I didn’t know what Ankit Accessories were until I was asked to review one of their products. They sent me one of their daisy contact lense cases and it was SO cute that I just had to see what else they offer. Their accessories are stylish, feminine, and they have something for just about everyone!



ANDREA DIODATI ❤ANKIT Featured in Teen Vogue Magazine

This lovely floral phone case was recently featured in Teen Vogue and it’s less than $20! It also comes in pink and yellow.

If you’re not into flowers, then you might want to take a peek at their other phone cases. They sell cases for iPhones and Android Devices!

Here are just a few of the accessories you’ll find on ankit.com:

  • Home Decor
  • Phone Cases
  • Air Freshners
  • Lense Cases
  • Headphones/Earbuds


I LOVE their home decor! It’s hard to not get carried away with accessories and home decor….especially if you’re good at decorating.

A few of my favorites:


Gold and White Throw Pillow

This pillow can be added to just about any sofa to make your living space feel “new” again.

It’s taken me a long time to learn that matching everything perfectly is not always the best rule of thumb when it comes to decorating!

They also have nautical, floral, geometric, text, and other cleverly designed throw pillows.

Check out their throw blankets here!



Bunny Tail Coffee Mug

Just because I LOVE BUNNIES!!!

Don’t you?

There are other awesome mugs and glasses on their site too. Cat lovers will be pleased :).

This mug comes fox tail, squirrel tail, black kitty, and white kitty designs.




Cute Contact Lens Cases

These contact lens cases by Ankit Accessories are SO adorable!!!

I got the daisy one and they also come in red and white daisy designs. I had to include a photo of the blue kitties for all of you cat lovers out there, plus they are so freaking cute!




Fashionable Headphones

Beats aren’t the only headphones out there….in case you haven’t heard!

Not only are they SUPER expensive, but they come in colors that don’t exactly add fashion to your attire.

These floral headphones come in peach, pink, teal, and black.

What’s even better? They are just under $30!

Check out other styles and colors available here.




Namaste Water Bottle

For the sporty…..or not-so-sporty type!

They have tons of cute water bottles to fit anyone’s taste!

Don’t forget the reason why you need a water bottle…hydration! Having a cute one to carry around is just a plus :).

Other bottle styles include:

  • “Strong is the new skinny.”
  • “You can’t spin with us.”
  • Floral Designs

Check out their water bottles here!




Decorative Flower Lights

If you’re looking for some unique lighting….your search is over! Ankit Accessories have several unique lighting options….some of which are quite unusual!

Lighting kits currently featured on their site:

  • Daisy Lights
  • Gem Lights
  • Meow Lights
  • Pizza Lights
  • Dope Lights
  • Rose Lights
  • Starry Lights
  • Unicorn Lights
  • Vintage Lights in Pink, Blue, & White



Click here to view all of their creative lighting accessories!

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