how-to-get-more-vitamin-B-12If you haven’t taken a B-12 supplement before, you probably don’t realize how AWESOME it is.

A few years ago I did a weight loss program with a friend from my salon and we absolutely loved it!

The program required weekly visits to get weighed in, receive the B-12 injection, and talk about progress with the nurse, etc.

There were other supplements offered that were specific to each persons needs, but the B-12 shots were the key.


Instantly I noticed a spike in my energy levels and I never felt too tired to do anything. My house was always spotless, I was chipper all day long, and I didn’t really drink much caffeine.

I knew that it was the B-12 because when it was almost time to go back I started to feel a slight slump in my energy levels.

Since I stopped going to the clinic, I’ve researched a lot about B-12 and how to get the same energy boost without getting a shot every week. Whether you go to a weight loss clinic or to your doctor for B-12 injections….it’s going to be at least $25 per week. Besides that, I despise going to appointments and waiting as it is!

The problem with vitamin supplements is that your body does not absorb them the same as other methods. You won’t get the same effects, and for me that was quite a let down. Plus….I am horrible at taking anything on a regular basis.

Then I heard about B-12 vitamin patches!

These energy patches are my new favorite thing! You only have to wear it for 24 hours and it’s pretty close to getting the B-12 injection.

You can also apply a patch more than once a week if you need it, but so far I am only applying one every Tuesday.

Here are a few highlights about B-12 Energy Patches:

  • 1200 mcg of Methylcobalamin
  • 400 mcg of Folic Acid
  • Easy to Use
  • 16 patches lasts 4 months!


Have you tried B-12 patches, supplements, injections, or

other methods to get more energy?

Please share what worked for you in the comment section!

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