I don’t usually review items for moms/kids/babies/etc., but I liked this necklace.

Also, I have lots of friends with babies so finding products that are both fashionable and helpful is kinda rewarding.


I often talk about how no one should ever stop pampering themselves or dressing to feel like a million bucks. Having a baby can put all of those things on hold, but don’t let it stay that way. After your 6 weeks home comes to an end you should get right back to your routine.

It may be different than before, and you may not have near as much time….but you can do it. Even if it’s just a little lip gloss, a cute pair of sandals, and a teething necklace….it’s enough to feel like you’re making an effort. I can’t speak from experience because I don’t have kids (for those of you who are thinking- “she has no idea what she’s talking about”).

Maltipoo-PuppyDon’t laugh, but I do have an adorable 5 month old maltipoo puppy (Pollie) and sometimes I feel like a mom! I catch myself skipping my makeup to brush her hair and put a pretty bow in it. I clip and file her nails, but mine look like crap. I coordinate her outfit with her hair accessories….but I am wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants.

It sounds crazy, but she is just so darn cute that I can’t help myself. Pollie also tries to chew on my jewlery, shoes, you name it (especially if it’s something she hasn’t seen before).

So, when I reviewed this necklace I figured it would come in handy with a puppy as well! My future sister-in-law (we tested the necklace on her baby) wasn’t fond of the idea of letting Pollie test her necklace as well, but I will let you all know how that goes when mine comes in the mail!

This product isn’t recommended for puppies, but if you have a teething baby….you should definitely try it! I like these better than the necklaces that are for babies to wear because that idea is just sketchy. Since when do babies wear necklaces anyways? You always see them grabbing the necklace or earrings of the person holding them, so this totally makes sense.

Here are a few highlights:

  • It’s made out of silicone-it’s soft and easy on the gums.
  • It’s infused with amber to help soothe babies as they teethe.
  • It comes in 7 COLORS, so you can keep your fashion sense while being an awesome mom!

Have you tried one of these necklaces? Or….have you put one on your baby? It’s okay, I won’t judge you because I want to know if you love it or hate it. Share your stories and your favorite multi-tasking teething products in the comment section!

Don’t forget to enter to win your own sweet pea teething necklace here!

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