Slant-Tip-TweezersTweezers may not seem so complicated or necessary, but they are ESSENTIAL to personal grooming and quality is a must!

I get so irritated when I am looking for a pair of tweezers and all I can find are the crappy ones. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the tweezers that you really should just throw away…they probably came in some cheap manicure kit and the tips don’t even match up.

Cheap and useless tweezers are easy to identify…they generally have very dull or rounded tips that are too thick.

I also hate it when a really awesome pair of tweezers has lost their “tweeze-ability”! One pair of tweezers lasts about 3-4 years for me, but that’s because I have SEVERAL pairs. If you’re using the same pair all the time they will not last!

Tweezing Is Essential


Here’s why I need so many pairs of tweezers (and so do you):

1) You will lose a pair from time to time….for me it is weekly.

2) Keep a pair in your bathroom.

3) Definitely need tweezers in your makeup bag.

4) At your desk or work space. I keep some at my desk because you just never know, and they always come in handy!

5) In your car…you need a pair of tweezers. Why? That’s the BEST place to catch those sneaky little hairs that you somehow only notice when you get in your car.

6) Have an extra pair because you will probably need a backup at some point!

7) Oh yea, I forgot…I have some in my purse too!


Why do you need to stash a pair of tweezers in every nook and cranny possible?

Personal Grooming

  • Keeping your Brows under control
  • Conquering stray chin hairs
  • Nose and ear hairs(mostly men)
  • Stray bikini line hairs

First Aid

  • Removing splinters
  • Removing ticks
  • Ingrown hair removal


  • Sewing
  • Working with small embellishments
  • Gluing stuff
  • Just because a situation will arise…

What unsuspected reason do you find yourself needing tweezers? Please share in the comment section!


What to look for when buying new tweezers:

  • Storage Tube- I used to just throw these away after a few months because it starts to get annoying when you just wanna grab your tweezers! The tube is important! It helps keep your tweezers sanitary and it prevents the tip from getting dull!
  • Slanted Tip- Gives you a closer tweeze with ease :)! In all seriousness…it’s a lot easier to get shorter hairs with a slanted tip.
  • Sharpened Tip- A tip sharpened to about .4mm in thickness like the ones above are perfect for any job.
  • Double-Ended- Not a must, but it’s a great plus!

If you’re looking for an awesome pair of tweezers that have multiple uses, these are the best!

It’s not like I search the internet looking for the best brand of tweezers…in fact, I’m usually partial to Arius Eickert’s. I’ve had a pair of those for 5 years, but lately they just

I got these tweezers from 42 Bees in a giveaway because they are trying to spread the word and create a “buzz” (lol).

I LOVE the comb at the end. It’s meant for your eyebrows, but it works great for combing your eyelashes too! I recommend using it for one or the other because you don’t want to accidentally comb mascara onto your eyebrow area.

Trying these out on my eyelashes was no accident…I misplaced my favorite eyelash comb several years back after nearly poking my eyeball out!

Here’s a quick sidebar story…

Seriously…I should have taken a photo, but the pain was ridiculous and I was just trying to get to work! It was the best eyelash comb ever because it was fine-toothed, metal, and worked SO much better than the plastic ones(very hard to find these). I would close my eyelash through the comb to avoid wiping wet mascara all over my fresh eye shadow(eliminating clumps to perfection).

This time I did something wrong…maybe moved too quickly…I don’t know, but I’ve never hurt myself like that while doing something so simple! The eyelash comb punctured straight back into my eyelid (luckily), and I couldn’t open my eye for like 15 minutes. There were several perfectly straight tiny black lines(about 2 centimeters long) showing through my eyelid!!! I basically injected my own eyelid with mascara and was actually quite lucky that’s all that happened!

In case you’re wondering…the pain lasted for hours and my eyelid looked tattooed for a good week or so. Point of the story is…the comb on these tweezers DOES NOT have pointy teeth! It’s much safer and a great alternative from the tool that was once my absolute favorite!!!

Do you have a favorite brand or type of tweezers? Share it with your unconventional uses for tweezers around the house and on-the-go!

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  3. Erika Brown says:

    Last night…the same day I wrote this post…I was at home looking for some tweezers. Not one pair to be found! Somehow I had 3 pair at my office, so should have taken my own advice!

    Also, my new “ingrown hair” tweezers came in today….now I will never run out!

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