Perfect eyebrows come naturally for some, and the rest of us have to work at it a little. So, just to let you all know….my eyebrows are far from perfect….although they are getting back to where they used to be. Perfect Eyebrows 101 is a great resource for getting your eyebrows back in shape!

If you don’t get your eyebrows waxed regularly then this will take a little more work. The Arch Experts at the Benefit Brow Bar in Ulta Beauty is phenomenal at transforming your brows to get the look you’ve always wanted! To book an appointment at a location near you, or view their menu of services click here.

After your brow appointment you’ll truly understand what it means to have eyebrows that wow!

I was using a light pencil to accentuate them daily, but I somewhat slacked off due to being busy and thinking that it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

I was wrong.

My eyebrows have had their ups and downs…mostly ups…so this is new to me.

I’m  almost 28 and things just aren’t the same as they were at 20. Then, I didn’t have to enhance anything. My features were naturally enhanced by youth and kissed by  the sun, so there was little to worry about when it came to looking my best.

Now, I need some more sun on my skin….I need to pay more attention to exfoliating and sticking to my daily regimen for skin care. I also need to take the time to bring out my best features, the features that recently “popped” on their own.

This doesn’t mean that I feel old or terribly aged, it’s just living proof of the process that we go through as women. I didn’t appreciate the body, skin, and hair that I had at 19. The longer you strive to take care of yourself, the longer you will see those youthful traits in yourself.

So drink water, exfoliate, use toner, exercise, and all of the above because that’s the base to keeping up the look you long for. Those things are the answer to what you search for on pinterest and google. It’s the simple things that will do what we need in the long run!

If your eyebrows need a little boost, then you may want to try “don’t leave your brows at home” from Julep. I got it as an add-on to my monthly maven box because I’d been using the SAME eyebrow pencil for a few years. It was okay, but the shade was more suited for my natural hair color with highlights rather than the darker shade that I have now.


The brow on the left is enhanced with “don’t leave your brows at home” by Julep, and the brow on the right is natural.

This was a great improvement, but when you see what the Arch Expert did for me several months later you’ll understand the importance of leaving it to the pros! See the transformation in my latest brow post- Eyebrows That Wow!

Something just wasn’t right about my look after I applied my makeup…it was definitely my brows!

I also noticed that they aren’t as thick as they used to be. It’s that, or there are just a few thinner spots and it was harder to fill those in with a dry pencil (it was by TIGI in case you’re wondering 🙂 ).

This brow color from Julep is my new favorite because it doesn’t go on too thick and it’s double ended! One end is a thin angle brush and the other side is where you dip the brush in the brow color. This is great because you can control how much you apply and ease into it as you get used to styling your perfect eyebrows.


  • Comb your eyebrows before applying any type of brow color or makeup.
  • Comb them upwards to prevent getting any brow color below your actual brow, that just looks bad!
  • Use a shade that is close to or slightly lighter than your hair color if you’re not a blonde.
  • Clear mascara is great for setting your brows into place….especially if you choose to use a brow powder or brow pencil instead of a more cream-like product like the one from Julep.

I’m wearing “Cool Brown” and will use that shade even if I change my hair color a little.

If you’re not sure what shade you should wear, check out this

Eyebrow Color Chart!

Here’s what I’m wearing other than on my brows:

I know it looks like I’m biased to Julep makeup or other products now, but I love lots of brands and I go through little spells when I wear one or the other more than usual! Also, I’ve been getting the monthly maven box for over a year now and I started getting more into their makeup…not just nail polishes!

What’s your favorite eyebrow color or enhancement product?

Tell us about it in the comment section!

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