1. You’ll be moisturizing at the same time.


Facial Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Great sunscreen products will serve as a 2-in-1 for your skin! Everyone should moisturize everyday(along with exfoliating), so instead of putting on the same ol’ lotion when you get out of the shower….moisturize with sunscreen instead!

My new favorite is an ultra-light spf 40 sunscreen/moisturizer by Perfective Ceuticals. It’s silky smooth, unlike other thick or chunky sunscreens….and it’s not greasy either.

You can use it as a daily moisturizer or makeup primer….which brings me to the second reason to wear sunscreen!

2. You can ditch your makeup primer.

bareminerals-dillards-eye-makeup-prime-timetm-eyelid-primerMost people probably don’t use makeup primer on a daily basis. I find that it’s because they’ve never used it, don’t know how awesome it is, or there’s simply no time to add something extra to a morning makeup routine.

For those of you that do….you can’t live without it. How did you wear makeup for so long without using a primer?

Or, you wear mineral makeup and that pretty much can’t be worn without using primer first. It’ll look great at first, but by lunchtime you will need a refresher…..and again around 2pm….and again before you leave work….yea.

So, use a light sunscreen moisturizer like the one I mentioned above. You’ll be getting a 3-in-1….it’s so easy I just can’t even.

3. You will avoid the burn.

I almost always get that “first and only” sun burn each year. Then we went to Florida in April for a family vacation a few years ago. We decided to take it easy the first day(because the 14 hour drive was pretty draining) and we went to the pool.

I was SO excited to see that the pool had those built-in seats along the edges and I got comfortable. I don’t think I put any sunscreen on, but I wasn’t worried because it was only for a few hours. My family went up for lunch, but I stayed because I hadn’t relaxed like that in a long time. I was laid back and I wasn’t about to give up my personal pool seat to a bunch of screaming kids.

Later, when we went up to get ready for dinner….I realized that my chest was fried. To make matters worse, I was wearing a bandeau style bathing suit that exposes the skin that most other suites cover up. I couldn’t even wear a bra….shirts were very painful….and I had to wear that same bathing suit the whole vacation because the other styles hurt so bad on my skin. Going to Disney World and getting strapped into rides was not as enjoyable as it could have been.


At Summer Bay Resort in Orlando, FL.

Within a day or so my chest was blistering and skin was pretty much falling off. That part of my chest has never looked the same and I can’t imagine the damage I did.

Just because I didn’t wear sunscreen….that’s so dumb. I won’t make the mistake again, and hopefully you won’t either!

4. You’ll avoid regular trips to the dermatologist.

Everyone that knows me well knows that I can’t stand going to the dentist….the dermatologist is even more dreadful! If you haven’t been, you have to sit on a table in a cold room wearing nothing but your underwear(for a full exam). Then the doctor checks every inch of your skin, measures any moles or “funny looking” spots, and the nurse takes notes.

Trust me, you don’t want to have to do that every year. I’m pretty sure it’s worse than the gynecologist….at least that’s quick!

5. Skin cancer is less likely to pop up.

Yes, I said less likely. There are no guarantees, but I’d rather be cautious than wait and see what happens.

Irony appears in the most unsuspected places….you might get melanoma even though you applied sunscreen every morning since you were 14, but your friend never wore it once and won’t have any skin problems. So…drink water, wear sunscreen, don’t step on any cracks, and the outlook is good :).

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