How often do you get stuck without your mirror compact?

It happens to me all the time, and I always thought that it was in my purse! Most of the time I’ve left it at work or in my makeup bag and it really sucks when I think there’s something in my teeth or I need to tweeze a stray eyebrow hair.

This is kind of like the tweezer issue I’ve mentioned, but I don’t have a great solution for that yet.

mirror-on-the-goThe best way to make sure you never forget something is to stick it with something else that you will NEVER leave home without!

These days, that’s your cell phone. In the past I would have said car keys, but we already have a million things to attach to our key ring and we don’t need another one.

Pretty much everyone I know has a slight panic attack the minute they realize that their phone is not with them.

First, you panic wondering if you’ve lost it….

Then, you tell yourself that it’s probably at home and you immediately go get it.


phone-case-with-mirrorI’m not saying that having a mirror-on-the-go is just as important, but I do love the idea of the mirror compact phone case! Plus, this one is super cute and it comes in several color options to include: light blue, light pink, hot pink, purple, and mint green.

I’m giving away one of these this summer, so don’t forget to enter to win it!




*The case for the giveaway is for the iPhone 6 and is mint green.

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