Biotin-Volumizing-ConditionerBiotin shampoo and conditioner are ESSENTIAL if you get keratin treatments or if you’ve had issues with your hair…and they work wonders on regularly color-treated hair!

Frequenters of the salon aren’t the only ones that can benefit from products with a little boost of biotin.

Whether your hair is damaged, limp and lifeless, overly processed, thin, or re-cooping from a recent disaster…biotin is probably the solution.

Biotin is great for just about any hair dilemma, and it really refreshes your hair if your going through a dull or dry spell!

Benefits of Bioton:

  • Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
  • Assists in Preventing Hair Dryness
  • Heals Damaged Follicles from the Root

I usually prefer specific product lines, but with specialty shampoos, conditioners, and treatments I will go a little out of my norm.

If you’ve had a keratin treatment, or something similar that requires a specific regimen for at home care to maintain the look…then you know what I’m talking about.

Usually these products are more expensive and you can’t imagine why they’re any better than what you have. This conditioner from Regenepure is a perfect example, but it’s priced a lot more reasonably than some other brands that I’ve tried.

If you have fine or thin hair then you will probably want to use a product like this as part of your routine. For example, you can use it instead of your regular conditioner every other day if your hair gets oily or lifeless with ease.

If you have coarse or thick hair then you should probably use something like this all the time! With the exception of switching it up from time to time, of course. No example is needed for those of you that are in this category…you just need it and your hair is begging you for more!

Biotin Conditioner:

  • Unclogs the hair follicles while replenishing them with useful nutrients that are vital for hair growth.
  • Has a balanced infusion of vitamins and beneficial ingredients.
  • Strengthens damaged hair and protects against future breakage.
  • Key ingredients are: Biotin – Tea Tree Oil – Jojoba Oil – Keratin – Silk protein – Copper Peptides – Saw Palmetto

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