your hair:

  • Substantial and abnormal amounts of hair loss after only 2 weeks of use.
  • You could lose 1/3 of your hair or more.
  • You keep losing hair after you stop using it!
  • Your hair will feel like crap.
  • It may or may not grow back completely.
  • Thinning hair and/or shedding hair excessively
  • Causes baldness

Read the full article about the WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Class Action Lawsuit here.

Click here for the November 2016 UPDATE on WEN Lawsuit.

Do you use WEN hair care products or have you used them in the past?

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You’ve probably heard your stylist telling you that a 2-in-1 product won’t really do two things at once, so what do you think a 5-in-1 product will do? One product cannot cleanse the impurities from your hair & scalp and condition it all in one step…that’s just not how it works.

Useful Links for WEN product users:

WEN Customer Service Form

Unaccredited on ConsumerAffairs.com-Read the Reviews!

Here are some great resources for people that are hoping to recover from the effects of using WEN products:

*Disclosure: The opinions in this article are based on reader comments, e-mails, and various web articles. I am not an expert or a doctor, therefore I cannot confirm that WEN actually causes hair loss. I am simply sharing information that I’ve gathered about this current issue. Please consult with your physician and/or hairstylist about your hair concerns and/or conditions if you need advice.

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368 Responses to WEN Causes Hair Loss

  1. Maria says:

    Hair loss and eye lashes

  2. Maria says:

    What the hell is I that shampoo omgggg

  3. L says:

    U ugly monkey loser. I was trying to educate people on pantene which is the best shampoo brand in the world. Ur stupid customers r overusing it. And ur dumb ape self should’ve known that wen is like washing ur hair with lotion. I hate that u bitches only publish replies that suit ur liking instead of the truth. U loser; I’m glad that ur hair fell out and as far as pantene theyre a multi biliion dollar company. They don’t need u loser hairstylist that washes ppl hair for a living downing them when. Y’all have the most pathetic job on earth. U losers!

  4. L says:

    Ur a hairdresser and used wen and became bald. Ur one horrible hairdresser sense enough oughta tell u not to use it.and about pantene.ur dumb customers r using pantene wrong.pantene has conditioners etc that they leave behind on ur scalp
    There’s no wax in pantene. Ur dummy self shouldve told ur customers this.they’re a billion dollar industry. There r sephora shampoos that ppl have said took out there hair and salon brands too. Y’all hairdressers just want ppl to buy y’all bogus salon products instead of pantene which started out in department stores. Y’all r horrible p ppl in a horrible business. Y’all should b ashamed of yourselves..losers!

  5. Paula says:

    I have had significant hair loss from using Wen. I developed a bald patch on top of my head and my hair loss is ongoing. Probably lost 3/4th of my hair. I didn’t think it was Wen because I am under medication for underactive thyroid. However, my 11-year-old who used Wen at the same time as me is also shedding bad, she has bold spots as well. I got biopsied by a dermatologist and they found no inflammation and told me it was age-related hair loss. However, did it happen so suddenly after the start of Wen AND WHY is it happening to an 11-year-old who had a thick head of hair.

    Erika, from all the experience that you do have on this topic… is it your impression that hair tends to regrow? I get scared when I read comments stating that the follicles die. What should I do? I started using a clarifying shampoo on my kid and using anti-dandruff conditioner (because I read the clogged follicles can lead to fungal infection). But going back to my question, is there hope? Am I (but most importantly my daughter) going to get our hair back?

  6. Michelle Jennings says:

    I used wen in 2009-2010 with no ill effects. I started using it again this april 2020 and with in 3 weeks my hair started falling out. My hair is very thick and curly. I stopped using it and it has been about a month it is still falling out. I couldn’t care less about getting money from this! I just want my hair back!! And why is it still on the market?? Those of you on here, have you been able to do something about the hair loss? If so please share. I am looking into some treatments.

    • Erika says:

      Unfortunately, as long as the ingredients are approved and there aren’t enough negative claims happening…the products will still be sold. This lawsuit is old- I don’t know what came of it in the end, but it is possible that claims are still going. I thought for sure that the company would have made improvements since!

      • Michelle Jennings says:

        from what I have been able to find out they did a study on the ingredients and they say there is nothing in the product that will cause hair loss. However in my research I found that it is not the ingredients per say that causes the hair loss it is the fact that the product gets stuck in the hair follicle and causes the follicle to die. It has been about 2 and a half months and my hair continues to fall out and I have about a 1/4 of the amount of hair that I had before. I am taking pictures of my hair after I shower and the amount that has come out after I shower. I am desperate for a solution. I have researched several hair renewal products but they have mixed reviews and don’t address hair loss due to this product. :'(

  7. Andrea says:

    I have not used Wenn since 2013 and my hair is still thin and falling out. I used it on and off from 2010-2013. I had no idea Wenn was causing any damage to my hair because it was long and all one length and the damage was in the middle. I went for a haircut to get some layers and afterwards is when I noticed I was missing a lot of hair on the right side. For a while I thought that the stylists slipped and accidently cut a chunk out of my hair. I didn’t have a bald spot just a section of thin short hair. Finally one day I saw a commercial stating that Wenn was damaging people’s hair and that there was a lawsuit. The area of damaged hair is thin and will grow a few inches and then fall out. I lose hair when I wash it and then more hair comes out when I blow dry it. I have tried different shampoos, hair growth vitamins, and scalp treatments. I haven’t found anything that works so far. I have been considering trying minoxidil. Unfortunately I did not document my hair loss since I was unaware of the real cause so I was unable to be a part of the class action lawsuit.

  8. Why says:

    Why is Wen still in biz? Why does QVC keep selling it? Why haven’t they gotten sued OUT OF BIZ? Why isn’t the law getting involved? Why is no one suing QVC & Alyssa Milano over this for false advertising, surely she’s legally responsible? Why no one taking her out on twitter?

    If there’s a class ac, why isn’t this the end of the company?? Sue them for BILLIONS!

    • Erika says:

      Class action lawsuits can take a long time…sometimes years. They have to find a large number of claimants that used WEN and had adverse affects, build their case, and prove that the issues were related to that product. It gets tricky with hair loss because there needs to be proof(and the defense will pick it apart…trying to say that people were on medications or using other products).

      QVC(or any company) is going to keep selling a product if they can make a profit. They may have taken that specific formula(s) off the market to ease the minds of consumers.

      There’s definitely a noticeable downturn in their business since all of this came out, and I don’t see as much advertising for it(or hear about it as much from clients). This could be because the initial popularity wave died down and/or the bad press from the lawsuit hurt them. It could also be because there’s always something new coming out for people to try…and the DIY wave is HUGE right now…which appeals to a large amount of WEN users.

      I’ve seen/felt a lot of hair from WEN users and it’s awful. Some people are just brainwashed.

      If you want to know more about how class action lawsuits work there’s a great book/movie by John Grisham that really shows the ins and outs of the business!

      You should definitely check it out-

  9. noshiwaji says:

    I have dandruff… I have hair loss… Just want a natural solution… Can you please help I’m only 17

  10. nonywaji says:

    Awesome post. kindly keep it up. I always like these kinds of tips your tips are really useful.i have tried these all home remedies with seal and shine light hair oil by naturalrizado.com. and I get 100% result my hair really stopped falling

  11. Erika says:

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share the link with you all for submitting a claim in the class action suit! It only takes a few minutes!


    • Chris says:

      I’ve been a hairstylist for 37 years and I have several clients that live Wen. The problem I had today was a long time hilite customer came in for her regular touch up and her long blonde hair was almost a dark Brown. I spent a good 45 minutes using Abba detox shampoo to try to get the hard water minerals off what used to be blonde hair and it did help but all I can come up with is the wind is trapping those hard water minerals in that blonde and it is hard to get that to come off period I probably got her halfway there but she’s going to have to continue with the detox shampoo to get the rest of that hard water mineral buildup off her hair which the Wen seem to seal in the hair. This is never happened with her hair before she started using the Wen products. I told her I think it is ceiling those hard water minerals in her hair and it just keeps getting darker and darker. Has anyone else had problems with their highlight customers using Wen?

      • Erika says:

        I’ve had clients with natural and chemically altered hair that used Wen and did not like the results. Some people use WEN and love it, but I would not recommend it.

      • SBeetle29 says:

        This is almost a year later from the comment above. I have used WEN for 6 years. I refused to believe it was making me lose hair. My hair was very thick at first, so I ignored the many strands pulled out during every wash.

        WHY I IGNORED IT – DARK HAIR: I am 41 and my hair is unusually JET BLACK. It looks dyed but isn’t. I guessed WEN was the cause for my hair being unnaturally dark colored prior to reading this. I thought it was a good thing. I don’t have gray hair but at age 41, it is finally at the point where I know that this can’t be normal. Most of my family members near my age have A LOT of gray hair.
        Lately my scalp has been irritated and I just realized I can see my scalp through my hair … I don’t have hairless patches like others, but this is probably because I had thick ethnic hair. I started reading about others experience with WEN since I have had scalp and hair loss issues to see what issues others had. I stumbled across this comment which refers to hair getting dark and mineral build up. I can relate.

        I refused to give up WEN a while back after reading about the lawsuit and other experiences. I thought this wasn’t happening to me and I have been in denial. After being able to relate to a lot of the comments I’ve read, I cancelled WEN yesterday after using it for 6 years. I have finally given up and prefer to stop losing hair while I still have hair. I thought I would write about my experience and hope it helps someone like your articles have helped me. Thanks for this article.

    • Erin says:

      Hi Erika! I came across your blog after googling Wen and have read through most of the comments! I just bought Wen and was so excited and used it for the first time this morning and loved it! But now I’m scared about the long term results. It seems the main issue is the buildup that clogs the follicles-do you think an anti-residue shampoo like Neutrogena would be helpful to use every other time or once a week? Or just not use Wen at all? I don’t have any kind of allergies and my hair is thick but color treated. I just really like how soft my hair feels with Wen-I’ve used professional salon shampoos in the past and I just wanted something that doesn’t strip the oils out of my hair. It gets greasy every 2 days with those and I don’t have time to wash it that often with 4 little ones. Is there something similar like another co-wash that you would recommend? I’m too scared to use the Wen anymore and I’m just not a fan of shampoos that strip the oil, even sulfate-free. My hair feels too dry an frizzy after, even after conditioning or deep conditioning. If there’s not another conditioning cleanser that’s good, what would be good for people who get oily fast? I’ve heard good things about Moroccan oil brand but it seems expensive. Thanks!

  12. Pittsburgh says:

    Judge denies Amazon’s bid to withhold customer data in hair-loss lawsuit
    Originally published December 21, 2016 at 4:52 pm Updated December 21, 2016 at 6:34 pm


  13. I used Wen for only 3 weeks and it made my hair feel oily so I stopped using it.
    and I have lost a lot of hair. Everyone in my family has always had thick hair right up to the day they die. I am the only one that used wen and the only one with hair falling out. My hair was 4 and a half foot long it was down to my feet. It got so thin I had to cut a foot off. loss even more hair so then I cut another 3 foot off. Does anyone know if the hair grows back after time?

    • Anita Nelson says:

      Mine is back after 1 year using the products Erika recommended: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & (I add Keratin Protein mix to) Biotin Conditioner, ModelSupplies Rapid Hair (my product), and stopping using Wen completely, of course.

      After 1-3 months, I saw improvement, but this marks 1 year and my hair is better than ever. I am not changing anything. I’m 53 and my hair now looks better than in my 20’s. All the bald spots on widows peak areas and top of back scalp are completely gone and my hair is thicker than it was when I was young. Too bad I didn’t do this stuff instead of trying Wen!

      Anyway, there was a time I was afraid my hair would never come back, so there is hope! Thank you, Erika! Happy Holidays! My hair thanks you!!

      • Erika says:


        That’s wonderful! It’s great to hear from everyone that reached out in the past for recommendations! I’m so glad you got your hair back…going through something like that is so frustrating. The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products helped me when my hair thinned a lot and I was astonished! They really don’t advertise enough about how much it can help with hair loss and thinning.

        Happy Holidays to you and your family!

        • Carole Gibbons says:

          Hi Erika can you send me a picture of the shampoo so I can purchase I had hair loss from Wen…it coming back but very slowly maybe I can get it to speed up, plus if you have any other recommendations. I too had foliculitis from Wen…it was horrible

      • Tara leddy says:

        Thank you. Trying to get my hair to grow back after using wen. You gave me hope!

    • DJ says:

      My hair fell out over the years during/after Wen use. I had to address the inflammation (Doxy 200 for 6 months as Infection was so deep and severe plus 5 months oral steroid 5 mg). The biopsies of my scalp in different places showed severe folliculitis. My 3 dermatologists I saw didn’t know about Wen. You MUST completely clear up the inflammation/infection or follicles will continue to die. If your follicles die Rogaine won’t work. Note you can have Infection/inflammation that is so deep it kills follicles but is not visible to your eye. My issue was so bad it was both deep and very visible. If you try to use Rogaine on infected follicles you can make them worse. It took a long course of strong antibiotics and oral steroids to do the trick first…then Rogaine 5% foam every night for a year grew my hair back. **Wen has NO cleansing agents so = clogged follicles/pores = infection = permanently destroyed follicles = hairloss.

  14. Patricia says:

    Hello Erica

    I used Wen about three years ago for about six months I started noticing my hair super dry anything I’ll put in it wouldn’t work.
    Finally I stopped using it I noticed my hair thinning. Didn’t think it was WEN. Went to a dermatologist I thought it was maybe hereditary or thought it was my anemia but the doctor said I was fine. It’s embarrassing I put my hair in a pony tail all the time because if I don’t you can notice if. I’m not confident anymore I don’t put any products in my hair I don’t brush it as often often I don’t shampoo it is often nothings working. Still brittle and dull. 3 yrs later 🙁

    • Erika says:


      I’m so sorry to hear that! If you check out some of the previous comments….it shows that many dermatologists have misdiagnosed when it comes to the hair loss issue/WEN. No one thought to tell their doctor which shampoo they were using, and why would their doctors be suspicious of it anyways? There is hope though, and your hair will eventually be back to normal. It’s hard, but just find a way to style it that works for you in the meantime. Good luck!

  15. Lori C. says:

    I’ve used WEN for over 3 years and my hair responds better to it than all of the other expensive salon brands. I have fine, thick wavy hair and I can go 3 days between cleansing and my hair still looks great. I haven’t noticed an increase in the amount of hair I lose daily nor have I experienced thinning other than what I would expect being a 50+ post-menopausal woman with hypothyroidism. Different strokes for different folks…maybe it’s just my hair type. Funny that I can use it when I have such sensitive skin that even Cetaphil will cause a breakout.

    • Nell says:

      I have used WEN for about a decade, and have not seen any adverse effects. I too have fine, thick, slightly wavy hair. Perhaps different people’s body chemistry react differently to the cleansing conditioner. I just use the original flavor; some of the pictures of har loss show the pomegranate one, it could be a problem with particular flavors…

  16. vickie weier says:

    i tryed wen and it did make my hair look good but it started thinning my hair alot. my hair was never real thick but was nice now i can not wear my hair down because it is so thin you can see right through it to my ead

    • Erika says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! There’s hope though…so many women are having the same experience with WEN shampoo. There are several comments in this post thread from women just like you, and there is a lot of great advice being shared. I encourage you to read through some of them and think about the remedies you’ve tried as well as how your situation is similar to others. Everyone reacts differently, so you may need to try a few things to get your hair back to it’s previously healthy state.

      I wrote a few posts about hair thinning/loss that include products and routines that have worked for other women like you. I include the top recommendations based on reader comments and e-mails, so don’t give up if the first few products you try fail to produce results!

      Shampoos for Hair Loss
      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair

      *Many people have confused product reactions and medical conditions when it comes to hair loss/thinning. I am not a physcian so I try to share my opinions about products and remedies for hair care. If you’re experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, then you’ll want to see this:

      Up-Do with Alopecia

      Thanks for reading!

  17. […] Addict hairsprays to complete this look! If you suffer from alopecia or other types of hair loss(like those that used WEN shampoo)…find a hairstylist that cares. It’s the first step, and a very important one if you […]

  18. Cyndi says:

    It’s weird because I have these EXACT same symptoms but I’ve never used Wen. My dermatologist hasn’t gotten anywhere in calming my scalp or my particular concern – STOPPING THE HAIR LOSS. I’m at my wit’s end with no cure in sight. :/

    • Erika says:

      Which products have you been using in the last year? Any stress or diet changes?

      *I’m not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. Always consult your physician before changing your regimen!

      • Deborah says:

        Dear Erika,

        I used Wen cleansing conditioner for about four years. Just as the comments I’ve read on your blog, at first I really liked it. My hair is fine and on the thinner side, but has some curl and body. About two years ago, I noticed a lot of thinning out of the top of my head. So I started to use Rogaine for Women along with the Wen. That was a big mistake. Last summer, my hair really started to fall out and my scalp became very dry. Then a rash broke out all around my hairline (front and back of neck). In addition to that, for the first time ever, I ended up with dandruff. I went to a dermatologist who said I was having an allergic reaction to something I was putting on my hair.

        I stopped using Wen and Rogaine completely. Currently I’m using a premium organic shampoo called Pura d’or for hair loss prevention and Pura d’or healing conditioner. I also use a coconut/tea tree oil at night on my scalp which has helped, too.

        I’m appreciative of the information I read on your blog. I thought I was the only person having this problem.

      • Cyndi says:

        I really think it’s a thyroid issue and I have made an appointment with an endocrinologist. After being treated by a dermatologist for 9 months and still having red scalp spots and greater hair loss — it’s time to find a SOLUTION.

        My hair stylist convinced me to switch to Surface Awaken shampoo and conditioner. I’m still losing hair far faster than normal. I have several bald spots, which are becoming increasingly more difficult to style “around.”

    • Cyndi says:

      I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris. My hair loss is continuing after steroid injections into my scalp and a round of minocycline. I’ve been using Carol’s Daughter black vanilla shampoo/conditioner on one day then iON Keratin shampoo and avocado hair milk on the other days. I’m Caucasian but the African-American products have helped my scalp in not itching so horribly; however, since my hair is really thin and fine now, I have difficulty in balancing the heaviness of the products vs. the need for my hair. I’m desperate because my dermatologist is grasping at straws to get this into remission and create hair growth. My hair stylist wants to push her products that have sulfates…. HELP!

  19. Leia Merila says:

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks
    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!
    An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers
    Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.
    This really answered my problem, thank you!

    • Erika says:

      Thanks! I have a few posts about things that people can do to get their hair back, but nothing yet about the culprit. I’ve always thought that WEN products were horrible, but until this happened it was hard to convince people.

      I see no reason why anyone should pay a lot of money for WEN if they can spend the same or less for quality products that are proven and backed by our industry. The marketing pulls people in I suppose. Also, women already spend money in the salon so adding $30 for shampoo makes them feel like they’re spending so much more. It’s no different than going home and ordering WEN….same cost in many cases.

      • GRACE says:

        I would like to thank you too Erika….I posted on this site a few times…using Wen was a nightmare for me had lost half my hair….BUT…I used your advise and I am happy to say my hair is growing back slowly but I have little hair’s all over my head.

        So to all of you who lost your hair to Wen…it will return…slowly but it will return.

        • Erika says:

          That’s great! I hope your continue to see positive results and please message or comment with your outcome/progress! Best wishes 🙂

          • ashleyclarke71 says:

            Erika my name is ashley and i have steadily been loosing hair after wen and its been over a year im only 26 its breaking off in long pieces from the bottom do you have any advice?

            • Erika says:

              Did you stop using WEN a year ago? If so, when did you first start noticing the hair loss?

              It could be the WEN(I would also like to know how long you used it), or it could be stress/hormones/etc. I’m not saying that it wasn’t the WEN, but I’m 28 and about 2 years ago my hair was thinner. It’s back to normal now, but I think my hair loss was from stress. Sometimes that just happens and it takes a while to get back to normal.

              If it’s from the WEN then you can try a few things:

              What to do if you’re losing hair.
              5 Shampoos for Hair Loss

        • ruth e miller says:

          I have the same problem. thank you for posting..i’m so worried about it growing back. I have balded spots & so much thinning.. very upsetting.

      • Jeanie says:

        I have learned that if a company has a good product, they do not need to advertise. If the products are good, they sell themselves, even if they are expensive. 🙂

  20. Kay says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I suffered huge hair-loss (60%) because of going off a medication (klonopin) During and after the hair-loss my hair was straw like. I had to get it cut really short in a bob type style. Since I am recovering from that medication my hair is going though changes, hopefully going back to normal one day. I wash it once a week but I work out and have to do something so I started to co-wash during the week.

    I knew about Wen so I was not going to do that but I did buy a bottle of Renpure cleansing conditioner. After reading your article and these comments I am not going to try it. It might be okay but after losing my hair and then regrowing it for the past 36 months I am not going to chance going through that again.

    But to anyone out there that has lost hair due to klonopin/Xanax/ativan/valium withdrawal your hair will come back! Mine is as thick as it was before this happened, it is still dry but not falling out and is thick again.


  21. Stacy says:

    It’s not just WEN! I tried wen and hated it, but wanted to explore “sulfate free” products, so I started using Loreal Ever Sleek… I started noticing clumps of hair in the shower and in my brush, but never put two and two together.. A year later, my hair is almost half as thick as it used to be.

    A few weeks ago, I heard about the wen lawsuit and started to wonder, is this a sulfate-free issue?.. I began reading reviews of Loreal sulfate-free shampoos and other women are experiencing the same hair loss problem!

    I also, during this time, developed an itchy scalp like never before and dandruff.. I’ve NEVER had dandruff.. It got so bad, I had to start using an anti-itch head and shoulders shampoo… Guess what? I was no longer seeing globs of hair in the drain! I’m convinced the culprit was the Loreal Ever Sleek Sulfate-Free shampoo and conditioner.. It’s not just wen.. I’m starting to think that sulfate-free is not the way to go! And now I’m left wondering if I’ll ever have my thick hair again?

    • Erika says:

      That’s very interesting!

      I don’t think the issue is with sulfate free products. It’s cheap “sulfate free” products.

      L’Oreal is not a quality brand like everyone thinks it is. If you get L’Oreal in a salon, then that’s different because there are two different classes of L’Oreal. One is professional(quality), and the other is non-professional(not quality/drugstore sold). You won’t find L’Oreal products in many salons though, because they have such a bad rep…mostly because it’s sold all over Wal-Mart and other similar stores.

      I’ve used lots of sulfate free shampoos, and so have my clients. The majority of shampoos are labeled as sulfate free nowadays, but they are all different. If you choose a quality professional sulfate free shampoo, then you won’t be disappointed!

      Remember….when taking an important ingredient out of something…it must be replaced with another. Whether or not the replacement is safe will differ between products.

      Here are a few sulfate free product suggestions:
      Unite Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

      Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner

      Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

    • Dianr says:

      I started using Wen in Dec and have now lost about half of my hair. Will it come back. I know it’s the Wen because that’s the only difference! I’m desperate to know what to do. I used a clarifying shampoo and conditioner along with a protein treatment. Plz help. I’m in tears and feel sick!

      • Kellie says:

        I just saw your post as I was speaking to my husband about my hair loss. I totally understand. It is a nightmare. I’ve had tests to rule out everything. I’ve tried everything to stop the hair loss. Nothing has worked. I’m going to make an appointment with a dermatologist I saw on the news. I’m so sorry you are going thru this. If I find out anything new, I will post it

      • Erika says:

        Yes, I think it will come back. I’ve heard from others that had the same experience and their hair eventually grew back. There are a lot of comments on here, but some people have left tips on things that work for them. If you haven’t read my posts about hair loss and how to get your hair back….here are the links:

        5 Shampoos for Hair Loss
        How to Get Your Healthy Hair Back

        Good luck, and keep us posted!

    • Tracey says:

      First, I will comment on the fact that there is no comparison between WEN and Loreal Ever Sleek Sulfate-Free shampoo or most “sulfate free products”. The majority of those products still contain a lot of chemicals that are no good for your hair and some can be harmful.
      Secondly, what could even be in WEN that could cause hair to fall out? I have used WEN for about 6 years. I started using it when I was diagnosed with Graves disease. I have been on medications for the thyroid condition that went from overactive to underactive. I am convinced that WEN saved my blonde, thin, fragile hair and no one can convince me other wise. I have had chemo therapy for an unrelated cancer and had recent surgery to remove the tumor. I continued to use WEN even after my hair fell out due to the chemo. It has since started growing back at a very fast pace. I will have to have more chemo so I will again lose my hair but I will continue to use the WEN and am confident it will help me regain my hair quickly and safely.

  22. Kelly says:

    Erika, its also not necessarily true that WEN is the cause of the problems. I know lots of people who use it and there are no issues, period. WEN is not a prescription drug. Its all natural ingredients, stuff that has been used in other products all the time, like in other shampoos. So there must be a secret ingredient that they are not sharing with us….? I’m sure WEN has enough money to have the product dissected by a lab and will defend themselves. I’m certainly not going to stop using it until it pulled from the market.

    • Erika says:

      Maybe, but that’s not up for me or you to decide. I personally have not used WEN…ever…and I never will. My experience with WEN products has been through my clients hair. I’m simply putting the information out there because everyone has a right to know. I don’t write about everything, but this issue made it to the Today Show….that’s enough for me to at least share it.

      I hated WEN products years ago, so my opinion about them has nothing to do with this hair loss/hair thinning dispute.

      About the ingredients:
      Companies can omit ingredients from the label if they are less than a certain percentage. That percentage varies depending on the product and the ingredient itself. So, if less than 5% of a product is a harmful ingredient, then it may or may not have to be labeled. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if 45% of the product is water and alcohol, then that harmful 5% is a big deal.

      For example: Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo contains about 2% formaldehyde. They do not have it on their label. Other countries that have more strict regulations have already changed their formula, but Johnson & Johnson products in the U.S. and Canada still use the old formula. Lobbyists are working hard to change this, but it’s difficult when you’re up against a multi-billion dollar company. So, if everyone knew how often this happens, I’m sure they would wonder themselves if WEN contains harmful ingredients.

      • Grace says:

        Hi Erika…just got back from my dermatologist and she has 100% confirmed that my hair loss was caused by Wen….I had a biopsy of my scalp…and the lab said that Wen shampoo built up on my hair follicles causing bacteria to grow…disgusting…now I have to take pills Doxycycline Hyclate 100MG 2x daily and use a medical Shampoo Ketoconazole…not to mention the blood work… Med doctors visits… & functional doctors which are not covered by insurance…hair vitamins and the stress was terrible…..all this because of that ass…..so whom ever does not believe this good luck…..

        Do you have info on the class action case..I would like to definitely join!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kellie says:

          Did you have hair loss? Did they say it would grow back? I am desperate…

          • GRACE says:

            First….I would go to a dermatologist..get a biopsy if needed….have blood work….just to make sure there are not underlining causes…then you know for sure it’s Wen.

            Did you stop using Wen and if you did…did your hair immediately stop falling out or Dat least less…that was the first sign for me that it was Wen…then I followed up with blood work and biopsy.

            YES…I do see growth…but it will be slow…I have to be patient…maybe by the summer it will thicken up….I hope this helps…keep your chin up.

            • Kellie says:

              It made me and my daughter’s hair feel great at first but saw some hair loss after a few weeks. I didn’t let her use it anymore but thought I was being cautious with her and I kept using it. Our hair has never been the same and she is 13. You can touch my hair and it breaks. Massive hair loss. Lost all my bangs. My dermatologist blew it off that everyone loses hair. They say yeast infection medicine unblocks the build up in follicles. Maybe that’s why he recommended that shampoo.

        • Erika says:

          That’s interesting…Ketoconazole is generally used to treat fungal infections, yeast infections(on the skin), and dandruff. I could see where it will help with the itching, but I’m not certain that it will do much else if you have a bacterial infection.

          That’s the most common shampoo that dermatologists prescribe, so I hope it works for you! I would still use a clarifying shampoo to help with the build-up.

          *Of course, you should talk to your doctor before adding to your regimen!

          • GRACE says:

            Okay thanks…I will call my dermatologist….but she did say that it was Absolutely due to Wen….thanks again for responses.

          • Grace says:

            Hi again…can you suggest a very good clarify shampoo and or a shampoo that will promote hair growth and strength?

            In the meantime I am going to call my dermatologist to get the exact diagnosis…the medical name and question her about the clarifying shampoo. thx

            • Erika says:

              Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about good shampoos for hair loss and/or hair thinning:

              5 Shampoos For Hair Loss

              • Grace says:

                I want to first say I have NEVER ever had a scalp problem….I emailed you earlier and told you I had gone to a dermatologist and had a biopsy…I called her back yesterday to get the name of my condition and how I developed it , it is Follicitis…I take Doxycycline 100MG 2x daily and shampoo once a day with Ketoconazole shampoo…How did I get it???? Scratching my scalp…everyone has bacteria on their fingers but if you have an ideal situation for this to occur which is build up..using an oily shampoo that does not rinse off properly. My scalp became itchy from it and I scratched and there you have it…..I might add when I was still using Wen..I consulted when a Wen representative she told me to used much more of the product and rub it into my scalp she said ” Use your nails as if you were scratching your head, pin your hair up leave it in for a while then wash it out.”

                I feel like a total jerk…now I am dealing with this disgusting scalp condition…I thought about joining the Class Action suit…but decided against it….I just want to get rid of this and get my hair back.

                • Erika says:

                  That’s horrible advice! I can’t believe the WEN “consultant” told you to do that!

                  One of the first things we learn in cosmetology school is about how to properly shampoo the hair. The #1 rule is to NEVER use your nails when shampooing someones hair(or your own). Using your nails can harm the scalp. It’s very important that hairstylists do not use their nails because infections can be transferred from one person to the other.

                  The following techniques should be used when shampooing your hair instead of “scratching” the scalp with your nails:

                  • GRACE says:

                    Yep that is what she said now I’m paying dearly….I just hope this will help someone else…thx

                  • Grace says:

                    Hi Erika its me again…so sorry to keep asking you questions… I value your information….I went on the amazon site and came across a person with the same problem as me folliculitis….and theirs was worse then mine….they used Therapro Mediceuticals Thera RX (antibactierial Scalp & skin wash as a pre shower treatment) then used Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Scalp Treatment as a shampoo…they said they were clear in 2 weeks…My question is, is the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree & Scalp Treatment a shampoo or a mask? What do you think?…..I am going to try this after I finish the RX’s from the dermatologist..which I hate taking….As always thx much G.

                    • Erika says:

                      I can’t speak for the Therapro, but I’ve used the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line for about 10 years. It’s not always for me, I give it to family members and recommend it to clients as needed.

                      2 years ago I noticed a change in my hair and I first thought that it was stress. It was thinner and just didn’t feel or look the same. I used the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products and my scalp was back to normal within weeks. My problem was from using a dry shampoo that was too heavy for me. Even though I washed my hair a few times per week and use the dry shampoo only twice per week, it was probably building up and I didn’t know it.

                      Before I got the tea tree products I used a Malibu Scalp Treatment. I don’t know if that helped or not…I didn’t think so…it just burned and was hard to apply. Here’s what I used:

                      Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender & Mint ShampooPaul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender & Mint Conditioner
                      Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment
                      *I used the scalp treatment every time I washed my hair for the first 2-3 weeks. After a week I noticed a difference in my hair and scalp, but I kept using it every time just to make sure. At about week 4 I switched to using the treatment every other time I washed my hair.

                      The treatment should be applied after rinsing the conditioner out. Focus on working it into the scalp, then pull it through the rest of your hair. I usually apply it, then shave my legs so it stays on a full five minutes.

        • Danielle says:

          Hi Grace,

          Your comment is the closest description I have found to my ongoing scalp crisis. What was your exact diagnosis? You mention oral antibiotics and topical antifungals, I’m curious what microorganisms the scraping revealed. And most importantly, how are you doing in the time since this post?!

          I have developed what appears to be a severe case of malassezia/”wet” sebhorreic dermatitis that I thought initially began about 6 months ago. After desperately trying to figure out what the actual cause was for this on a biological level (apart from obvious stress induced exacerbation) I now recognize this timeline likely dates way back to about 3 years ago, when I stopped using wen after 2 years straight. I LOVED it but I had to cut it out for financial reasons. As soon as I did this, my long healthy hair rapidly deteriorated and I had no choice but to have a significant cut. And again. Instead of feeling healthy and full, it continued to feel limp, tangled, constantly greasy and I was convinced it was thinning. Major life events forced me to accept it as I did not have time or energy to care, and over the next two years it slowly began to improve.
          Fast forward to 6 months ago, my mother sends me a bottle of wen for my birthday and hair seemed to slowly improve until I ran out- and the nightmare began again, only this time it was FAR worse.
          Not only could I not comb through it, It became matted near the scalp! I couldn’t even section it out- because there was so much buildup that when it would slough off it left the actual scalp RAW. But when it did, it exposed up to an inch of hair that had been buried so long in the buildup it was 2-3 shades darker- proving that I wasn’t crazy, this was actually happening. And the scalp? Snow White. Mind you, where I live means year round sun exposure, I had no idea how dark my hair color even was because it’s constantly sunbleached.
          Id get painful “ingrown hair” bumps in the same, symmetrical locations (that were actually the result of new growth to the hair trapped under the buildup) but until I realized what was going on, they progressed to noticeable bald spots. It has been physically PAINFUL, and only as it slowly improves have I begun to recognize the extent of the emotional impact this has had on me. I have an appt coming up with a new doctor, but I am very curious to know what has worked for you.

          I’m convinced WEN is the cause of the initial buildup that went unnoticed until I stopped. When I stopped, the (thick, sticky wax-like) buildup would slowly come off and lead to the matting and eventually turned into a full blown malassezia nightmare. I apologize for being so long winded! Thank you for your post, because it is really what made everything finally click for me.

          • Grace says:

            its the Wen…..STOP using it….it will be one year and my hair is just starting to look okay….horrible….I had to cut it very short….They should take that CRAP off the market!!!!!

      • bren says:


        Do you have any information about Hairfinity? Does it actually work? I have noticed adverse side effects while taking it. Excessive shedding, grey hair, and headaches (when first using it).

        Also, what formulas are best for curly hair, repairing breakage, and removing impurities.

        I have been researching many things lately about chemicals found in our hair and facial products, and it’s frightening. There seems to be nothing truly safe. Johnson and Johnson are being sued for their baby powder which was claimed to have caused cancer and even death in one patient.

        I am not sure that these companies are truthful about what the products contain and if their claims about sulfate free, parabean free, no mineral oils, etc. are true.

        I noticed that my hair on it’s own, without any added product to reduce frizz, etc., it fine, and retains moisture. I did notice how my hair looked and felt after using some leave in conditioners, and it weighed it down, almost stretching my naturally curly hair. Which is the opposite of what professionals say, who would then want to chop off my hair in order to correct my curl pattern.

        I rarely use a flat iron and have not use any chemical processors. I did however, use a silicone based conditioner last year which severely damaged my hair, causing it to thin and break. I used the Hairfinity hoping to correct it, but I have been experiencing significant hair loss.

        Any recommendations?

        Oh, my hair grows fine on its own, I only wanted to speed it up with Hairfinity.


        • Erika says:

          I’ve never used Hairfinity, and I don’t know anyone that has. A product like that isn’t going to solve everything, there’s no such thing as a “miracle” reversal product. Have you read my article about what to do if you’ve lost hair?

    • modelsupplies says:

      Kelly, I have to say, I’m sure Wen has plenty of money to dissect their own formula in the lab, but they have stated they will not do it.

      YES, of COURSE there is a secret ingredient they are not sharing with us or anyone else~! It is perfectly legal to conceal the recipe by adding the word “fragrance” to the ingredient list.

      Natural ingredients are not always better. There can be allergies, instability, variations, all kinds of problems with natural ingredients. And if you look at the label, you will see there is plenty in addition to the natural ingredients. I’m glad you brought this up. This is what I do, but I really haven’t looked at their ingredient list –

      Sweet Almond Mint: Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Cherry Bark Extract, Calendula Extract, Rosemary Extract, Behentrimonium Chloride, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsifying Wax, Panthenol, Trimethylsilylamodimethicone, Hydrolyzed Whole Wheat Protein, PEG-60, Almond Glycerides, Menthol, Essential Oils, Citric Acid, Methylchoroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Fragrance.

      Looking at these ingredients, one of the natural ones – hydrolyzed whole wheat protein – is likely giving me some problems. I can’t use it in my skin care formulations as it makes me break out. That could be the culprit for many, many people. He would be better off using keratin, but that costs more. Please observe the list of ingredients you just called all natural – that’s the power of marketing. See the word “fragrance”? That can conceal virtually anything and it’s 100% legal.

      • GRACE says:

        Hi….omg…you stated something about wheat protein…in this shampoo…and yes I brought the unused bottles to my doctor and he said..hmmm…wheat protein may be the reason…I am glutin free…so a asked would this give me a problem…he said of course it would….

        Can you get back to me…about this…I’m struggling to get over this mess I made of my hair…oh he also commented on the other ingredients…not good…and to add insult to injury I saw Chaz on TV last night…he is global…

        • Erika says:

          The feeling of hair after using WEN and the feeling of hair after using most homemade “soaps”(yes, people have told me that they only use homemade soap on their hair)are the same. It’s an awful straw-like feeling. It’s alarming because hair normally feels that way because of over processing. The natural products also contain wheat, so that could be true.

    • Kristine Condie says:

      Hi Ladies…
      Chaz’s company refuses to have the product dissected in a lab…which is very telling. The FDA doesn’t regulate the ingredients.. and what can be hidden under the label “fragrance” is unsettling. I went to my 2nd dermatologist yesterday…my hair loss is not reflective of early patterned baldness…it’s too pervasive. It appears to be caused topically rather than internally which was my initial concern almost 1 year ago…and actually for years since starting Wen…never thinking that IT could be the culprit. The product is anything but ALL NATURAL. There is no truth in their advertising. It is disheartening…and the commonality amongst thousands of Wen customers cannot be labeled a fluke. I’m happy that not EVERYONE has experienced such traumatic issues…but please do not discredit those of us who have.

      • GRACE says:

        Omg…this is horrible…can you image all the women suffering and not realizing it is from this shampoo….I myself was one of them…I purchased the shampoo in 2013…and gradually my hair started to thin….I had stopped using it as a shampoo over this summer because it gave my hair a greasy weighed down appearance…I started to use it as a condition only…used on the sides and back…and wouldn’t you know it that is where my hair thinned out.

        On Dec 22nd this year a friend told me that Wen causes hair loss.

        What a nightmare this has been…I stopped using that shampoo and my hair immediately stopped falling out….I just hope it grows back.

        To all the ladies on this site thanks for making my pain less….and to those of you that still use Wen…good luck…I hope you never experience this….G.

        • Shelley says:

          I can’t believe what I am reading everyday and that the Wen company is still selling their products with no warnings to consumers. There are way way to amny people this is happening too. I used Wen for only about 6 weeks and I haven’t used it for about 6 weeks now. My hair still comes out but not as much. Its the texture and the breakage that is the worst right now. I have so many broken frizzy areas it just makes me cry. I pray that all of us will have nice heads of hair in the very very near future and the Chaz Dean and Gunthy Renker do what is right. What goes around comes around.

  23. Kelly says:

    Been using WEN for over a year now. I have fine hair and am 50 y.o. My hair looks better and thicker now than it did when I was young! I think these women probably due have hair loss issues but there could be other causes. I would think that if WEN were the problem, then everyone who uses it would be suffering but its just not so. Lets not blame the product until it is proven to be the cause. Otherwise, its pure speculation. I doubt anyone will win any lawsuits unless its proven by the preponderance of evidence that WEN is the cause. An equal amount of women will testify that they love the product.

    • Erika says:

      So, you think that WEN isn’t the problem because if it were…everyone would be having problems? That’s not necessarily true.

      Just research any tort case about products…of any kind.

      Let’s look at YAZ(birth control pill), for example:
      Commercials were all over TV encouraging those women who had or have taken YAZ to see their doctor if they’ve experienced one or more of many symptoms. They are also encouraged to call the number if they’ve had issues to talk to someone about joining the class action lawsuit. The commercial does not ask women to stop taking the medication immediately….that’s because some women have bad side effects, and some women don’t(also for legal reasons, because you should only stop taking a medication under a doctors care).

      I took YAZ for several years, and it was the best birth control pill. I didn’t have any health issues, but I still paid attention to the commercials. I didn’t have blood clots, but I didn’t want to risk it either. So, I switched pills because I’d rather be safe than sorry.

      *This issue with WEN shampoo is the SAME THING. Some women will experience problems, and some won’t. The information is here for those that need help, it’s not meant to change your mind about WEN shampoo. Just like the YAZ lawsuit….if this goes that far….it doesn’t matter how many women want to testify about their success with WEN. All the lawyers care about is the people who have had issues because that’s where the data comes from. I know it doesn’t seem right, but that’s just the way it is.

      For example: I wouldn’t have testified on behalf of YAZ about how well it worked for me…with no side effects. The reason why is because I can’t prove that I wouldn’t develop health issues with continued use. They would not care about my testimony because there is no data to back it up.

    • Erika says:

      About the thickness of your hair…

      It may or may not be because of the shampoo. Hair changes about every 10 years(more noticeable changes for some people). Many women experience mild to moderate thinning in their 40’s and then their hair seems thicker in their 50’s and 60’s. There’s a reason for this:

      When you start to “go gray” the pigmented hair falls out and non-pigmented(gray) hair replaces it. This process happens differently for everyone(some experience it earlier, it all happens quickly, or it happens very slowly). So, if it takes a while for the gray hair to come in then you may feel like your hair is thin and it’s just aging. It is age, but you’ll get your thicker hair back in time. For most women this process is mostly complete in their 50’s.

    • Anita says:

      Sorry, no, my husband and I both had hair loss issues which are gradually correcting after stopping Wen. I also have fine hair and I’m 52; he is 54. Both of our hair is growing back in and we have made no other changes. It didn’t occur right away for us, but over time gradually, then alarmingly quickly fistfuls of hair in the shower drain! I thought it was diet, who knew? Had been using Wen about 1.5 years. Saw something about this lawsuit online – shock and horror! Stopped using Wen and within a few months starting to fill in on the top. Wen made my hair look wonderful, but I’d rather keep it than admire it briefly. My advice is to keep a close eye on the shower drain and hairbrush, comb etc.

      • modelsupplies says:

        The above comment was to Kelly, but not changing to gray, either, thank goodness, Erika =) Hair with pigment is coming back in.

      • Grace says:

        Did you get a redish rash?….Had to go to the dermatologist for it…..they also asked me if I wanted to take a biopsy of my scalp so I did….thanks please reply G.

        • modelsupplies says:

          Hi Grace, I didn’t have a rash, but did get redness off and on in the temple area. It wasn’t enough to cause alarm. I thought it could be from any number of things and blew it off.

    • Catgirl228 says:

      I agree with you Kelly. I also have very fine (long) hair and I’m over 50 and my hair is thicker and healthier than it was in my forties since using Wen for the past year. If men and women are in their late thirties or early forties it is normal to start loosing hair. This is usually due to stress, hormones, pregnancy – and AGE! I do feel bad for the individuals who have lost big chunks of hair- this condition is usually due to the autoimmune disease Alopecia. I have two friends that got this disease – both of them lost big chunks of hair while shampooing in the shower while using REGULAR shampoo. They had to see a doctor and get cortisone injections. Their hair grew back! I wish everyone well here, and if any of you know of another product that doesn’t dry out fine hair that needs to be “shampooed” often (like Wen) please share. Every high end shampoo and conditioner I try makes my hair dry and tangled and I end up loosing the strands of hair as I comb out the knots!

      • modelsupplies says:

        Alopecia is not an autoimmune disease. It literally means “hair loss” and can be caused by any number of conditions.

  24. Catgirl228 says:

    This product has been great for my hair. I have more hair now than I did in my forties (I am 56). I have long fine hair that has a natural wave and tends to be oil at the scalp and dry on the ends. This shampoo has remedied both of these issues for me. I use a regular shampoo once a week and this the other days as a conditioner wash. Sorry for the people who have had hair loss issues, but there isn’t an ingredient in this product that should be causing hair loss. It has similar ingredients as other natural shampoos and cleansing conditioners. Think of all the toxic dyes, dry shampoo, hair spray, silicone products that most women pile on their hair.

    • Anita says:

      I would advise you to watch your drain and comb carefully. It didn’t happen to me or my husband for a long time, either, but when it started, it was fast and furious. Within 2 weeks of stopping use of Wen, both my husband and myself have noticeably thicker hair again.

      • Grace says:

        I too used Wen my hair is a mess from it…I stopped using it Dec. 22nd…I’m still waiting for hair growth….as soon as I stopped using it my hair stopped falling out…

        Disgusting product…I’m sick to my stomach….not to mention I thought I had an illness and ran to the doctor for blood work…which came back NORMAL…and your right it does not happen all at once……just over time….so these people better pay attention to their drain, bathroom floor and brush.

        My question is how long did it take for your hair to start to look normal again?

        That jerk said it was good for color treated hair….I have only died my hair ONCE..and after using his shampoo I had horrible breakage…

        I am so pissed I ever used that CRAP!!!!!

        • Erika says:

          The BEST shampoos & conditioners for color-treated hair are ColorProof and Pureology, in my opinion. There are other great shampoos, but they are not as custom to an individuals needs as those product lines. All of their products are for color care.

        • Shelley says:

          So I don’t know where to respond. I have not used Wen since around December 15. I don’t believe I used the product more than 6 weeks and I don’t shampoo daily. My hair is still falling out. How do I turn this around

        • modelsupplies says:

          It has taken a few months to see the sparse areas cover back over in the edges or widow’s peak, etc., Grace. I’m sure it’s not intentional, but I think ignoring it and continuing to advertise is a terrible way to deal with this!

          • GRACE says:

            Yes I am sure it was not intentional…that being said it’s a hair care product…you’re not suppose to go bald from a shampoo..a skin reaction is one thing…but baldness….there is something in that shampoo that he Chaz should investigate.

            I’m wondering why Alyssa Milano cut her hair into a pixie…hmmmmm.

            Seriously this has been 2 years in the making…never thinking it was the shampoo and I know some people can’t understand how it happens but it was a gradual loss of hair in my case….anyway thanks for the response G.

            • Erika says:

              I agree, i wouldn’t think that a company would intentionally cause problems like hair loss.

              However, I do believe that some companies KNOWINGLY use questionable(potentially harmful or untested) ingredients in their products because it’s cheaper than using something that may a proven safe ingredient. They may not know about potential side effects, but they do look the other way.

              There are companies that are environmentally friendly and will never test on animals, use harmful ingredients, etc. just for their own benefit. Paul Mitchell Systems is a great example of this. It costs them more to make quality products, but they will not sacrifice quality just to make more money.

        • Angela Micco says:

          Hi Grace and all: I am hoping I read somewhere that some of us are finding hair growing back !! I, too, didn’t realize it was the WEN. My hair is short and fine. It was ok at first. Then I felt the tingling in my scalp and especially the hairline. The itching was terrible. It would come and go. I saw hair loss but thought I was lacking vitamins. As days and weeks passed, I couldn’t do my hair, even though it is short. I asked my hairdresser what she thought and she asked how my thyroid tests have been because when my dose changes so does my hair. My latest bloodwork showed no change. Hmmmmm. She said we should keep an eye on it but mentioned that she heard the lawsuit about WEN because I left a small bottle with her to use for my visits. I couldn’t believe it . . . . so, I read about the lawsuit and what the woman was saying and there it was . . . the same description. I began putting the pieces together.

          For the holidays and a wedding, I was forced to buy a wig. The nice ones aren’t cheap. I am ashamed to leave the house. You can see my scalp through my hair and because my hair is so short and sparse, I was just about done in yesterday. I went with my wonderful cousin to her cancer treatment. The looks I got from the nurses . . . . wondering who the patient was. I was sick to my stomach. I don’t think the company knows what this does to us emotionally. My cousin even said she couldn’t believe how much hair I lost. Does the hair come back? I have lost any confidence in my appearance and I fear other people will think I am sick, too. What are we to do !? Why did I ever buy this ? For those who defend or deny what we say, NOTHING is perfect. There are warning labels on everything. We are all not the same. We had no idea this would happen…… who would want to go through this ?? There is most certainly something that affects some people in the formulas. It is MORE that coincidence. How would the spokesmen and women feel if they went through our experiences? Who’s to say they didn’t and were told to stop in time. We don’t know. We’ll never know. Thanks for reading my post.

          • Grace says:

            Hi Angela…..I am so sorry you too are going thru this ordeal….be patient….hair takes time to grow…at least that is what I am telling myself….let me ask you this, as soon as you stopped using that horrible shampoo did your hair stop falling out? I stopped December 22nd…and as soon as I stopped using it my hair stopped shedding….I also had blood work and a biopsy of my scalp…the blood work was normal…I didn’t get the results of the biopsy yet.

            My dermatologist knew about Wen…she said to me..” I hope you stopped using that shampoo.”

            I too have lost so much hair…terrible breakage and a redish itchy rash on my head….who would think a shampoo could cause such damage….thinking back…. at times it didn’t even clean my hair…it felt greasy….so like an ass…because I trusted Chaz…I called the website and they (a representative) instructed me to use more shampoo…OMG it made it worse…so in the end I was just using it as a conditioner…putting it on my sides and back of my head and wouldn’t you know it that’s where my hair thinned out, broke and where the rash is…..hmmmm strange huh???

            I’m sitting here typing away with two stitches in my head from a scalp biopsy…and its killing me..I too have to go to a wedding in two weeks..this sucks.

            I am not joining the lawsuit just want my hair back maybe by the summer we will have it back…let’s cross our fingers together….good luck keep in touch…G.

    • Anita says:

      I would advise you to watch your drain and comb carefully. It didn’t happen to me or my husband for a long time, either, but when it started, it was fast and furious. Within 2 weeks of stopping use of Wen, both my husband and i have noticeably thicker hair again.

      • Shelley says:

        I too used wen for only a month and my beautiful thick ful hair is thin brittle and straggly. I am afraid to wash my hair at all. Did you wash a lot before you saw new growth. It’s been a month since I stopped using and no new growth

  25. […] you are looking for a hair thinning solution and you lost hair because of using WEN, this should be your last resort […]

  26. Anita says:

    PS I also had my husband using Wen and HIS hair is noticeably thinner! It’s no coincidence.

  27. Anita says:

    Erika, thank you for being brave enough to write this post and help people. It means so much and I appreciate the alternate recommendations. If you could recommend a thick, heavy conditioner or hair mask that I can also recommend to my clients, I would be so grateful~!

    • Erika says:

      Thanks! I do what I can to help, and there will always be people that disagree….I can take the heat 🙂 .

      I like Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner….it’s very thick and smells great! Here’s some info about it in one of my posts:
      5 Shampoos For Hair Loss

      • Anita says:

        Great~! Thank you so much~! I have a DIY keratin mix product that I was recommending to use with Wen and had to abruptly stop recommending. The best I could suggest after that was Aussie hair mask. I will take your recommendation and send it forth~! =)

  28. Anita says:

    I absolutely loved what Wen did to my hair at first. There was a noticeable smoothing and no more fly away ends. Then I started to notice I was losing more and more hair each time I shampooed. I thought it was my diet or something else, I didn’t know. I have a skin and hair care business and recommended Wen to use with one of my products. I had to stop recommending it as I gradually deduced that Wen was causing my hair to fall out. It wasn’t hard to find other people talking about losing their hair to Wen online. You don’t see that about other products, much, so the lightbulb went off. I stopped using it and my hair started to come in thicker again gradually. I used another one of my products to speed the progress.

    I began reading some of the comments within the law suit and noticed some women were saying if you bought it direct from Chad, it was a different formula than from Guthy Renker. I know when you mass produce a recipe, you have to make changes to it and I think there might be something to this. I tried shampooing my scalp and using Wen as a hair only conditioner and that helped a lot, too. Gave me a peek of the best of both worlds, however, if it is an unidentified or unrevealed chemical reaction causing it, I’m just not going to risk it anymore. It’s heartbreaking, but the worst part was how often I recommended it to others. I feel horrible about that and I’m so truly sorry. It’s appalling to me that Wen doesn’t seem to care. I never heard them say they would look into it or gather their own data, etc. It makes me a little angry every time I see a commercial for it.

  29. DDR says:

    For those of yoy who doubt the validity of those who claim hair loss from Wen, I too can attest to the fact that that crap made my hair fall out! Didn’t realize it was the cause for the excessive shedding & thinning until recently! Conditions such as alopecia & thinning hair does not run on either side of my family. My 80+ year old aunt has more hair than I do now! I am very upset by this dramatic hair loss. I just stopped using it about 4 weeks ago. I’ve been taking 5000mcg Biotin & Hairfinity daily ever since I stopped. I have an appointment with a dermatologist in a few weeks to see if my hair follicle is damaged… I pray that it’s not. My hair used to be long & thick. Now it’s short & thin! You can see my scalp from several different angles. WEN sucks!!!

    • Erika says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this! Don’t spend too much money on dermatologist appointments and treatments just yet. Many women have done that with no luck. If you haven’t tried other shampoos or remedies, then you might want to give that a shot. Here are a few good references from my site:

      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair
      5 Shampoos For Hair Loss

    • Grace says:

      Let me know what happens I have to go to the dermatologist on the 20th of this month…..what a nightmare….!!!!

    • bren says:

      @DDR, @ERIKA:

      A year ago, I used an increasingly popular silicone based dominican conditioner. It made my curly locks feel wonderful and it was significantly cheaper than the product I preferred to use, Mixed Chicks, which made my curls manageable and soft.

      Last year, I noticed that my thick curls tresses were not as thick. It wasn’t until my best friend to ld me that some people reported hair loss due to this particular product. I also got on the Hairfinity bandwagon, hoping to regain thickness in a short amount of time.

      I got out of the habit of sticking to one product who promises to do a host of different things, because they never worked in the past, yet I reverted back to this pattern.

      I took Hairfinity a year ago and stopped because it gave me painful headaches. Later that year I decided to finish my bottle and order another. I tried tracking my growing but I noticed something changed. I began getting grey hair on my scalp and forearms. This never happened until Hairfinity. I stopped taking them and no grey hair was present. I began taking them again in January, and the same thing happened, grey hair.

      I contacted them and they had never heard of such claims that their vitamins caused grey hair, but this round I noticed that my hair has been shedding more than ever. The first time I took it, I noticed no noticeable shedding, but now, I only have to touch my hair and pull long strands out.

      I researched and have found few people who experienced hair loss while using Hairfinity, but not the grey hair.

      My only conclusion is, if Hairfinity is supposed to speed up the rate of hair growth, then that would mean it would speed up the rate at which hair is lost.

      My hair grows well on its own, which is why I was hesitant initially when looking at the reviews of people’s experience, but I am going to stop taking them and see if it helps.

      DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT HAIRFINITY? I only found one clinical trial for a 30 day period, but not long term, which would be more beneficial.


  30. Lisa says:

    I loved Wen. I loved the way it smelled. I loved how easy it was to use. For about 2 years, it was great. My hair was thicker and even my hairdresser noticed. Then last winter, I noticed my hair got really greasy.

    I had lots of different Wen shampoos so I switched it up. My hair still looked pretty bad and I used a lot of the product because supposedly not using enough caused greasiness. Then last April, I noticed my hair thinning at the part. I was a little worried that maybe aging was doing something.

    Then came summer and I had tons of hair strands falling on my arms. My scalp was starting to burn every time I used the product. I knew there was a problem and with great sadness, I stopped using WEN.

    I’ll admit, I drank the kool-aid. I really loved this product especially mandarin fig. And I loved being a WEN girl. I was so proud to use this product. By the way, great marketing strategy by Chaz Dean…having women identifying themselves and being proud of being a WEN girl.

    I immediately started taking Biotin and started using organic color safe shampoos I’d bought at Whole Foods. About 2 months after I stopped using WEN, I noticed little hairs growing all over my head including by my thinning part. Fortunately, my hair is growing back everywhere. I hadn’t realized just how much hair I had actually lost until I saw just how much is coming back in.

    I think Chaz Dean has a huge heart and means well but there is something in this product that makes some not all women’s hair thin and fall out. I hope the company figures it out because I so miss those fragrances to this day.

    • Erika says:

      Chaz Dean may mean well, I don’t know because I only know of him from the infomercials. Just remember…..there are hair stylists that genuinely care about your wishes, your hair, your well-being, etc., and there are hair stylists that look at you and see dollar signs…$$$. His main goal is to convince as many people as possible to buy his products. He knows what’s in his products, but just like other companies that cut corners to maximize profits…the money matters more…not the consumer.

      That’s why I love companies like Paul Mitchell(not just because I went to their school 🙂 ). John Paul DeJoria was just a regular guy…he didn’t have much, but he did have a vision. He and his associates were able to be successful without harming others or the environment, and they still hold true to their beliefs. I could go on, but everyone knows the rest of the story!

    • modelsupplies says:

      Lisa, that mirrors my experience and my thoughts on the subject. I’m not joining a lawsuit, but I’m no longer recommending to my clients, either.

  31. Danielle says:

    Oh my goodness. I feel sick bc my daughters have been using Wen for 2years and my 8 year old has had horrible itchy scalp……we went to pediatrician and finally placed her on RX hair shampoo. I had asked multiple stylist and than the doctor. Ugh!!!! My husband and I use it, as well. I have small clumps of hair that fall out, I figured it was knots or dry hair. I have very thick, full head of hair. I did like the feel after using product. I liked the softness and shine I got, same with my girls. We tried multiple tea shampoos, TAR shampoo, scalp shampoo and now the RX from doctor for my daughter. Jeez, this is so sad. I wish someone knew more or I had done more homework. I liked the no sulfates and the no shampoo, due to dryness.
    Thank you for all the helpful advice.

  32. nancy rice says:

    I used wen for about 2 yrs. my hair started falling out..i monitored it thru the hair in my drain and brush. went to dr. for blood tests…everything normal. hair kept falling out. did not connect it with wen until I heard the info about lawsuit on tv. I had just run out of the product so I thought ill just use something else and see what does or does not happen. I clean my hairbrush daily so I know when there is a lot of hair in it or hardly any. I have had no unusual hair loss since I quit using wen products. I am assuming I should not use anything they sell not just the “shampoo” and I am not seeing any hair in brush or drain. coincidence…not hardly. hope I can grow lost hair back!!

    • Erika says:

      That’s wonderful! I’m glad you have seen a positive change because others have not been as lucky. Hopefully your comment will give those that are worried a little hope for normal hair in the near future!

      • Kristine Condie says:

        I can only hope for such days…I continue to have sleepless nights as the inflammation and itching is unbearable at times. My hair continues to thin to the point that scalp is visible from almost every vantage point 🙁 This is a terrible experience for those of us who are suffering…and I am completely dumbfounded that the FDA doesn’t regulate such products…shame on me for being ignorant to that fact:(

  33. Elizabeth says:


    I read most of these comments and didn’t really see anyone talking about WHY it has the POTENTIAL for hair loss. Im a recent licensed cosmetologist and find it very important to research ingredients in products and their effects on hair/skin etc. The article talks about the ingredients in WEN that may cause adverse effects. HOWEVER… I did purchase Hair One from Sallys a couple years ago and I remember really enjoying it enough to buy another one last week but haven’t used it and will most definitely be taking it back because I don’t want to risk it containing the same ingredients as WEN masked under a different name.

  34. Kristina says:

    I’ve used Wen for several years now. I only need to wash my hair every other day or two, whereas with regular shampoos and conditioners, my hair looked greasy no matter what I did after skipping just one washing. I’ve never suffered any abnormal hair loss, hair naturally regenerates hair on its own and that’s all the hair I’ve seen fall out. My stylist has trained with Trendzoom Goldwell, Paris, Goldeell Baltimore and Vidal Sasson LA. I have lovely, thick, red hair which she always compliments and tells me to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m sure there are people who have lost hair, but I doubt it’s from the product. And if you can tell by ‘touch,’ then they are not using the product properly.

    • Erika says:

      Are you a hairstylist? How do you know if someone has not used a product properly based on how the hair feels if you haven’t felt and shampooed thousands of different heads of hair?

      Well, I have and I CAN feel the difference. Improper use of product is generally referring to styling products. I highly doubt that all of these women are improperly shampooing and conditioning their hair.

    • Kellie says:

      Just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it couldnt have a bad side effect for someone else. All he had to do is put a warning on his products. He has known about this for years. Really? Do you think people don’t know how to shampoo?

      • Erika says:

        Yes, exactly!

        If McDonald’s has to put “Caution: Contents may be hot!” on their coffee cups because someone burned themselves on hot coffee and won a lawsuit….then a warning about possible side effects from using beauty products isn’t a lot to ask for.

      • there is a warning on every bottle of every product and within the instruction papers also shipped. Very specific – among the others… any adverse reaction stop use immediately and seek medical help.

        Instigator or real.. only whoever is paying her knows for sure. Shame on all of you.

        • Kellie says:

          Mine didn’t come with papers. I bought it from Sephora. And when did they start the warnings? It said on the bottle that your hair could fall out? Really! I think not.

        • Erika says:

          I don’t know of any shampoos that come with “papers”? That’s ridiculous….and alarming.

          Some shampoos have no more than 3 to 5 words on the bottle under “Directions:”, some have none. That’s because it’s pretty obvious what you should do with it.

          Rather than being mean to others maybe you should consider the fact that some people have suffered and really do need help.

        • Jeanie Burness says:

          Holy cow! Look! This many people can’t be making this stuff up! How insensitive! If my hair was falling out Blumenthal, I’d go invest in a good paper bag. I’m going to remember all of you in my prayers. The good book says that a woman’s hair us the crown of her glory. Btw I have had really good results with Tresseme. I absolutely lives what it does for my hair, and it’s cheap! I buy it at the dollar store.

    • Debbie says:

      It most certainly does not mean that we we’re using the product wrong it just means that you got really lucky that’s all. I’m pretty sure I know how to shampoo my hair there’s no big trick to it .

    • kellie says:

      What does it take to get through to people!! It amazes me the people who have not had issues can make all these assumptions that it’s not the product, we are ill or something. My 13 year old daughter lost hair at the same time I did. You can’t make this up! Two people starting a new shampoo/conditioner at the exact same time, start losing hair at the same time. A 13 year old with healthy hair. Everyone has the right to their opinion but my gosh! Use some sense! I applaud you Erika for making this more known because as you can see people are clueless when it comes to this. There are way too many complaints…Enjoy your beautiful hair! I wish I had mine! I’m so glad it didn’t happen to you but have a little sympathy for those who were less fortunate than you. Sorry but it makes me angry that people can write these posts with no sensitivity for those who are going through something so scary….I went and purchased some of the products you suggested, Erika. Thanks so much for all the advise..

  35. Kellie says:

    Hi. Thanks for this post. I’m so sick of seeing others put people like me down because we are blaming Wen for hair loss. I know it’s true because my daughter was using it, as well. She is 13 and her hair feels like weed. We both have lost hair but I used it longer and have lost most of my hair. The hair I have feels like straw. I wish it all had fallen off at once instead of this long drawn out horror film right in front of my eyes. Too big of a coincidence that both me and my daughter’s hair started to fall out and feel like straw. For all those who’s hair is great from using it, I’m happy for you but for thousands of other women, this is pure hell. I don’t even know what to use anymore since these companies can lie and they are not regulated. I’m at the point of having to get a wig. So very depressed about this but trying to get thru it. If someone could tell me, most of my hair would come back, I could rest a little easier but no one can.

    • Erika says:

      The products you can trust are those that are sold at reputable salons. The stuff that’s sold on QVC and other similar networks or websites are no better than what’s sold at Wal-Mart. In my opinion, WEN is far worse than the majority of shampoos sold at drugstores (at least those don’t cause hair loss).

      A lot of salon clients buy their products elsewhere because they think it’s going to be SO expensive. WEN is comparably priced to some salon lines, so it’s best to stick to what’s credible.

      If you haven’t heard of diversion, beware of products that are salon brands being sold in drugstores and super stores! Companies like Paul Mitchell and ColorProof are working hard to fight diversion because their products are not guaranteed unless they are sold in salons/certified retailers. What you see at Wal-Mart or Rite Aid is probably old or counterfeit product…and it’s being sold for the same price or more as salons!

    • Erika says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your hair! Best of luck to you!

    • angie says:

      I am right here with you. I used Wen last year and also have a 13 year old. I started losing hair last June at alarming rates. My Daughter starting complaining of hair loss too. I knew it had to be something we were both using so I replaced all blow dryers, curling iron, flat iron and her shampoo. I kept using the Wen. Hair was all over the house, the cars and everywhere. My Daughter’s loss stopped but mine didn’t.I started to finally notice in December my hair was about half as full as it used to be and what I have left is unexplainable. I decided to make an appointment with a Dermatologist to see why I was losing my hair. Two days later while getting ready for work, a headline was announced that a famous shampoo sold on TV, was making people lose their hair. They didn’t say what shampoo, it went to a commercial. I knew at that very moment it was Wen. That evening I told my Daughter about Wen in the news. She admitted at that moment, she used my Wen shampoo one time, even though I told her not too. Kid’s don’t have unexplained hair loss and our common denominator was Wen shampoo. That explains why her hair loss stopped and mine didn’t. I stopped using Wen on 12/17 and still have some loss but not near as bad as it was. You cant even explain this experience to people because it is so unbelievable. You cant forget it and move on because every time you turn around hair is everywhere you look. Getting ready is the worst part of the day because you are trying to fix hair that is horrifying.

      • Erika says:

        I’m so sorry to hear this….everyday there is someone new that tells their story.

        Interestingly, a lot of people think that their heated tools are to blame. Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons aren’t that bad for your hair. Some work much better than others, but here are a few reasons why heated tools can cause damage:
        -Not using heat protecting products
        -Improperly using the heated tools(like blow drying one spot too long or holding the hair in the curling iron too long)
        -Using the wrong heat setting for your hair
        -Using heated tools on hair that is over-processed or damaged in other ways

        I think your daughter would have had to use your shampoo more than once to cause noticeable hair loss. She probably just didn’t want to tell you, and I know I would have done the same thing :).

  36. Kelleyc29 says:

    Sorry wen

  37. Kelleyc29 says:

    When made both my hair and my daughter’s come out by the handful. I used Hair One by Sally’s and same issue. I have fine oily hair and wash three times per week. Maybe for people who don’t shampoo as often it is fine. I am back to Nexxus and do a diluted vinegar rinse twice a week. My hair is back to normal.

  38. Jeanie says:

    I’ve never used wen. I have to admit that I wanted to, but I thought it was too expensive when the tresseme that I buy at the dollar store leaves my hair so healthy shiny and we’ll conditioned.
    The problem I have with my hair is getting over the fashionable styles of late because blow dryers and curling irons damage my hair so badly. I finally gave up and started using old fashioned granny rollers and am robin’s my curls.

    • Erika says:

      Rollers are perfect for styling when you’re trying to prevent damage! I suggest it to so many clients/readers, but few actually do it because it’s not what they’re used to. When used properly they give great body and you can usually just spray and go!

      I have been in a jam before and went on a trip without my shampoo! Pro stores are usually in larger areas, so when I have to get something at Rite Aid I use TRESemmé. I’ve also grabbed Herbal Essences or Garnier Fructis as backups, but Herbal Essences is my LEAST favorite of the 3.

  39. Kami says:

    My sister bought me a bottle of Wen and I’m hesitant to try it based on the recent news about it. I’ve been reading several websites to gather overall opinion and reviews are very mixed. People either love this product or hate it. Very few just saying “it’s alright, no different than any other shampoo”. However I notice that the negative reviews are very specific on their dislikes but the positive reviews are very general “it’s great, been using it for years, won’t use anything else”. Without being specific as to why it’s so great or why they won’t use anything else. These are tactics usually used by plants or shills.
    That said, I wonder if the people who love this product all have the same hair texture and if the people who hate this product or see adverse reaction also have the same hair type. I’m thinking thick course hair might be able to withstand whatever ingredient is causing issue where fine thin hair is not. or at least the thick hair would not notice as much if the hair cuticle was being stripped, perhaps even resulting in better behaving hair. As a person with very thick, coarse Mediterranean hair I would probably be thrilled if a cuticle layer or 2 were stripped off but a thin hair person would not have the same reaction.

    Anyway, I still don’t know if I’m going to use this product even with my thick hair,I just don’t want to risk hair loss. But I may try it once just to pique my curiosity.

    • Erika says:

      Either way, in my opinion…..it’s not a professional product and that’s the bottom line. It’s an infomercial or “As Seen on TV” type of product. Professional salons and hairstylists do no sell it or support it. Buy something that is guaranteed to be great for your hair that doesn’t have a bad media cloud!

  40. Jules says:

    I have used WEN for over 5 years. I am multiracial with curly hair. WEN is the only thing I use in my hair on a daily basis. I wash my hair almost everyday, and I use WEN every time. I also use it as a leave-in conditioner. WEN is the only thing I use in my hair and my hair curls up beautifully. It is not dry, does not have breakage, and does not feel like straw. I have not experienced hair loss, but instead hair growth. My hair is so soft, and curls so free that I couldn’t imagine the things being said. I do think different products work differently for each individual, and if it does not work for you – continuing use is not on the product its on the fool that says this isn’t working for me but let me keep using it. I read a post from someone that said she had hair loss after 2 weeks, but continued use for the next 3 weeks – why?? I cannot use dark and lovely products, and I cannot use pantene — is there a reason to sue? The product doesn’t work for me, so I don’t use it .. It really is that simple.

    • Erika says:

      You’re right about that! I’ve had LOTS of readers tell me that they experienced side effects within 1 month of using WEN.

      The reason why is because those people don’t expect a “credible” product to do that to them. Some people have trouble connecting the dots, and I understand that. No one wants to believe that their favorite new product is causing problems with their hair.

      Lots of women went to the dermatologist and some of them even went on medications hoping to fix their hair loss problems. Their doctors never thought to ask them what products they were using, and they never thought to mention it to their doctors. That’s because a shampoo shouldn’t be the culprit, and no one was expecting it.

      • Kristine Condie says:

        What is even more frustrating is when your dermatologist says in response to your inquiry about Wen & the potential of it being to culprit of your hair/scalp issues…”I’ve used it for 10 years…people know he has a lot of $ and are just using that as an excuse.” Really?? As I sit with a plastic bag on my head to cover the mixture of coconut oil, egg yolk and honey before bed…hoping to get relief from the continued irritation and hairloss since YOUR methods of medication, shampoos, Scalp oils/medicines, etc. haven’t worked

        • Erika says:

          Yes, and I feel so sorry for those women that have agreed to injections because their dermatologist recommended them. Injections are usually a last resort treatment for many medical issues…I’m not sure, but they are probably expensive and slightly painful!

        • Erika says:

          What brand of coconut oil are you using? Is it solid or liquid form? Just wondering because I’ve tried many different kinds and have also tested different uses with different brands/types(10 Great Uses For Coconut Oil)!

          I would love to know if you have a favorite!

    • Gale says:

      I agree I have been using WEN for quite a few years and my hair has grown and done very well! I am multiracial as well, however, has always had tighter curls. My daughter is more the traditional beautiful curly hair much looser curls than I. Love, love, love the WEN products. I am all natural and just blowdry and flatiron 1x every 3 to 4 weeks. I always do protective styles braids mostly for a few months at a time. My daughter is younger 11 so she uses it daily or a few times per week. She can wash her own hair in the shower it’s great!! My hairstylist saw reviews about the lawsuits and I’ve been looking for people with ethnic hair…hard to find. She monitors my hair very closely and has been doing my hair for many years. When I would perm it, when my hair fell out/ broke off etc…So I’m so happy you Jules said something haha. our hair is very happy, long, healthy and I will say I asked God to help my hair grow…after all He said it is our crowning glory!!!

  41. Dawn says:

    I had MRSA requires a very strong antibiotic that made half my hair fall out. Three years later I had to have more of the antibiotic before surgery. Again my hair started falling out it got broken off it looked awful. I bought sweet almond mint wen almost a year ago. And I absolutely love it. I’m wondering if an allergic reaction really is to blame. Because I use it I use it on my daughter. The mint is also a natural lice deterrent. public schools in Florida that’s a good thing. It sounds like the women whose hair fell out experienced immediate reactions. Like I said I’ve been using it for a year and I love what it’s done for my hair.

  42. Sherry says:

    No one is stating what ingredient would cause hair loss which is not present in other hair products. Personally I believe flat irons and curling devices break the hair off and make it dry.

    • Erika says:

      Yes, heated tools can cause breakage if they aren’t used properly and if you don’t protect your hair before using them. Hair loss is very different from hair breakage.

    • Anita Nelson says:

      I never use heat on my hair. No flat irons, no hair dryers, not even hot water.

      People must stop blaming people who have lost their hair. One year later, I came back to look and I can’t believe the victim blaming going on. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We are merely grouping together to seek answers because Wen made our hair fall out. Most of us won’t even join the lawsuit. My husband and I have our hair back thanks to recommendations made by Erika and my own research. God bless everyone and please be kind to each other. Thank you to those who haven’t experienced problems, but expressed empathy. We are deeply grateful and here for you if you suddenly experience hair loss after a few years of use as my husband and I did.

  43. joeblow2014 says:

    the product has not been “recalled” as you state

  44. Pat Fowler says:

    I have been a wen girl for 8 years. I have short hair and it grows so fast. I get it trimmed frequently. My stylist says I have the healthiest hair out of all of her clients. I’m 60 and letting it gray. The gray hair is so soft and shinny. Get loads of compliments.

  45. Taylor says:

    I think people should not trust a random person online for advice on hair care. Is “Erika” a dermatologist? If not, I suggest consulting a physician to determine the reason for hair loss. I doubt a hair care product is to blame.

    • Erika says:

      The only opinion I give in this post is that of how the hair feels and looks after using the product.

      I DO NOT give any advice pertaining to dermatology and/or the effects of using WEN. Everything in this post is quoted from the documentation related to the WEN class action lawsuit.

      The SUGGESTIONS that I do give are based on what I have seen in the salon and what I know has worked for others, and that is not the same as giving dermatology advice.

      My readers are not “trusting” me to tell them what a hair product may cause. They are trusting me to deliver the information as I receive it from a trusted source. Maybe you should do your research before you criticize my blog posts. I didn’t just come up with this stuff out of thin air…thousands of women already reported problems before I wrote about it. Know before you throw.

      • Jr Kristine Condie says:

        Hello Erika,
        Thanks so much for speaking out. I have been dealing with changes in my hair for the last 5 years…which ironically is the amount of time I have been using Wen. I would get these terrible sensations on my scalp which would cause me major discomfort and a strong desire to scratch continuously. My hair began breaking off and eventually this year I have been impacted by at least 30% hair loss. I attributed this all to stress, a poor diet, a lack of consistent sleep, etc. I began taking Biotin and multi-vitamins…researched for hours “causes of hair loss”…purchased $$$ of products to help in this situation which has been very ipsetting in addition to the tremendous discomfort. I began to see a primary care physician who ordered mutiple blood panels, allergy tests, fungus medication, medicated shampoo, medicated oils, medicated foam, etc…and with no change in the condition finally referred me to a dermatologist who has taken scalp samples for lab testing and prescribed MORE topical treatments…all to no avail. I stopped using Wen about 6 weeks ago since I was on so many other treatments…never once thinking that it could be the root of my problem. In fact, I used it more regularly as my conditions worsened as I bought into the “mist gentle and effective hair cleansing treatment.” Then earlier this week when the lawsuit made headlines a light bulb went off…”Holy Heavens…it’s Wen…that is the cause of these years of discomfort and dramatic changes in my hair condition!” I had to get what little hair I have left “trimmed /shaped earlier today to hear my thoughts reiterated by the stylist…”Our industry isn’t regulated…WEN is terrible for your hair. The good news is you have evidence of about a 6 week regrowth in certain areas on your scalp. When did you stop using Wen?”…Hmmm…6-8 weeks ago!! I scheduled for a scalp biopsy in January…and I will be addressing this headache and heartbreak w/Wen, the FDA, and anyone who will listen. This isn’t about a product not working…it is about a product which boasts “safe…effective…not harsh…etc” only to have THOUSANDS (apparently) of trusting customers lose their hair which is a traumatic experience:(

        • Geri says:

          I had a similar experience……blamed my hair loss on other things and I was horrified that something I spent so much $ on to HELP my fine hair made it fall out in clumps! I pray it grows back.

        • GRACE says:

          I too are going to a dermatologist because of Wen….let me know what happens to you I am being tried for a redish rash on my scalp…oh by the way when I stopped using Wen my hair also stopped falling out….horrible….I hope my hair starts to grow back.

          • Erika says:

            What did your dermatologist recommend?

            • GRACE says:

              Clobetasol scalp solution….topical….and to stop using Wen.. (which she heard about)..I told her I did on December 22…2015…since then my hair stopped fall out..but still thin
              If the rash does nit go away she wI’ll take a scalp biopsy. GREAT….I’M SO DISGUSTED.

              To all the people who believe shampoo is great…beware it happens gradually.

            • GRACE says:

              Not looking to join a lawsuit…just want my hair back…as for him Karma is a bitch….one more thing…hmmmm…wondering why Alyssa Milano cut her hair into a pixie..?

          • Paula says:

            I am going through this right now. Did your hair grow back? If so, can you please tell me about the process?

    • Cece Thomas says:

      The volume of people coming forward with the same results is proof enough there is a problen with Wen. Coincidence? I think not! My hair was is very good condition before using Wen Sweet Almond.. After about one month my hair felt like straw.. It started coming out by the hand fulls in the shower.. I didnt need to see a dermatologist for answers.. I am inteligent enough to know it was happening more and more after using Wen.. It has now been 6 months , cutting my hair short to rid myself of the straw, and my hair has finally started looking healthy again.. Thanks to using Aveda products .. Grateful for this blog that has been started to inform others..of the dangers of using Wen.

      • lisa Tolerico says:

        my hair started to come out in the shower I thought I was imagining it until the drain also was severely clogged to a great degree not like ever before I have lost close to a third of my volume and do not know what to do . Does anyone know if this is a permanent thing ? If anyone has more information on the class action suit would appreciate . Thank you

        • Erika says:

          If you scroll through the previous comments you’ll see the links to the class action website and suggestions on what to do next!

          The long term effects seem to be worse in people that have used WEN for 2 or more years.

      • Erika says:

        ❤ Thank you for your comment!

    • Anita Nelson says:

      Tayler, you’re wrong. Wen was the cause because the single fastest way to grow your hair back is to stop using it.

      Trusting Erika’s recommendations sped up my hair growth considerably and I’ll be forever grateful to her for this post and her recommendations.

  46. mandy says:

    My mother in law suddenly had beautiful hair. I asked her if she cut it, or went to the salon. She said it was Wen. She bought me a bottle. I tried it and it was great. If it’s the mint, it shocks me as mint helps with hair growth. I stopped using it and noticed no difference in hair loss. It actually helped for me. I have pcos and am thinning. I thinned the same with this product as with others. However my hair looked healthier. There are two many factors that could be the hair loss. Maybe hormones, the shampoo you use, the amount of times you wash your hair, with what type of water, hair dyes and styling tools, genetics. I’m notv ready to blame wen just yet

    • Erika says:

      Thanks for your comment!

      Remember….with any product (beauty, food, etc.) that containing an ingredient with benefits or that is “good” for you does not make it a good product. Lots of shampoos contain mint extract, but some of those shampoos also have ingredients that are harmful. So, if mint is in the shampoo your hair still might not increase in growth because another ingredient could be harming your hair.

    • brendalynn obrien says:

      been using Wen 5 yrs different products . NO balding or large amounts of haair loss in drain . i am happy with Wen an will continue to use until they discontinue the products . 🙂 lol kinda like Bill Crobsy slept with
      1/2 of America .

  47. Shasta Collins says:

    I just saw what Snopes said about all of this. I use WEN and love it.

  48. Kelly says:

    Used Wen for about 7 years and live it. I don’t use it everyday only 1-2 times a week. Every hairstylist has commented how healthy my hair is. Each to their own

  49. Suzanne says:

    I used WEN two years ago and noticed breakage in the front which I have never experienced before. I stopped using it and it is back to normal.

  50. lucy says:

    holy cow! me and my daughter use wen and i have noticed that my hair is not as thick as it used to be but i thought it was just an age thing and NOT a product issue? how can i tell if its the wen for sure? if it is i’ll be VERY pissed off!

    • Erika says:

      The best way to know whether or not WEN is the culprit of your hair loss is to stop using it completely for 3-6 months. You may also want to put a hair catcher in your drain so you can monitor how much hair you’re losing.

      WEN is very expensive, and I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. Spend that money on something that isn’t known for causing excessive hair loss!

      Good luck and here’s a link to another post that may help you:
      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair…

      • Peg Prah says:

        I have been using Wen for 6-7 years now. I have a serious thyroid condition which was playing havoc on my hair and my eyes. With Wen, my hair is fuller and soft, no losing hair here!! I continue to recommend Wen products to anyone and everyone. I think this is just another lawyers way to make lots of money!!! This scare just makes me mad, it is untrue!!!

        • Anita says:

          I’m happy it hasn’t happened to you, but it has happened to me. I have not signed up for a lawsuit, but very relieved to know what it was so I could stop it in my own hair and also stop recommending it to clients in case they had the same experience I did. Thyroid conditions, and the medicines given for them, directly affect hair growth. One of the most obvious signs of low thyroid function is losing hair on the outer edges of the eyebrows. After the patient is treated for the thyroid condition, very often the eyebrows just fill right in. Your experience is extremely unique in that respect and you should respect the experience of others. It’s not untrue for many.

          • Kellie says:

            I’m very sorry you had to go they this too. Reading these posts from these cruel people really saddens me. How they have the audacity to say we want money! I’ll take my hair back over money any day. Not enough money to replace your hair. Dad to know there are people like her in the world.

            • Jeanie Burness says:

              I know this has nothing to do with web. I’ve been watching the conversation and I can only thank the good Lord I never tried it. I want your advice on something though. Remember I told you that I started putting granny rollers in my hair? Well I bought a dome bonnet hair dryer and I was wondering if it damages your hair as much as a blow dryer. I damaged my long beautiful hair so badly with a blow dryer and a round brush a while back trying to make it straight that I had to cut it all off. Then, on the advice of my stylist, I started using a curling iron and it started breaking off again. My hair won’t hold a curl from a curling iron unless I put a lot of product in it and it was no good for my hair either. I wanted to buy a bonnet that had no heat, but it does have heat. Will this damage my hair too?

            • Erika says:

              Also…no one is getting any money as of right now. The women commenting on this post are expressing their concerns and asking for help. They also want to educate others that may be experiencing the same side effects and have no idea what’s causing it.

    • Lila Winters says:

      There is a law firm in Los Angeles, Esensten Law (310-273-3090) that is representing people and taking on new clients who have suffered hair loss and other damage from use of the Wen Products.

  51. Nicole says:

    I have been using wen for three to four years from qvc . I just heard about the hair loss problem today . I am freaking out . I have half the hair I use to . I had to cut bangs just to try and hide the thinning in front . I have been taking Visical and vitamins . I never use irons or blow dryers . Now I know why . What do I do now ??

    • Erika says:

      Don’t worry, the good news is that the sooner you stop using it and make improvements the better off you are. Some people have used it for twice as long as you have because they didn’t think that their “wonderful” shampoo was the problem.

      You don’t have to worry about using irons and blow dryers….in some cases it is best to refrain from using excessive heat, but in yours it is a chemical culprit. Refraining from using heated tools is more relevant to when you have hair that has been damaged because of improper/excessive color application, repeated box color use, not protecting the hair with products before using heated tools, etc.

      I just wanted to touch on that because a lot of people have mentioned that they stopped using blow dryers and irons. It’s definitely better for your hair, but I’m doubtful that it will make a difference in hair loss (heat generally causes breakage).

      Here are a few things to help you get your hair back to normal:

      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair…

    • Lila Winters says:

      There is a law firm in Los Angeles, Esensten Law (310-273-3090) that is representing people and taking on new clients who have suffered hair loss and other damage from use of the Wen Products.

  52. Nicole says:

    I am Freaking out right now !!! I just heard on news about wen lawsuit . I have been using wen from qvc for three to four years now . My hair is half the thickness it use to be . It’s so thin in front I had to cut bangs to try to hide the baldness . I never heard anybody having these problems from wen . I don’t know what to do now . I have been using vitamins . I never use blow dryers or irons . I could never figure out what the problem was

  53. Veronica says:

    I’ve been using Wen for 4.5 years and have never been happier with my hair; it looks fuller and healthier. I’ve used professional shampoos that made my hair shed… Shampoos and conditioners that work for some people do not work for others. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t use it

    • Jules says:

      My thoughts exactly! Why can’t people understand that every product will not work for every person. The greater majority of women have found this product very good, so I hope the court will recognize this. To use a product, and see it does not work for you, but continue the use is neglect on your part. There are thousands of hair products on the market for a reason – one does not fit all – you use what works for you.

      • Erika says:

        How do you “know” that the greater majority of WEN users have found the product “very good”?

        Unless you’ve got something to back it up, then I think you’re just expressing your opinion. I’ve never used WEN, so what I write is based on what readers express to me in their e-mails and comments, articles and news coverage from media such as the Today Show, etc.

        There’s also a running poll on my website (remember polls are not 100% accurate because everyone using the product has not voted):

        As of today (12-21-2015 @ 8:34am EST):
        -729 people said they have used WEN and no longer used it because their hair was in worse shape from the products.
        -711 people said they still use WEN and think their hair feels great.
        -293 people said they have never used WEN.
        -66 people said they’ve never used WEN and would like to try it.

      • Erika says:

        Also, there may be thousands of products on the market so that there’s something for everyone. BUT, how many of them are facing LOTS of scrutiny for causing severe side effects?

      • Gale says:

        Again I agree…it is and has been working for so many….don’t use it if it doesn’t work for you. We’ve been using it for 5 years! With no problems.

        • Erika says:

          Remember that this blog post is not meant to change the minds of those that love the product. I’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years and I know that changing someone’s mind when it comes to hair and products is not easy. If that were my goal then my entire website would be based on different content.

          The reason for this post is to alert those that are having trouble with hair loss and other symptoms from using WEN.

          If you love a product are you going to stop using it if you think the cause of your problems is stress, hormones, age, etc.? No way! Hair changes roughly every 10 years, and more sporadically for some people. Without this information those women would still be spending hundreds of dollars on dermatologist appointments and other remedies….with no results. Changing shampoos has been life changing for many women, but they wouldn’t know to stop using it if the information wasn’t here.

          • Vu says:

            Great point!!!

              • Catgirl says:

                I still use Wen and my hair is softer and thicker than it was in my forties (I am in my fifties). I lost hair in my forties long before I knew about Wen. By the way – most women do loose a lot of hair in their forties!

                • Kellie says:

                  Does a 13 year old after using Wen? At the same time as her mother? I think not…

                • Erika says:

                  Yes, as I mentioned in previous comments, our hair tends to change every 10 years(more noticeable for some).

                  If you are implying that the majority of the women having problems with WEN are in their 40’s and that’s why they’re losing hair….that’s not the reason. These women are all ages(some children/teens) and they have one thing in common-they use WEN.

                  Also, how our hair changes and the rate at which it goes through those changes varies greatly from one person to another. Some women feel that their hair is thicker in their 40’s, thinner in their 50’s, then gets thick again in their 60’s. My hair seemed to be thinner around age 25…it’s been two years since I noticed it and my hair is thicker than it was then (although not as thick as before age 25).

                  Thinning hair that’s caused by aging or lifestyle changes is NOT the same as hair loss. Hair loss is often referred to as thinning, but there’s a big difference and it’s far more noticeable. The cause is usually something other than stress, age, hormones, etc.

  54. Kelijeanm says:

    Love, love, love WEN. I have used WEN for years and love the smells, conditioning and ease. I wash my hair 2-3 times per week and my hair is thick and healthy. I have used ALL flavors and adore them all. I highly recommend!! Saves your color like no other!!!!

  55. Ruth Smith says:

    I have used the Wen product for many years. I just started to notice about 6 months ago that my scalp was very dry. Also my hair was falling out more than usual. I also have some kind of a small growth on my scalp and I am going to the dermatologist. Now I am really worried since finding out about Wen. What do I do now? thank you Ruth

    • Erika says:

      Assuming you’ve already stopped using the products….the next thing you should do is use a good clarifying shampoo to make sure there’s no leftovers or build-up that has the old product in it. Then start with these tips:

      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair

      • JoAnne' Schmucker says:

        i haven’t been using wen long but I have very long hair and I have noticed the thickness and coarseness of my hair up at the roots I just thought my hair was becoming stronger and thicker…..should I be worried…..im kinda freaking!!!! what clarifying shampoo should I use??? I don’t use it on a daily basis just like 3 times out of the month the biggest thing I use is there ultra nourishing cleansing treatment. I was my hair every 3rd day and I use it in replace of my condition every 2nd wash and its amazing!!!!! the cleansing conditioner didn’t seem to do much for my hair I didn’t like it. can you give me advice?????

  56. Pittsburgh says:

    OMG! 3 dermatologists, 3 scalp biopsies, Bloodwork, prednisone, Doxy, etc, etc. Nothing helped and my doctors were at such a loss for what was wrong with my scalp/me. My symptoms were severe scalp inflammation, pustules, pain and so much hair loss….so much! It started in 2013 when I started using Wen (Chaz would actually say on QVC how his Tea Tree product was so good for fine hair…implying it was practically medicinal which is why I bought it!). I have all receipts from QVC for gallons of it and the almond one too between 2013-2014. I stopped using it last year but the damage has been done! My poor scalp and hair that won’t grow back even now. I’m just sick reading all these comments…all of us losing our hair because of Wen:-(.

    • Erika says:

      I’m so sorry that happened to you! I’ve always told my clients not to fall for that guys charm….fake charm that is.

      Don’t let this experience shy you away from tea tree products. Good tea tree products are wonderful and even people with very sensitive skin are not harmed by them. My favorite is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment. A few years ago I was experiencing a change in my hair (not because of WEN), and I’d tried Malibu scalp treatments, clarifying shampoo, etc. My hair was much thinner and my scalp just didn’t seem normal. So, i got the Paul Mitchell treatment and used it 3 times per week along with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. After a few months my hair was almost back to normal!

      It may take a little longer because of using WEN (I just don’t know what chemicals are in it and why they cause so much hair loss), but the least you can do is try! Best wishes to you!

      • Pittsburgh says:

        When I bought the gallons from QVC it was as they (Chaz & QVC On-Air Reps) advised mixing vanilla almond mint with tea tree which is what I did in addition to using each “straight”. This was 2013-2014. Rash and hairloss were first symptoms…followed by severe inflammation, pustules, pain continued hairloss even after I had stopped using. It took combo of very strong antibiotics plus steroids for long time to reduce pain/pimples/inflammation BUT the hairloss has never abated. As I have receipts, pictures, Doctor records I wonder if I could be included in class action as a lead plaintiff? I’m disappointed QVC hasn’t reached out to its customers on this as they know who that sold this stuff too. Perhaps they too will be named in the suit… Thanks Erika for providing a Forum for so many of us on this issue… I’m sure the attorneys appreciate it as well!

        • Erika says:

          I’m so sorry to hear about your unfortunate side effects from WEN! Years ago i was telling my clients not to use it, and some stopped….some didn’t. Even after this some people will keep using it.

          You may receive a letter or postcard asking you to take action to join the lawsuit. It depends on if your name pops up in any records(and if they can get the records). I received one when I worked at Applebee’s(unpaid after hours work) and one from Bank of America (overcharging of savings account fees). Those companies definitely had my information, so it’s hard to tell with this particular case.

          If you don’t….here’s a website to check for when the class action suit is open for new claimants to join:
          Class Action Rebates

        • DJ says:

          HAPPY & INFORMATIVE UPDATE: This is “Pittsburgh”. January 1, 2017 it will be a year that I started using Rogaine Foam 5% after finishing a 6 month cycle of Doxy 200 (strong antibiotic) and a strong steroid to try to get rid of the postules and severe rash on my head. Dermatologist(s) said I had incredibly severe case of folliculitis from my scalp follicles being clogged. Of course they were clogged as Wen has no cleaning ingredients…only clogging agents! I have the 2013-2014 receipts from QVC from buying the Wen as you can see from my December 16, 2015 Board post here that Erika has kindly provided us all. I also have bills from three dermatologists, pictures of my poor head EVERY MONTH since 2013 and 3 separate biopsy results. In addition to now using the Rogaine 5% I use the Alterna Caviar products (purple bottle) as they have no parabans, sulfates, etc…my scalp now (after using that Wen that caused my hairloss) is just so sensitive I have to be careful what I use on it. The big news is that once the severe folliculitis infection was finally cleared up (it was really deep inside my scalp…so bad my occipital lymph nodes swelled up from the infection…these are the nodes that are closest to your scalp and work to catch infection of the scalp) and I started using the Rogaine 5% foam faithfully every night for a year MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK! I am joining the class action suit as I have so much evidence of what caused my hair to fall out. Sincerely I say that I was one of those people who never wanted to use Rogaine but I SWEAR it is a miracle worker if you are faithful about using it (making sure it is applied directly to scalp and not the hair itself) once the infection is cleared up. Ladies, I cried every day for two years about my bald head and now my hair is back. I am so grateful I had to share this with you all. Thank you so much Erika for giving us a forum to share this info between us that I am certain Wen/Gunthy Renker/QVC wish we wouldn’t share. God Bless the FDA too for evaluating all the evidence and realizing the definite science/statistical probability behind the cause & effect of Wen-clogged pores and my/our hairloss! If you read the actual information the FDA put out it makes total sense! **I think QVC should be sued as well as they keep selling this crap…hopefully they will be. Happy for those of you who are happy with Wen…yeah for you….but for those of us that have clearly been negatively impacted I hope my story will help you. Thanks again Erik for the Forum! – “Pittsburgh”

          • Erika says:

            Thanks for the info! Please let us know how it goes!

            p.s.-I LOVE Alterna Caviar products! Great choice!

          • Buggars2 says:

            Hi. Did your hair fallout all at once? Mine and my daughters keeps falling out after 2013. I’m on Rogain. The doctors I’ve seen don’t even consider Wen or never even heard of the issues. It’s been a slow death for us.

            • DJ says:

              It fell out over years during/after Wen use. I had to address the inflammation (Doxy 200 for 6 months as Infection was so deep and severe plus 5 months oral steroid 5 mg). The biopsies of my scalp in different places showed severe folliculitis. My 3 dermatologists I saw didn’t know about Wen. You must completely clear up the inflammation/infection or follicles will continue to die. If follicles die Rogaine won’t work. Note you can have Infection/inflammation that is so deep it kills follicles but is not visible to your eye. My issue was so bad it was both deep and very visible. If you try to use Rogaine on infected follicles you can make them worse. It took a long course of strong antibiotics and oral steroids to do the trick first…then Rogaine 5% foam every night for a year grew my hair back. **Wen = clogged follicles/pores = infection = permanently destroyed follicles = hairloss.

              • Buggars2 says:

                Thanks so much for all the information. I have to get to someone who understands fast or I will be totally bald in a few months.

                • DJ says:

                  Please note: I was originally given antibiotic Doxy 200 for a month but that was not long enough to kill my severe folliculitis…it abated for a month and then came roaring back. That is when I was placed on the oral steroid (reduce inflammation) and the Doxy 200 for that extended period of time so as to completely kill infection. It is important to know you should not let conditioner touch your scalp while you are trying to clear the Wen-induced clogged pores/infection…use conditioner only on ends. (*Remember folliculitis is like acne but on your head so keeping scalp clean/unclogged is important. Same concept as never washing your face but rather “cleaning” it with only lotion…your pores get clogged up. On your head clogged pores/follicles leave NO room for the hair to grow so even if you don’t see/or even eventually get an infection like me your hair will STILL stop growing and fall out.) ***Doxy (or another named is Doryx) 200 is often prescribed for severe acne….it kills bacteria in pores.***

                  • Buggars2 says:

                    Wow! I really need a doctor who believes me. I’m in Atlanta. Are you anywhere near me?

                    • DJ says:

                      Pennsylvania…my doctors didn’t know anything about Wen. When you find a dermatologist take the FDA Statement about Class Action Suit against Wen. Hopefully that will help. Remember: Hair is a specialty area of dermatology and not every dermatologist interested enough to study up on it. It took me three different dermatologists to finally find one who had expertise in hairloss. It is not rocket science though: If Wen (since it has no cleansing agents) clogged your hair follicles leaving less and less room for hairs to grow until they get pushed out and no more can then grow it totally makes sense as a reason for thinning and eventual hair loss. Erika’s suggestions about using a non-irritating product that really cleans your scalp is correct advice. I hope you can find a good doctor to really listen to you. My hair loss was devastating to me…I think I cried every day. BUT – if you can completely clear up the clogged (possibly infected) follicle problem first then the Rogaine 5% may work as quickly for you as it did for me…I started seeing small hairs coming in at two months. I am optimistic for you and grateful to Erika for keeping the conversation going.

  57. cassandra says:

    I using wen and I noticed that thru top of my hair was thinner than all the rest so I stopped using it now when I brush or comb my hair it’s coming out what can I do looking for help

    • Erika says:

      As with most people who have used WEN…it is probably a reaction between the chemicals in the product and your body. These things can take time to treat and reverse. Here are a few tips to get you started:

      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair…

      Good luck and check back for updates! I’ll be posting new information as I receive it about WEN and how to reverse the effects!

  58. lela says:

    What can we do to fix the damage. I used Wen products off an on for the past 3 years, and my hair became thinner and is itchy. I stopped using it a while ago and made a hair serum with essential oils and castor oil (i heard castor oil can unclog pores on the scalp and encourage hair regrowth. What else can we do to heal the scalp/hair from the damage this horrible product has caused?

    • Erika says:

      Here are a few suggestions to start with:

      Do These Things if You’re Losing Hair Because of WEN

      Remember, everyone’s situation is different and you may need to do more or less to get back to normal depending on your hair. You should also brush your hair everyday to stimulate your hair follicles.

      • Caitlin says:

        I wonder if age has anything to do with this, I’m 14 years old and started using wen in 2011, I had horribly thin hair that was very unhealthy, I tried everything and then my aunt showed me wen. My hairdresser over the years has seen a major difference since I’ve started using wen, my hair blossomed it got thicker and healthier, but now I’m thinking I should stop using it with the bad press it’s getting. Now I will say though, every time I shower I have to pull a clump of hair out of the drain, is this the hair loss?

        • Erika says:

          How long is your hair? If you have very long hair then you will notice more hair loss in the shower than others will.

          As you age you will notice that certain things don’t work as well as they did when you were younger and vice versa. I don’t know what it is about WEN that causes problems, but one of my hunches is that it may “kill” the hair follicle or the chemicals cause a bad reaction with a persons hormones…etc.

          It’s better to be safe than sorry, so you may want to switch to something else for a few months(3-6). If you notice that you’re losing less hair then it could be the WEN. At your age you should be using something basic anyways because you’re hair is at it’s best through your teens and twenties! If you’re already spending money on WEN then I suggest switching to something more natural and credible.

          Here are a few suggestions that are great for young hair:
          It’s a 10 Miracle Daily Shampoo & Conditioner
          Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner
          TIGI Rockaholic Shampoo & Conditioner(LOVE the scent!)

  59. […] You’ve probably already stopped using WEN (especially if you’ve done your research and read WEN Causes Hair Loss). […]

  60. Carol says:

    For most of my adult life I struggled with my hair. It’s Vic, unruly, and no matter how many tutorials I got from my outstanding stylists I could never achieve even close to what they did when they shampooed conditioned and styled my hair. My hair often looked dry and frizzy despite the fact that I was faithfully using my professional stylist recommended products like Aveda, Aesop, Kerastase and Alterna, including entire lines from those brands. It wasn’t as if I was using the high and conditioner and then a drugstore styling product. I spent $350 on a hairdryer, a hundred dollars on the “right” styling brush…NOTHING seemed to make a marked difference until I started using Wen in 2014. Now I use Wen every 2-3 days, along with the styling cream and finally love my hair. I I know that my special styling brush and hair dryer play a part in the overall results as well but Wen has had a huge and positive impact on how my hair looks and feels. It’s concerning to know that even a small number of women are experiencing hair loss they attribute to these products – enough so that I’m considering going back to having sh*tty hair (rather than no hair) but I’ve never had a rash, itch, or anything other than normal shedding with the products. I’m in a quandary.

    • Erika says:

      It’s a very LARGE number of women that are experiencing negative results from using WEN. The products that your stylist recommended may not have been right for you. You don’t need an entire line to have great hair….you just need a few products that are right for you.

      Here’s a short example that I think everyone will relate to about products:

      -When the first brazilian blowout hit salons it was VERY popular. It made everyone’s hair look awesome and it was very expensive. It was the “solution” that everyone was looking for. BUT….it wasn’t long before we found out that it had unhealthy amounts of formaldehyde in it (I say “unhealthy” because very minute amounts of some harmful ingredients are approved and do not have to be listed on the label.), and salons started looking for alternative products. The alternatives were okay, but none of them are as effective as the original solution with formaldehyde.

      -WEN might make your hair look good, but we don’t know yet what’s in it that’s getting those results. It’s too good to be true for some women, and a nightmare for the majority. It probably deposits waxes to tame down the frizz (which is not good over the long term). So, just like the brazilian blow out….it is better to use something safe than to risk the side effects.

  61. About the “As Seen on TV” products comment above; excellent point. Wen, a frying pan, knife, pillow, magic face cream with ….cantaloupe in it, and aching that makes spaghetti from zucchini – all awful. Sometimes these are at the drug store & I can’t resist but you are right. All disappointing.

  62. Hello. I have used a ton of different shampoos. Wen is the only one that makes my scalp oddly and constantly itchy, and yes, a bunch of hair falls out even with one use. I was forcing myself to use it because I ended up with so many bottles (stopping that automated service took a while) but the itch is awful & I already have thin hair.

  63. RitaEmilia says:

    I have been using WEN for 4 years. I have thick thick hair. I am constantly told how pretty my hair is. It is a short haircut and thus the cut benefits from the thick hair. I color it every 6 to 8 weeks myself. I do not use any conditioner or any styling product except hairspray (very rarely). I buy whatever scent WEN has on sale. Who started this ridiculous suit? Did any of the women who had problems go to a dermatologist. This whole lawsuit seems suspicious to me. Oh one more thing, when I go to the hairdresser – I do not let her wash my hair. I wash it myself with WEN first. She says she uses high end products but in my opinion, her products require a lot of additional product such as conditioner, smoother and then a glosser. Really? I like my hairdresser but pushing all that product for me to buy if really annoying to me. With WEN I used one item and I am done. Keeping my hair short enables me to afford WEN because it does require using a bit more of it than regular shampoo. I like this product and I will keep using it. Again, this whole lawsuit sound suspicious to me.

    • I have been using wen for probably about 8 yrs?? I have LOVED it, and still do.however, I do have this problem….I have been to a dermatologist and he said it was alopecia areata, and I get injections. I am seeing regrowth but it is still falling out…today was the first I have heard of this lawsuit, and although skeptical, the hairloss paterns do look like mine, and I have prolly lost close to half…..I have always had super thick hair, and no family history of hair loss….UGH>

      • Erika says:

        Maybe it’s the WEN….doctors aren’t always right and sometimes they have to make a diagnosis without having all of the information.

        It wouldn’t hurt to switch shampoos for a few months and see if that works. Injections sound very unpleasant and it’s sad to think that you might have to go through with those if they weren’t necessary. Best of luck to you!

        *I’ve had other people comment about the lawsuit (they think it’s not credible), and while that does happen sometimes it’s unlikely. There’s a very lengthy process that both clients and lawyers must go through before filing a class action case. It involves in-depth research of the claim, requires multiple claimants, and costs a lot of money (so a tort lawyer won’t accept a case if it’s too risky).

    • I agree. Part of the WEN lawsuit is: it is so “terrible” they want it removed from the market(?!!?) WEN sold over $100 million last year – it’s great! (for most people – am sure there are a few who have bad reactions; i.e. – I love peanut butter, but some are allergic to it and have bad reactions/can’t eat it without ending in the ER, etc.). When you look up the attorneys who handle this class-action – more probable they are doing so for a corporate entity’s benefit. Becaues/[if] some women have had a bad reaction to the product, then stop the use. They offer a money back guarantee; and though have never asked for that – other issues – the CS of GR is quite remarkably good to its customers. On the price issue. It’s not that expensive; I’d used Aveda and Paul Mitchell before. Find WEN far superior to and half the price of PM, more than that of Aveda.

      Again, I agree, something very suspicious. In the 80s/early 90s – large corporations bought other products but instead of continuing them, they pulled them from the market so their own (lesser quality/higher price) would continue to dominate the market. One was Shine Shampoo/Conditioner… $4 per bottle – and worked better than anything for $20 (back then); another was Tennax hair sculpting – best stuff, no damage! Gone – when it was bought, no more competition from that one either; another – Cellophanes – they were so easy/glorious to your hair – you could literally eat them – wouldn’t harm you. Just shiny shear color over natural color or no color at all – just shine. A corporation bought that one up too – because they weren’t selling temporary colors (that aren’t as good).

      And then with all the press releases coming out of that attorney’s office – like a “threat” – all of these women going on boards saying after years of use, they had hair damage too? What? You should have stopped using it and returned it.

      Hope they all have receipts for their purchases. Seems a bit like a threat to force a more favorable settlement.

      FYI – GR has another great product: someone above wrote – face cream with melon… It works better than anything else – and is more economical.

      I hope the women who really did have a problem with WEN get their hair back; but do realize – more people ruin their hair with other corporate products – this is only noticeable in the public view because 200 women went to an attorney.

      • Erika says:

        I can see your point of view as well. Just remember that women who are having issues go to someone for help because they want to help others as well and warn them. They are not hoping to “knock out” the competition as a corporation would.

  64. Terrie says:

    Wen Lavender worked well for my hair but it did make my scalp react, because I too had a wheat issue. No shampoo with wheat proteins will keep my hair healthy and prevent shedding. I switched to Wen Tea Tree, but I had also just had surgery and anesthesia affected my hair, so I was losing a lot. I now use Pomegrante, soy-based, wheat-free, gluten-free, and it is awesome. I lose a normal amount of hair and my hair stylist rarely trims my hair; she only does it if I want a shorter cut. With Wen and her ability to color my hair without damaging it, my hair has grown from my chin to my bra strap in about 18 months, and we just cut it to my clavicle a couple of weeks ago.

  65. Peggy says:

    I have used wen for over 5 years. Never had a problem. My hair is very long and bleach blond. I am 64 years old. Only have to use it twice a week, always use a conditioner after.my hair is better now than in my youth.

  66. Karie says:

    I posted a comment on September 26 about my hair shedding from Wen. I wanted to post a follow up to maybe comfort those who have had a similar problem. I used Wen the last week of August 2015, and noticed a lot of shedding after just three times of usage. It is now December, and my hair finally stopped shedding a few weeks ago. I lost probably 1/4-1/2 of my normal volume. Very upsetting, but I am so thankful the shedding stopped. Here are some things that I did to help save my hair. I don’t know if anything I actually did helped stopped the shedding, or if it just ran its course, but here is how I handled it: I stopped using heated tools on my hair. I stopped blow drying it. I stopped using products on my hair and left it in its natural state as often as I was able to. I left it down almost everyday, so not to pull on it by placing it in a clip or pony tail. I cut it in a bob and got it trimmed religiously every 6 weeks. I switched back to normal shampoo, and washed only every other day and sometimes I would go longer, since the Wen dried up my hair horribly. Finally I started taking biotin twice a day.
    After a few months the shedding stopped, and I have just started to style it again. I’m waiting another month or so to get my color done with my stylist, just to be safe. I hope maybe some of what I did will help someone who may be going through the same thing.

    • Erika says:

      Thank you for your comment! It sounds like you just completely changed everything to make sure there were no variables. Best wishes to you! ❤

  67. Annika says:

    I never used Wen but I tried the no-poo thing on 2 different occasions and I noticed hair loss each time. I think I know what causes it. I think it’s because a conditioning cleanser like Wen or other conditioner does not remove DHT from your scalp the way a soap based or detergent based shampoo does. DHT is what is believed to cause male pattern baldness and this can happen to women to who are testosterone sensitive. This is why I think the hair loss happens to some women and not to others who use Wen.

    Long story short, I think it’s necessary to use a soap-based or detergent-based shampoo at least once a week or so.

    • Erika says:

      Thank you for your comment!That could very well be the explanation. Most often…it has to do with horomones!

    • RitaEmilia says:

      Then how come our female ancestors did not go prematurely bald with all that DHT in their scalp.

      • Annika says:

        What makes you think our female ancestors didn’t go prematurely bald? What also makes you think that our female ancestors didn’t use soap or some form of shampoo to cleanse their hair? Also, depending on how far you are going back humans were not exposed to androgens and other hormones and hormone-like chemicals in plastics and in their food supply in the way that modern humans are. But I wouldn’t assume that premature female balding is a new occurrence.

        • Erika says:

          Ancestors? How far back are you referring to? I think your comment is out of context.

          -Premature female balding is NOT what this post is about.
          -WEN has caused severe hair loss in women/men of all ages.
          -There are hundreds of other brands that do not have the side effects of WEN.
          -Our ancestors have no relevance to this post.

    • I started using Wen almost a year ago – perfect hair – noticed about the same amount of hair in my brush in one week that had had previous in one day. Have very baby fine but lots of it; wear it long. Wash every day; use the vanilla mint extra cleaning about every third day; a little of the styling gel prior to light blow dry – upside down… no split ends; hair is growing about two inches a month. The difference I might have – is have well water/filtered; absolutely no chemicals/chlorine/fluoride is a huge culprit in thyroid problems which causes hair loss – and teas, especially green tea – which so many are drinking – is the worst. Is there a correlation to the ladies’ hair loss and either over chlorinated and/or fluoride? (I mean they sell those diet capsules with green tea in them; put the stuff in vitamins as a metabolism boost, etc. – fluoride in toothpaste (causes enamel loss actually, it coats/”protects” then chips with the enamel once it has hardened sufficiently).

      Chlorine: grew up on swim team – but back then, the amount of chlorine in a pool was consistent with what they put in tap water today; trick used: VO-5 – small amount massaged into hair before practices – by end of swimming, hair was shiny and soft – not brittle nor greasy; without – it became brittle/dry. Many water districts put way too much chlorine in water – and then use another chemical to take smell/taste away – but the drying effects remain. Check your local water dist. re the amounts they put in. Just recently, many have gone up due to new illnesses coming into the country as immigration increase (new diseases entering too). If that be the case – too much chlorine now being added – get gallons of purified water and rinse hair after; otherwise getting a whole home water purifier would help. Not that expensive anymore.

      Anyway, point – Wen is great – have the hair of a 14 year old; get multiple comments every day re my hair – how beautiful/shiny it is – am in late 50s. But, again, I have well water now without chemicals.

      I think the stuff is great. …again, too – check the chemical levels in their districts’ water supplies; mostly for chlorine and fluoride – but there is a new “non-chlorine chemical” many districts are using supposedly better than chlorine; I’d have my doubts – wait twenty years before – to see the effect it has. Do know that when lived in SF, with that new chemical, hair did fall out quite a lot – moved away – it stopped..

      So sorry to hear – but I think it is chems in water and/or dietary supplements. Many people not using Wen are experiencing this same problem – so the common denominator is probably the fluoride/chlorine/other chemicals recently being increased in some water supplies and/or used as supplements.

      Remember: cultures – who drink a lot of tea – especially green tea – when they are younger they have the most beautiful thick hair – by thirty their hair has thinned by half, by 50 most of them have very thin hair, by sixty very few have much hair at all.

      Good luck – hope hair grows back. Have doctor(s) check your thyroid, etc.

      • Erika says:

        Thank you for your comment!

        I do not feel that any of this has to do with green tea though. Green tea has many health benefits and I have lots of clients that are of those cultures you’re referring to that have very thick hair. Some of them even look 20 years younger than I expect them to be!

        Also, I think that if there was something in the water then there would be a lot more people experiencing extreme hair loss. Just because there are other people experiencing hair loss that do not use WEN….doesn’t mean that it is caused by the same thing or that the conditions are comparable.

        Fluoride….we could all talk about that for days. Fluoride is naturally in water, on rocks, volcanic emissions, etc. A person would have to take in overly excessive amounts of it to see negative side effects, and hair loss is not one of them. Anything can happen, but like always….moderation is the key.

        Chlorine…is also everywhere. I was also on a swim team and my hair was thicker then than it is now. I can see how some documentaries scare people into thinking that all of these things are bad and we should do everything we can to keep this stuff out of our bodies. The truth is….it’s all everywhere and unless I go “live off the land”….there’s no getting away from it. Then, I would still be exposed to fluoride.

  68. Glenda says:

    I have noticed that strands of hair have been coming out with each wash and combing, but I thought it was due to my coloring my hair, and flat ironing– those by itself damages your hair . This is pretty scary news too read about especially after using WEN for at least 3 years, and maybe putting 2 and 2 together. Well back to Aveda– cancelling auto ships on QVC– not taking any chances.

    • Erika says:

      Aveda is SO much better!

      Remember, some shedding is okay. We all shed hair and most people know what a normal amount is for them. Best of luck to you!

    • Lorrie says:

      I first purchased wen from the infomercial. It was a $30 special. It didnt work the wonders I was anticipating for my half mexcian/african american kiddos with afros. However, when a friend let me try her wen that she pruchased from QVC, it worked wonderfully. Looking at the ingredients from both bottles, they were different. Now, I only purchase from QVC.

      • Erika says:

        Thanks for your comment! )

        You’re right, if you are going to purchase products that are not salon quality (and are sold on credible sites like QVC), then you should buy directly from that retailer. At least your purchased will be backed by the company in case anything goes wrong!

        *Remember, I do not support the purchase of any products that are non-professional under any circumstances. I may, however, state that one product may be more beneficial that another based on the information that I have.

  69. Natalie M says:

    I have used Wen for about 2 years. I have never had any issues with any of the products. I use the seasonal scents as well as Six Thirteen. My hair sheds less than it did prior to use of Wen products.

  70. Vail says:

    Oh my GOSH! I always thought it seemed dodgy that their ads were so long and shown in the middle of the night, AND that one bottle is supposed to do everything BUT they give you free everything else that is supposed to be done by that one bottle…. Oh I am sad for those of you affected by this, I hope stopping this will stop your hair loss. And a class-action lawsuit so it won’t be sold if it can be proved that it causes hair loss
    I suddenly feel awful, complaining about my premature greying and hair loss. At least I didn’t have to pay for it.
    Best of luck to all of you, I will cheer! What jerky jerk covered this up in clinical trials or do they even have to do that sort of thing? Boo on that Chaz guy!!.

    • Erika says:

      That’s a great way to explain it! I never listened to the infomercials because it made me sick, so I didn’t realize that they give you free products for purchasing the main one!

      I just feel like women should buy professional products from a reputable salon if they’re going to spend that much money…

  71. Mary says:

    I’ve been using WEN for many years…Sweet Almond Mint, I love it… I have never suffered hair loss, and gave thick, beautiful hair. My hairdresser always comments on how healthy my hair is.

  72. Shannon says:

    I have used WEN for over ten years. I have never had hair loss and in fact I have more hair then I’d like. I always liked WEN. Though I have always suffered from Very flaky scalp not itchy not dandruff just a build up of skin. I use no products in my hair. WEN seems to make it worse. I’ve tried so many products for my scalp. I have very thick curly hair. Any recommendations, I’m currently using Malibu C scalp care with no help. Thanks! And I’m throwing all my WEN away!

    • Erika says:

      Have you tried any tea tree products? Paul Mitchell has a great scalp treatment that also conditions your hair and scalp! I also used the Malibu scalp treatment when I had an issue and I found it very messy, smelly, and ineffective. Here’s what you should try:

      Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment


      I used this treatment every time I washed my hair for about 2-3 weeks after shampooing with their Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo(use the Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo if your scalp/hair are also dry…if you need thickening and moisture then I would use the lavender mint shampoo with the lemon sage thickening conditioner).

      Keep in mind that the amount of time you’ll need to use it will vary depending on how often you wash your hair. I was washing mine 3-4 times per week. If you shampoo every day…I would use the treatment every other time.

      At 2 weeks I could already see and feel the difference, so I went down to using the treatment every other time. Then once a week, then once a month to maintain.

      If you want to add an extra boost…use the Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Spray after towel-drying your hair. I sprayed it at the root just before blow drying. It really helped me get through that tough time with my hair…I was so used to having great hair all the time and wasn’t someone who used that type of product, so I was very surprised by the results!

      Just remember to make changes gradually, and whatever you use….give it a chance to work before you change to a different product(except when it comes to WEN)!

    • Julia says:

      I have dandruff, but it’s the itchy stuff. Philip B makes a great product for that (it’s the only Philip B I like). Wen caused me to itch, so I only tried it twice. I don’t understand why people are having such different experiences with Wen? One loves it, and another loses their hair. Is there bad batches of Wen?

      • Erika says:

        Everyone is different….our bodies are all different chemically and physically.

        It’s somewhat like when people have issues with hair color. Some women can only use certain brands because they have bad reactions to others. Some women can’t use ANY hair color at all!

        The difference with WEN is that there must be something else in it….something that doesn’t react well with our pores. I don’t know what that ingredient is yet, but it’s obviously very harmful. Women who don’t have as much trouble with it may not be as sensitive to chemicals or may have already been exposed to such chemicals so their bodies do not react.

        *Remember, this is just my opinion and my explanation based on what I know. I’m not proficient in chemistry or health subjects, so I may not be right but it makes sense.

  73. julianne barnes says:

    Please tell me my hair will grow back in!! It is so thin now I feared I would be bald before long. Thank goodness I decided to google hair loss and WEN hair products. I will never use them again. My hair always felt great however, never dry. I am wheat intolerant and never eat gluten products. I never realized WEN had wheat. There is nothing conclusive to suggest that WEN is the reason for my substantial hair loss but with the reports I have read that is all the proof I need to stop using it immediately!!

    How soon before I see a difference?

    • Erika says:

      How long did you use WEN?

      No matter your health concerns…..I just don’t like WEN. Several years ago I told my clients not to use it and I hope they all took my advice!

      In my opinion…if you are going to spend that much money on hair products….then get them at the salon. The only “infomercial” product I have ever been able to vouche for is the Snuggie! I even got my dog one!

      So, think about the infomercial or “As Seen on TV” products that you’ve purchased in the past, and ask your friends. Were there any that you LOVED and the product LASTED? That’s what I asked my clients….and that’s one of the only ways that I could get through to them. The people behind WEN are SO good at the brainwashing game…

      • Tammy says:

        I have very thick natural curly hair and had been losing quite an amount of hair in the shower. I loved what it did for my hair as far as soft and looked alive for once in a really long time but my hair has thinned out toooo much. I went online to discover other products with a similar result and found one I really would like to try but it’s pretty pricey too so I found a cleansing conditioner on Amazon at a decent price and I got it a few days ago. I use way less product and get pretty much the same results as WEN and most important of all….very little hair in the drain. Very normal amount. I can pretty much use other when products, just not the cleansing conditioner. My hair stylist that cut my hair about 2 or 3 weeks ago said she’d heard bad things about WEN. I was in denial actually lol about it. But now I know the truth and according to a ton of posts on Facebook in response to a WEN advertisement, there was post after post after post of women who have experienced hair loss! I was like, wow!

  74. Kimberleigh says:

    I used WEN for nearly a year, until it was just too expensive to keep up. I also did not use the sweet almond mint, I used the one for oily hair. I think it was cucumber melon and I also used the tea tree formula as well. I never experienced the hair loss that others are complaining of, and my stylist always said my hair felt great. Towards the last month or so of using it, I started itching a lot. However, I learned shortly thereafter that I had an immune system deficiency and several allergies, including wheat. One of the main ingredients in WEN is wheat. I switched to Ren-pure which is gluten free and less expensive. I rotate between that and the Awapuhi-Ginger shampoo and conditioner. The hair loss patterns I’ve seen pictured are more indicative of alopecia arreata, which is autoimmune related. I would recommend that anyone with such severe loss see their dermatologist for skin biopsies and other testing to ensure that nothing is missed. Best wishes to you all!

  75. Thank you so much for this post! I have been using Wen for a while now (about 2 years) but I was using the Lavedar, I switched and got the weet Almond Mint, and my beautiful hair is falling out like crazy! And my scalp is so itchy!!! Tha’s NEVER happened to me before…I DREAD brushing it, or even washing it. I am CONSTANTLY pulling my hairs off clothes, furniture, my kids clothes, the shower drain.. it’s awful! I couldn’t figure it out, and then, on a hunch, I googled “can wen make my hair fall out?” And here I am, reading all of your experiences. I know what you all are going through, it’s scary and depressing.. I am going to the store to buy something, ANYTHING else!! Thank you all for speakng out about this.. I hope it turns around for all of us.

  76. Debora Sator says:

    I’m not surprised by any of this. I have very long natural blond curly hair. I only need to wash my hair 3x a week and going through peri-menopause my hair had became dry. I had heard about wen from QVC and thought I’d try it.
    I was surprised at how much of the product It took to shampoo with, but I did like the results and the nice compliments I received. I always air dry my hair too.
    After about 2 weeks of using it my scalp was itchy and I thought I hadn’t rinsed it out well enough, so I shampooed with my sulfate free shampoo on my head/scalp and washed the length of my hair with Wen. This seemed to solve the itchy scalp problem.
    Then in about another 2 weeks I noticed an increase in hair loss in the shower. I had some thinning all around my face, ears and back of my neck area. This alarmed me so I stopped using the product.

    After I read the on line reviews and discovered I was not alone. I contacted QVC with my concerns and was given a complete refund. I have always told anyone I knew who was using this or thinking about using it, my experience. My thought was Wen is causing hair follicles to release hair and not re-grow new ones. We should be using it on our underarms and legs instead of our heads!

    • Erika says:

      That’s great advice for everyone that’s had a negative experience! Calling the company and requesting a refund will be much quicker than waiting for the class action suit to wrap up.

      WEN is known for being the “suds-free” way to shampoo. Suds are a good thing, so I have never been a fan of WEN.

  77. Nancy says:

    I started using Wen in the Spring of 2014. I was unaware of any claims of hair loss. By the time it was summer I had lost a significant amount of hair. Other people even noticed how thin my hair had become. A stylist told me about Wen causing hair loss and I refused to believe it and continued to use it. My hair loss worsened to the point of me looking into wigs. It was then that I finally considered that maybe Wen was the problem. I did some online research and came across 100s of women claiming that Wen caused them major hair loss. I immediately stopped using it. I also need to mention that I absolutely HATED the way it made my hair feel. It was limp and had a horribly grimy texture. Well I am happy to report that a year later my hair has almost completely grown back. I have read comments that this is not the case for everyone. I do not understand how some women claim to love this product. My advice to you if you are on the fence. DON’T DO IT! I realize that it has not been proven that this product causes hair loss but my first hand experience would indicate otherwise. I cannot believe this product is still on the market. I really hope they can eventually prove that this product does in fact cause hair loss. Wen needs to be pulled off the market ASAP. I repeat, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!

    • Erika says:

      I’m so sorry this happened to you as well! Most women do not believe their hairstylist when told about WEN products. I don’t know why, but that’s just what I’ve noticed. Don’t worry, it may take time but you will be back to normal eventually.


      The few comments that have been posted from readers claiming to have “great” results using WEN are lacking in credibility. They were posted around the same time and I suspect that they are from people who work for the company.

  78. Starlene says:

    OMG….I have been losing hair off and on for a few years. I have been using WEN for a long time. But I was telling my husband big patches of hair are falling out. I would fill my brush with hair and my hair has been looking straggly. This morning all I did was wet my curly hair to let it air dry and as I combed my fingers through the nape of my neck a ton of hair came out. It scared me. I thought maybe it was the CHI Enviro smoothing treatment but then I remembered I have been losing hair like this for a while. Instinctively I would wash with real shampoo once in a while but I always had issues combing my hair out because it tangled so much. I have color treated hair. Well, this has given me pause. My husband is actually the one that discovered the information about WEN and hair loss and told me to research it. This is awful.

  79. rosaceaderm says:

    What is wrong with Pantene?

    • Erika says:

      Pantene has an extremely high alcohol content as well as other harsh stripping/drying chemicals. Those ingredients are a very low cost way to cleanse the hair, but they do A LOT of damage and cause excessive drying.

      The reason why no one notices the bad effects of using Pantene is because it also contains wax-based conditioning agents. These waxes coat the hair with a film….giving the illusion that Pantene has left your hair feeling clean and soft. It’s really just giving you more build-up while damaging your hair.

      Those ingredients also make your color fade at a much faster rate and prevent your hair from taking in new pigments when you get your hair color touched up. Getting a clarifying treatment can help after excessive use of Pantene, and should definitely be considered before a color service.

      ***Pantene is one of the most disliked brands amongst stylists, but WEN is up there as well!

  80. Selena says:

    I use Wen products ONLY if my hair is damaged. As a cosmetologist we were taught you can over process your hair by shampooing it. If your hair is healthy you don’t want to use a deep conditioning method routinely, as your hair is already healthy. Only use it as needed. If you feel you MUST deep condition your hair, there ARE other products I’m out there that are safe for everyday you. “It’s a 10” products and Paul Mitchell’s “Awapuhi” are both great lines with many different products for every hair type. I like to change it up with my treatment, because just like your face, your scalp can become accustomed to the treatment and it will cause a build up, or stop working completely. My personal theory on the women is just that; that the women who are experiencing hair loss from Wen use it exclusively and are losing the hair because of the build up. ALL shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning treatments masks and oils have chemicals. More than likely the hair loss is caused by a chemical build up which causes the hair follicle to soften or “open” {per se} resulting in hair loss. Only deep condition as needed. And if you truly feel you MUST condition daily, then do not wash your hair daily. That’s my theory. Like I stated previously, I myself use Wen, but I also use other products, I do not use conditioning treatment, masks, shampoo or conditioner daily, and I only deep treat my hair as needed. Good luck to all, and may you all find your best hair habits!

  81. Rach001 says:

    I used the leave in conditioner by Wen about 6months ago……shortly there after my hair was shedding and breaking SO BAD! My hair felt HORRIBLE when it was wet! Like straw but even worse! I even found a quarter size bald spot! I stopped using it thinking it was stress, and switched to Dove and biolage. It’s much much better now. I just recently found about about the Wen products and hair loss. Now I realize it was the leave in spray that caused my hair loss…

  82. D'Ann says:

    I am so glad I decided to google. I had surgery (6+ hours of anesthesia) in June, and thought — and was told by physicians — that my incredible hair loss was due to the anesthetic. My hair has always been amazingly thick and curly, people would often comment on it. No more!

    I ordered the Wen products right before I went into the hospital, and started using it when I came home. I have been shedding in the shower daily, and need to wipe the hair off my body with paper towels. Every time I run a comb or fingers thru my hair more and more hair falls to my shoulders or floor. The tub is filled with hair after a shower. My once thick curly hair is flat and straight and thin, with bald spots. I stopped using Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner last week, now using just plain water to wash my hair. I have no idea if my hair will grow back, but glad I trusted my instincts, and so glad to have found this posting. What a shame!

  83. Nikki says:

    My hair has been falling out for about 2 years now and doctors don’t know why! It’s finally growing back but I just ordered this Wen and think now I’m just gunna send it back once it gets here!

  84. Tammy says:

    I have been using WEN six thirteen for about a week, week and a half. I love the way my hair looks and feels but I have noticed having to clean out the mesh hair catcher more often than normal. I clean it out after my first cleansing, after the second cleansing and after my shower is finished. I have very long hair and I am constantly finding my hair all over my bedroom on blankets, sheets, etc…but that was happening before I started using WEN. I bought a starter kit because I wasn’t sure how the products would work for me so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in something that may not work the way it’s supposed to and in case I would have found I didn’t like it. I just got my hair cut yesterday and used WEN when I got home. I’m going to continue to use the rest of the starter kit and keep an eye on the amount of hair in the shower and if I decide it’s not for me, nothing lost. I honestly really, really want to keep using it I’m just going to keep an eye on the amount of hair loss.

    • Erika says:

      You shouldn’t have to clean the catcher in your shower several times during your shower. Even with very long, thick hair you shouldn’t have that much hair loss.

      I used to have very long hair and I noticed LIGHT shedding, but not as much as you have noticed. Brushing your hair often is a great way to keep an eye on how much hair loss you have. That way you see it in your brush rather than all over the place.

      Best of luck, and you should definitely scroll through the comments to learn from other peoples experiences. Remember….it has not yet been suggested that all of the WEN products cause hair loss. Only certain products are up for speculation, but that does not mean that they are the only ones. Hopefully I will have more information for everyone soon!

    • praha says:

      It is natural to lose a few hairs here and there but not in large quantities. I have long hair myself and have used Wen for a long time….but very sparingly…as in once a month. Why? Because it makes my hair super soft, causing it to break. And yes, after every hair wash, I find tons of hair just falling out in the shower… Wen is good for moisturizing super dry damaged hair…but in my experience, once your hair is ph balanced and healthy… when still using this product, my hair just slides right off…a bit scary if you can imagine. So, I dont let it touch my scalp and I just moisturize the parts that dont touch my head. The WEN Mask by Guthy Renker doesnt cause hair loss, so try that instead. The Wen Mask on QVC is different and has caused hair loss in my experience. GOod Luck!

      • Erika says:

        I would not use any product that causes my hair to “slide right off”. That’s never happened to me and there are lots of other great products that I can use consistently with great results.

        I hope you will stop using this product, even if it is only occasionally. We don’t know what causes the extreme hair loss yet, but it is probably a chemical that is not good for your body!

    • Nancy says:

      You’ll be sorry. Quit while your ahead!

    • sue says:

      I used wen products for at least a year which I purchased from QVC. One of the negative comments on QVC’S website was someone started to lose their hair so they stopped using Wen. When I started losing my hair I had this at the back of my mind and stopped using Wen and starting using a regular shampoo to get rid of the build up. I was losing handfuls of hair when I washed or brushed my hair. I have never experienced hair loss like this before. My hair looks worse now than when I started using it. It is brittle and has lost its shine. My scalp had become itchy and I was wondering if the heavy wen cleanser had clogged my hair follicles and caused fungus or bacteria to ruin the follicles. I had an idea to put coconut oil and meleuca essential on my hair with a shower cap and sleep with it over night. After two days my hair stopped falling out. Now I have to wait for my hair to grow in. I have never had as little hair as I have now. Watching CBS tonight and hearing other women were having hair loss after using wen was confirmation for me. I am throwing my grand daughters wen away as well as the canine formula. I will send QVC an email and let them know the problem people are having with wen

  85. Loyola says:

    I’ve used Wen “Sweet Almond Mint” and the “Six-thirteen” for about 4 years exclusively. I love the product. It’s allowed my Blonde processed hair to grow to a long length. Quite the contrary of some posts…WEN has actually prevented hair breakage, leaving my hair so conditioned. I will continue using WEN exclusively!! I love, love, love it…Thank you Chaz Dean

  86. Jen M says:

    I have used Wen for over 2 yrs and absolutely love it. I get daily compliments on how healthyband Shiney my hair is. Iv have had a lot of hair loss since I had my 3 kids (youngest is 12) pulling out what felt to be handfuls several times in the shower. When I began using Wen, my hair falling out stopped almost completely. I regularly use all Wen products that come in the kit:Conditioning cleanser, styling balm, deep conditioning cream. My hair stylist is amazed at how little ant she has iiiiiii

  87. Bonnie Thomas says:

    I have been using wen and my hair is falling out and sores on my scalp!

    • Erika says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! The healing process may take a while, but it will get better! Just be very careful about what you put in your hair/on your scalp so you don’t irritate anything while it’s healing. Best of luck to you!

  88. Amanda says:

    I have been using Wen for about a year now. But I have always switched on and off…b/c if I only used the WEN I didn’t like the way my hair felt. So I would only use it like once a week, which made my hair feel wonderful. But for the last 2 months I have been solely using WEN and have definitely noticed that I am losing more hair every day! I had no idea what was happening, and seriously thought it was me getting older. But this is all making sense now. I have super thick, long, curly hair and I’ve always lost a lot on a daily basis…but lately it is just coming out in droves! Sounds like I need to cool it with the WEN! Hopefully that helps and I will see improvements soon.

    • Erika says:

      Hopefully you noticed the change early enough! I can ALWAYS feel a difference in the hair between someone who uses WEN and someone who doesn’t. The only time I was wrong when I asked a client if they used WEN was because that client used a home made soap. She swore by it, but her hair felt awful! She was a walk-in so I never saw her again, but her hair felt straw-like to the touch when wet. It wasn’t great when dry either, but the real test is how your hair feels while it’s wet. Most peoples hair feels fine if it’s wet unless there is serious damage, but if you use WEN or something like a very drying soap your hair will not be the same!

      You should start using something that will renew your hair and your scalp. The pores on your head are also important when restoring your hair. Also, if you don’t eat a balanced diet and get the proper vitamins then you should take a multivitamin or a vitamin specifically for hair health like Biotin, vitamin E, etc. This will help your hair from the inside as well!

      *You should consult your physician before starting any supplement regimen.

      • audra says:

        What is actually the best to use for naturally curly dry hair?.. I don’t like using alot of sulfates on my hair because of it being dry? Suggestions?

      • Amanda says:

        I’m noticing a lot more comments on a regular basis lately! But I wanted to give you an update…I stopped using Wen in October…and I’m back to my usual amounts of hair loss! I don’t like to shampoo…so that’s why I was attracted to Wen. I’m back to my old routine…conditioner washing! Occasional shampooing. My hair feels good…to me anyways. Lesson learned, but it’s definitely gotten better…hope those having issues have as much luck as I did!

  89. Heidi Downs says:

    I used WEN for about a month and now my hair is like fried all around the crown area and the ends are terrible! My hair feels like straw! My hair has always been baby fine but thick and I’ve always taken care of it, using only the best products and not harsh chemicals on my hair. I am devastated! My hair is halfway down my back and I don’t want to cut it. Any suggestions on treatment??

  90. kim rusk says:

    I started using Wen about four months ago, and had NO clue my issues could be because of WEN until today! I have been losing alot of hair everday for 2 months now. Dr. have ran hormone test there fine, thyroid test there fine, so they have been blaming it on stress. I have pictures of baseball size balls of hair every time I wash my hair, thats how much hair I have lost and still am. I probably have lost 50% of my hair….My hairdresser told me to try Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Supplements will have to see if that help. I am sick of crying over lost hair every day!!!!!

    • Erika says:

      It’s the WEN products, and your doctor won’t have any data to be able to come to that conclusion. A lot of things get blamed on stress, and that can be the culprit in some cases.

      I have experienced thinning hair because of stress in the past and it does not fall out in chunks. I don’t know what else can cause hair to come out in chunks, but it is most likely not caused by imbalances in the body. That type of hair loss is most likely caused by chemicals (in some cases chemical reactions with hormones which vary from person to person.). Think of chemo or other medications that cause extreme hair loss.

      Stress usually causes the type where you notice more coming out in the shower and your hair seems thinner.

      I’m currently doing research on the reasons why WEN causes extreme hair loss, so hopefully I will have more answers for everyone soon! I doubt you will find those answers from the company.

      • Anne Jankowski says:

        I have had Alopecia several times in my life and my son almost lost all of his hair. The picture above looks just like Alopecia. There are many reasons for hair loss and it may be that it happened during your use but as for me, I’ve used it for a year. My hair has never felt better, fuller and compliments constantlt. My color also lasts up to six weeks. The hair that falls out in the shower is normal to none. I’m 59 years old and work with many women who also use Wen and find the same is true for them. I’m afraid this is a smeer campaign against Wen. Just my opinion.

        • Erika says:

          That may be the case for you, but your condition is not relative to what other women/men are going through as a result of using WEN.

          Smear campaigns are most commonly used against public figures, not products. If a smear campaign is attempted against a product it is usually something that’s a much bigger player in our country and its development/economics. Something like shampoo is of little concern to the type of people that would set out to discredit a company.

          WEN isn’t outselling all of its competitors, so there’s really no reason for anyone to try to bring them down.

          Another clue that proves that the lawsuit against WEN is legitimate is that it’s a tort case rather than a case involving one single person against the company. Tort cases take several months or even years to develop as lawyers need to do research and interview hundreds to thousands of people to determine whether or not the claim is credible.

          A tort lawyer will not submit a case against a company without collecting ample evidence before proceeding. “Jumping the gun” on a class action lawsuit would be very bad for their reputation and would result in huge monetary losses to the tort lawyer.

          I know some people may think I’m “just a hairstylist”…not a lawyer, but I read a lot of non-fiction books and one of my favorite niches was on tort cases and other areas of law. I’m also a licensed real estate agent and licensed real estate education instructor, so I know the importance of thinking before I speak or write.

          I do not post articles like this to get website hits or strike interest. I do it to educate people and help them make better decisions when it comes to their hair, skin, products, etc.

          I appreciate your comment as I like to see varying opinions on my posts. Individual results vary for everyone from product to product. Your hormones, habits, medications, etc. all play a part in how your body will react to anything you put on it or in it. I can’t explain why you have had a different experience, but it could be because your body fights harder to prevent hair loss(when you have it) whereas someone without Alopecia is expected to lose a normal amount of hair daily. The chemicals in WEN may affect that natural process in an extreme way.

          *Remember: The lawsuit against WEN is specific to certain products sold…not all WEN products.

          • Cindi says:

            What specific products are they using? I use mandarin fig and love it! My hair is not falling out at all. 62 years old

        • Kimberleigh says:

          Looking at the pic, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Hair that falls out in large circular patterns like that is generally an indication of alopecia arreata, which is an autoimmune disorder. My daughter and I have both suffered from it, though my hair loss and thinning is everywhere except my head, but it is thinning. It definitely looks more like alopecia arreata. Just my opinion.

      • Debbie says:

        I have been using Wen for a few years now and have been experiencing hair loss. I never thought that the Wen could be the problem. Please let me know what you uncover about this product.

  91. […] Read about the class action suit against them, and what it’s doing to women with all hair type… […]

  92. vickie says:

    My hair was falling out also when I was using wen, but it all came back after a year. My husband had the same problem. Now we use a shampoo bar. It just takes time for your hair to grow back…

    • Erika says:

      Thanks for the uplifting news! I know that lots of people will be happy to hear that!

      What brand is the shampoo bar that you use? In my experience, I’ve only had a few clients use a shampoo bar and their hair didn’t feel great. Those clients used an all-natural bar from a home-made provider.

      Do you use conditioner or any other products? Also, how much of your hair fell out before you stopped using WEN?

    • Karie says:

      Your post is such a comfort to me. I only used Wen three times (every other day) the last week of August of this year, and I quickly noticed massive shedding in the shower and while combing my hair. I immediately stopped using the Wen, and four weeks later I am still shedding a good amount of hair! I had my thyroid tested and the results came back normal. I’ve cut my below shoulder length hair in a bob to my chin, and I’m going to keep it at that length until the shedding stops. Since the shedding started, I don’t blow dry or use any heated styling tools at all. It’s very upsetting to say the least.

      • Erika says:

        You can also pick up a little drain catcher for your shower so you will know how much hair you’re losing. Monitor or dump it weekly (daily for those losing a lot of hair) and that will help you to determine when it’s getting better, or if you’re still losing hair at the same rate (hopefully not!).

        I got this idea from Nioxin kits….some of them come with a drain cover so that you can see the difference as you use their products. I DO NOT recommend Nioxin for the issues that WEN is causing. I believe that Nioxin is formulated for a specific problem and I can’t prove or guarantee that it would work for someone when chemicals (not natural causes) caused the hair loss.

        I’ve had a few people comment about remedies that have worked for them, but I think that everyone will be different. Until the company releases a statement admitted the problems the product causes and/or what is in it that causes the hair loss it’s hard to know how to treat it. Good luck and check back frequently to get advice from others that are experiencing the same problems that you are!

  93. Marna says:

    Do you think the Morrocan Oil line is any good? Specifically the moisture repair shampoo and conditioner.

    • Erika says:

      Yes, Love It!

      Don’t buy just anything that says “Moroccan Oil” on it though. Get the original “Moroccanoil” brand products! The rest are mostly knock-offs…the original brand is the true luxury product. Kinda like “Marrakesh Oil” and some others….everyone started jumping on the bandwagon and they don’t compare!

      Here’s a link for the shampoo and conditioner so you will know what it looks like if you’re not familiar 🙂 :
      Moroccanoil Hair Products

  94. Cece Thomas says:

    I started using Wen a few years ago, but never continued because my hair looked great first use..by third use it looked flat and lifeless.. I first thought, maybe i didnt rinse well enough..I continued to use it until one day I just gave up. My hair started looking lifeless. Recently I gave it another try using the new sixthirteen.. First day ..loved it ,but buy the second week My hair started looking like I had my hair thinned out.. It is like straw now..fragile , my hair has been natural curly all my life .. Now it is straw straight.. I am devastated. I found this site because I wondered if anyone else has had a problem with Wen.. All I can do now is TELL PEOPLE..DO NOT USE IT.. Ihad to have my hair cur short to try and help it ..Hopeful my new growth will return normal……

    • Erika says:

      They will probably keep coming out with new products to take attention away from the lawsuit. Everyone will say… “Oh, that was just for the shampoo/conditioner they used to sell, but they don’t sell it anymore and these products are ‘New and Improved’!”

      What a bunch of b.s.! It’s obvious that their companies mission is to take advantage of people in order to make money. Companies like Paul Mitchell are far more successful and their products are all-natural, animal-friendly, etc. They also donate a lot of money to charity and so much more. It’s because they aren’t greedy and they care.

      • Cece Thomas says:

        You are so right about Paul Mitchell..it has been my constant since I was a teenager..Im 59 now.. I will never leave my hair care to anything else but Paul Mitchell again.. Shame on Wen..Chaz Dean……

  95. Andy says:

    Erika, I can’t thank you enough for giving me hope that my hair might come back. My story is similar to others. I have thyroid issues and had thin hair to start with. I loved loved loved the product. I felt like my hair was almost luxurious and now I have lost probably half my hair. I stopped using it 4-5 months ago. Huge handfuls come out in the shower. My bangs are pretty much gone. When I’m sitting still I feel it landing on my shoulders. If it doesn’t stop my hair will be gone in a few weeks. Do you think it will stop falling out before I lose it all? I am using Nioxin.

    • Erika says:

      It’s hard to say because I don’t know what’s in WEN that causes the hair to fall out. It’s also challenging to fix something if you don’t know the cause. That’s why I suggest that you do everything you can to get healthy hair. Biotin is a vitamin that aids in hair growth and health, for example.

      Which Nioxin are you using? I don’t know if that’s what you need….Nioxin helps thinning hair, but is meant to help hair that has thinned for other reasons. Nioxin is not the first product that comes to mind when people ask me what they need, as I feel that there is some kind of weird chemical in WEN causing thinning hair and would have to be treated with other methods.

  96. ash says:

    Ahhh crazy you said that, this lady gave me a bottle of it because it irritated her rosacea, and she was showing me the directions and she was talking about how good looking the guy was on the tv…now i see past all that and how some women get duped into a poor product, and reading this has me feaked to use it hahaha what about the leave in sprays?

    • Erika says:

      And he’s not even that good looking! Most women probably just don’t have their glasses on and they see a tan, a white smile, and some “beachy” blonde hair. He’s probably not even straight……

  97. Anya says:

    I should add to my last post that I also experienced significant eyelash loss while using Wen, in addition to the serious loss of my formerly beautiful mane. I think I will use the rest of my Wen cleansing conditioner as a shaving cream. Maybe it will make the hair on my legs fall out too. Haha.

  98. Anya says:

    I have been using Wen products for about 5 years now. I used to have so much hair that I had a hard time finding clips to hold all of it. It was full and thick and wild, like the princess in the movie, Brave. My hair was already soft and luscious but I had so much of it that I wanted something to tame it. I started using Wen. At first I was thrilled. My hair felt so soft and silky. And it was much tamer. The longer I used it the “tamer” my hair became. I had so much hair to start, and was already so used to loosing a ton due to the profuse amount that I had, that I didn’t notice at first that I was slowly going bald. Eventually I noticed and started looking into health reasons.

    Skip to the end, now years later, and I have lost more than 3/4 of my hair. My beloved crown and glory is now almost gone. I switched to a new product, Pantine Co-Wash, (their imitation of Wen), because I couldn’t afford Wen anymore and it was even worse. Whatever poison that is in Wen is apparently even worse in Pantine Co-Wash. My hair loss and the loss of my hair’s formerly luscious texture sped up dramatically. How sad that I ever tried either product.

    I am crying as I write this. Will my hair ever be the same again? Please someone tell me that it will.

  99. Dawn says:

    I’ve been using WEN for awhile now and a few weeks ago my sister sent me an article about hair loss from it. I started looking around online and saw comments going all the way back to 2011 on various sites.

    I had to stop and think for a minute. I am constantly losing hair. A few weeks ago I ran out of the wen and had to get regular shampoo and it really seemed like I was losing less hair in the shower. My hair was more “crispy” even with regular conditioner but I seemed to lose less than with the wen.

    Now I am feeling like I may need to move on from this product. It’s really important to me to use hair and body products free of parabens and other cancer causing and harmful ingredients. Can you recommend a shampoo and conditioner with healthy ingredients for thin, fine hair. My ponytail is the thickness of my thumb so I cannot afford to lose any hair and the texture is very fine. I don’t color treat it at all.


    • Erika says:

      Have you tried Aveda or Burts Bees Shampoo? The makers of WEN made a lot of claims, but most of them appear to be false. I knew the first time I felt someones hair after using WEN that it was a bad product. I’d never felt anything like it!

  100. debbie says:

    I have always had great hair.I tried Wen and the first time my hair looked amazing.As I continued, I was not getting good results even though I followed the instructions.I noticed hair loss and then it became so “straw like” as you said and no amount of conditioner or anything helps.It’s like my hair went bad overnight! I haven’t used Wen in a long time.What shampoos can you recommend for dryer color treated hair?

  101. Sarika says:

    Gosh I was going to try Wen myself until I read this. Thanks for saving me. I don’t think I’d survive if I lost my hair…

    • Erika Brown says:

      I’m so happy to hear that this post has prevented someone from using WEN! Most people who comment have already had a bad experience with it. Lately, I’ve learned that with any product…always do your research and check ratings first!

  102. Michelle Howe says:

    My hair stylist suggested me using Wen. She said a couple of her clients had used it with great results. I color my hair, so I thought I’d give it a try. My hair became extremely dry and brittle. I have had tremendous hair loss. It took me months to figure out the problem because I have a lot of hair. And, with it being so expensive, you try to tell yourself that it can’t be the shampoo.

    I threw out all the product and am hoping things will get better. I put conditioner on my hair every day and then braid it to try to selvage the hair that is left.

    By the way, the 2nd and 3rd ingredient in Wen shampoo is alcohol! That’s why it is so drying. Wish I had noticed that before I started using the product. No one should be using this product. It should be taken off the market.

    • Erika Brown says:

      I’m so sorry that happened to you! A professional stylist should NEVER recommend a product like that! I have an article about ingredients in products and what to look for as far as which ones are most harmful….alcohol is one of them. Alcohol enables a company to make a product “cleansing”(or make it seem cleansing) without using the more expensive ingredients needed to cleanse the hair in a healthy way.

  103. Christine says:

    This is so hard to write. I started using WEN 1 1/2 – 2 years ago – and completely loved it. For the first time in my life, my naturally thin hair felt full, thick and healthy. I’ve even had people comment on how wonderful my hair looks. It is a bit expensive but I felt it was my “splurge” – that for the first time in my adult life I had beautiful hair. Sadly, several months ago my hair started to fall out – I’d noticed it tangled in my fingers while I was rinsing it and then had to clean my comb after combing it out. I take medication for a thyroid problem so I was sure that my thryoid was out of wack – even went in and had blood work done to confirm – resutls came back, thyroid and other blood work came back perfect. Unfortunately, I decided to stick with WEN a few more weeks to see if it was “all in my head” and just this morning, so much hair fell out in the shower I could literlally feel it sliding down my back. I was horrified – I have naturally thin hair to begin with and now this. Sad to say, no more WEN for me – I’ve learned my lesson.

    • Erika Brown says:

      That’s awful, it may take time but your hair will recover and there are great products you can use to have thicker hair as it grows back. I’ve used a lot of products and I’ve never heard of one that makes hair fall out like WEN does. There must be another ingredient that’s adding to the destructive mixture. For some products there is no regulation on ingredients, especially if it is a low percentage of that ingredient.

      Did you know that there is formaldehyde in Johnson’s Baby Shampoo? Pretty crazy, but there are lobbyists working to get the formula changed (which is already changed in other countries). I went to a Paul Mitchell School and they told us that the “tear-free” ingredient in Johnson’s Baby Shampoo actually numbs the eyes. That’s why it burns for a few seconds before the numbing sensation starts working. We were educated about these types of products and their ingredients because Paul Mitchell products are animal friendly and do not contain harmful ingredients…especially not in the baby shampoo!

  104. Tiffany b says:

    I had never seen one bad thing about wen . All the info i had ever seen on it was only good and about how “GREAT ” it was for your hair . So i bought into the lie and because my hair was already damaged i wanted to do the very best things for my hair to repair it. So i got the lovely little box in the mail and used it immediately. Great stiff i thought as i looked in the mirror. So no problems and i don’t have to wash my hair for a few days . Looks amazing so happy with myself ! So fourth time washing my hair get out of the shower and BAM!!! I have a bald spot on the top part of my head about as wide as my finger. As i am combing my hair ever so gently because at this point i am shaking and about to have a panic attack, I am seeing more and more scalp. So now i am thinking OMG what is wrong with me. I too immediately thought oh god i am dying i have some horrible fatal disease that i don’t know about. Well after i calmed down a little …ok A LOT and was able to think I realized I did not all of a sudden come down with a fatal illness in the shower ( because i had hair before i got in ) so I started investigating on the wonderful world of Google. This is what really makes me mad… I see all of these stories about hair loss and WEN! So now i am extremely upset. So first things first i stop using the POISON in a bottle . Second thing cancel home delivery of before mentioned poison and fought with rude customer service rep and got no where. Now third I am trying to find out what is the best type of shampoo and conditioner that i can use. I want a salon only brand due to the fact that I already had damaged hair and now on top of that hair loss. Could you please recommend a brand that you would stand behind or have had a lot of success with. I used design line cashmere ( i think it was named ) and had good results before. So if you could please get back to me i would really appreciate it as this is just now happening and i am literally scared to death to wash my hair. Thank you so much for reading and any answer would be helpful!

  105. Toni says:

    Wow.. I couldn’t agree more!! I did try Wen at first & for the starting portion of the time, I was very pleased!! After I had been using it on my own hair for awhile, I then started using it on my daughter’s hair. It felt amazing, we were both pleased. One day in the shower I used my Wen as regular & upon rinsing, I had 2 handful clumps of hair that came out in my hands. I freaked!! I stopped use that same day!! I, of course, also stopped using it on my daughter’s hair as well! I showed my daughter the 2 handful clumps of hair that came out of my hair & that was all she needed to see! Fortunately, I didn’t experience baldness like some of the others but my hair is way thinner than it used to be. I have hair length down to my waist & I can hold it all in 2 fingers. Totally ridiculous!! I fully respect some of the celebrities that are on these Wen commercials & I feel they are just smearing their name. As always, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is… AKA WEN!!!!!!!

  106. Dixie says:

    I am so glad I do not use Wen. Can’t afford it if I wanted to. Speaking of affording, what is the best Shampoo and conditioner for one with very little money. I tend to use Sauve, I can afford that. But, while my hair is not very rough or dry, I would still like it to be softer and smoother. Mostly softer.

    • Erika Brown says:

      I would use Herbal Essences or Garnier Fructis before choosing Suave. My mom bought it for me one time in high school and my hair was horribly tangled and very dry. When I can’t get to the beauty supply store or I’m traveling…those are my top picks. I also like John Frieda, but I think their products are a little more expensive.

      Stay away from 2-in-1’s…although the price is tempting. Shampoo & Conditioner combo products are okay in pro brands, but much worse in drugstore brands. An educator from Paul Mitchell once told me, “How can a product cleanse and break down the impurities from your hair and replenish moisture at the same time? It can’t…it’s a sham.”

      Some people have argued that she was wrong, but I can see the difference. If you have thick hair…this definitely applies!

  107. Leanne says:

    I feel really bad to all that have had a negative experience , but i have to agree with Jane. I have been using the Wen Sweet Almond cleansing conditioner for ages now and have never had anything but positive results. I bleach my hair (roots) every six weeks and have for over 10 years , and have found since using wen my hair is softer with less frizz and thicker , not thinner.

  108. Sandy S says:

    I used Wen for over one year and I loved the feeling etc. But very slowly my hair started getting thinner and thinner. I thought it might be stress but as I broke each thing down I realized it was Wen. I called Qvc and felt they have responsible to post a warning about some can loose hair. NO they referred me the the attorneys at Wen. I did get all money back which was over a year ago. I am still bald on top and thin on sides. Lucky me. UGH

    • Erika Brown says:

      That’s horrible…..why isn’t it banned yet?!

      I could always feel the difference in hair textures between people who used Wen vs. Anything Else! It’s odd, and the people who were brainwashed by it told me how awesome their hair is and I just wanted to ask them to touch someone else’s hair to see the difference..lol.

  109. Kyleigh says:

    My child lost every single hair on her head and body, right down to the last eyelash. (brows and lashes went several weeks after stopping use!) She takes a bath. 1/3 of her hair came our gradually over the first few days, so I didn’t connect it. I used it a couple more times, and it fell out in handfuls. After that she had no more hair to wash. It has been a complete nightmare. I wish I knew what the mechanism is, what the toxic ingredient (or combination) is. She has some regrowth, but very significant bald areas, and I don’t know if it will ever be normal again, or if her hair has been ruined for life, and it triggered a lifelong problem.

  110. Jane says:

    I have to disagree with these comments. I have naturally blonde, fine but lots of it wavy hair and since using wen my hair has never looked or felt better. The growth has doubled too. The secret is to rinse twice as long as you think you need to and then rinse some more. I use the lavender one and I’ve never looked back.

  111. Lori says:

    Finishing my review…And, I saw lots of comments from other people who had the same thing happen. When I called QVC to return it I could tell the representative had had more than my complaint about it. I didn’t call Wen, I just stopped using it. But other people did. I am shocked that they didn’t look into what could have been causing it. I have never seen any other shampoo cause peoples hair to fall out!! I’m glad it works for the portion who love it, i just wish they would have been more considerate of the people it didn’t work for and look into reformulating it. Be responsible and find out what ingredient was causing the problem. So glad someone is finally suing them. Maybe they will take is seriously now?

  112. Lori says:

    I used Wen for a few days and even though it made my hair look good, I also started noticing a lot of shedding. Stopped it right away!

  113. Heidi says:

    I am not a WEN cleansing conditioner user but I have tried it. I never had hair loss because of it. BUT I had a massive allergic reaction to tea tree cleansing conditioner. My hands turned red and itchy like poison Ivy also my scalp, neckline and back was itchy for a week at least. But if I take allergy meds no bad reaction.

    I do not feel that wen needs to shut down for millions use it with no bad effects but chemists need to test the ingredients as well as the people affected get tested for allergies for apparently people are allergic to something in it. Once that ingredient is found then chaz needs to put a disclaimer on the label that such and such ingredient causes a reaction in some or perhaps reformulate them

    • Erika Brown says:

      That’s a good point although they are probably shutting down because they are a horrible product company. Absolutely horrible, out for themselves and do not care about how the client benefits from the product…..if at all.

  114. Eugene Mom of 2 says:

    UGH. I feel horrible. While we were staying with a friends family for financial reasons, she gifted me a bottle of that exact product, since her mom kept sending it to her. I never liked the smell or the lack of foam, but since thats what we had, we used it. When we got a new place, we took it with us. I switched to dollar store stuff for me and my son, and saved it for my daughter, because I thought it was a good brand (no TV means no knowing its from an infomercial, and when you aren’t making rent, you don’t get picky about shampoo).

    But her hair has always been so fuzzy and still hasn’t fully grown in, it’s so fine you can see her scalp. (My son was bald for years too, but did have a whole head of hair by 2.5.) DD just turned 3, and looks like a lil red headed mad scientist, ala “Beaker” from the muppets. I even had a neighbor cut it pixie style awhile back, so it wouldn’t be all dry and wild. Its about 4″ all over now, and with the exception of the first 12 hours after we shampoo it, when it has soft curls, its fuzzy and stands on end no matter what we do with it. Never saw anything like it. A baby shouldn’t need smoothing products!!!

    Now I know its from that stupid shampoo. When I saw this, I dumped it ASAP, but am now wondering how long it will take to fix her hair. I feel terrible. She should probably have the same hair the rest of us do- thick, and spiral curly. I didn’t catch on because she’s the only redhead in the immediate family so I just figured she got a different texture than we have. I would send a pic if I knew how.
    At least I didn’t wash her hair much. Sigh.

    What can I do to fix her hair? We still can’t afford even the basics, but I will be happy to sell something to get her better shampoo/conditioner, and get it trimmed short again (if needed). Her hair is a beautiful red, and while Im upset I ruined her hair this way, I am now hopeful that it won’t always be this wild.

    • Erika Brown says:

      I’m so sorry this happened to you!

      I don’t know the effects on children, but they are probably similar. If I were you, I would just get normal kid stuff from the dollar store and some detangling spray. In my area, we have a Dollar Tree and a Dollar General Store. Both of them carry Johnson & Johnson kids shampoo, that’s a great place to start. My parents used Suave detangler on the kids when they were little (my siblings are 6-20 years younger than me!) and it helps!

      Some people with similar hair textures even use olive oil or coconut oil for a treatment, and that can help. It’s cheap and natural….so you can’t go wrong there.

      Also, don’t worry about it too much. Kids are growing and ever-changing. Just make sure that they get the daily vitamins and minerals they they need and give them the best food you can. That’s a great start to being healthy from the inside-out, which will show in their hair and skin.

      You may also want to consider french braids to help it from getting knottier while you go through this stage.

  115. Erika Brown says:

    Oh yea….I forgot to include the fact that I am VERY disappointed in Sephora for selling WEN hair products!

    OMG…..They’re infomercial material! “As Seen On TV”….pretty much!

    Do you see Paul Mitchell, Biolage, Alterna, Pureology, It’s a 10, etc. flashing their products on TV with some fabio spokesman hypnotizing women across the country?

    Absolutely not! It’s because their products are good and they sell themselves….WEN is such a joke and I’d love to know how much Sephora got paid to sell their products! Bad Sephora…

    • becky says:

      WOW. I am sad that wen has most likely made me have a 50% hair loss its very thin. and i am sad because i loved the shampoo.My hair use to be very thick , curly, frizzy and dry i used the cleanser / shampoo for a week before my HAIR WAS VERY SOFT SHINNY AND HEALTHY NOT FRIZZY AND DRY. ABOUT 7MO MY HAIR WAS RELY DAM THIN AND JUST GOT THINNER ALL OVER. WENT TO DR. GOT BLOOD TEST AND EVERY THING IS A-OK. I USED THIS SHAMPOO FOR 2 1/2 YEARS TELL MY KIDS TOLD ME THAT THERE WAS A THING ON FACEBOOK ABOUT IT AND THAN WEN CALLED ME AND ASKED ME SOME (QS) AND I STOPPED USING IT. NOW I AM USING ( JUST NATURAL – GROW NEW HAIR ) USING THAT FOR 1 1/2MO DONT SEE ANY SPROUTS POPPING OUT YET I WILL GIVE IT TIME BUT ON TOP OF THAT MY HAIR IS SO SO VERY DRY AND NOT HEALTHY. i wonder will my hair come back???? how long???? what is going on with all this wen crap.

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