Swiss-Beauty-Wrinkle-EraserThis nifty facial tool is similar to the larger wrinkle eraser and has an added benefit of sonic infusion.

I’ve tried both, and I think that it depends on the person as to which one you will prefer.

This one isn’t considered a “wrinkle eraser”, but it does just about everything else to boost your daily skin care regimen.

I like it’s smaller design because I already have enough in my bathroom.

The less space it takes up, the easier it is for me.

Sonic-Ionic Infusion for Wrinkles


Here are the basics:

  • Ionic flow(using gentle, negative-ion, micro-electric pulses to gently ‘push’ treatments deeper under the skin) can result in noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines under eyes and around mouth.
  • Sonic Infusion promotes increased circulation for deeper under-eye treatments and reduced dark circles.
  • Delivers noticeably firmer skin in 2-3 weeks.
  • Portable and lightweight…fits in your purse or cosmetic bag!
  • Can also be used on forehead, around lips and brow area.
  • AAA Battery lasts for several months of use…no charging cord required, ever.
  • FDA Approved

Don’t forget to use it with a serum or cream to get the best results!

Have you tried the sonic-ionic infuser yet? How about it’s larger cousin, the wrinkle eraser? These tools are fairly new and I’d never heard of them before a company asked me to review them and spread the word.

Again, it’s one of those things…more for your daily routine. I know, but pick the specialty pampering regimens you need the most and use them. It’s better than trying to pack it all in and never using any of it!

Please share your experiences and results in the comment section!

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