Makeup-Blending-SpongeDid you buy a makeup sponge, but have no idea why you “needed” it?

I have a few and I finally decided to try it out.

You were probably either excited about trying it, or you put it off for a while because the old way works and it’s easy. Why complicate things and have to learn how to use the sponge?

It all boils down to personal preference and what type of makeup you use.

The blending sponge isn’t for everyone, but if you’re someone that needs it and learns how to blend well…your face will look flawless!

Using a blending sponge allows you to apply foundation flawlessly wit a smooth, even application.

This particular sponge is teardrop shaped, so it’s easy to hold for small or wide surface coverage.

It eliminates streaks and helps with even distribution of liquid and powder foundation every time.

In a nutshell, here’s what the sponge is for:

  • Flawless Application of Liquid Foundation Makeup
  • No Streaks
  • Even Distribution
  • Use Pointed Side Around Nose and Eye Area
  • Use Wide Side Around Chin, Face, and Forehead
  • Easy to Clean

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