How-to-Organize-Your-MakeupFor some this may seem completely pointless, but if you’re like me then you are always organizing or looking for ways to improve something that you’ve already organized.

For example, my mom has always used the same basic makeup staples give or take, and she keeps everything in her top bathroom drawer. The small stuff is in a makeup bag and the rest is neatly placed.

I’m a bag lady.


Seriously, I hoard bags of all kinds(and other types of organizers).

I know that one day there will be a perfect use for them. I have a makeup bag in my purse, one at home for everyday use, one for things I use sometimes, one for things I use less often, etc. It’s ridiculous, so I figured it’s time to try something else.

The first makeup organizer I ordered arrived broken. So, I sent it back and in the meantime found one that was much better! These bathroom organizers are great for keeping everything that you use on a daily basis handy.

I got this one on Amazon and I was especially excited because it came with pre-cut liners that are cushioned. It’s nice for keeping everything in place when you open the drawers (I use one drawer for jewelry that I wear on a regular basis).

Here’s a quick tip:

I don’t keep my cotton balls or q-tips in a container that leaves them exposed as they show in photos for some organizers. It seems like a great idea, but dust clings to them quickly and that’s not something you should be using to apply makeup or clean your ears!

Another great use:

Surprisingly, my Julep nail polishes fit perfectly in the “grid” section of the organizer! I don’t keep them there, but I’ve considered buying another one just for my nail stuff.

If you’re a nail tech, this is a great way to keep your tools and clear coats organized and looking clean!

Check it out on Amazon….only $20!

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