7-reasons-why-you-need-high-heel-capsAt first, this interesting fashion-inspired invention seemed quite ridiculous!

What’s the point of wearing high heels if you need an extra accessory just to walk in them? Plus,it kinda takes away from the look!

Turns out that high heel caps aren’t so ridiculous and there’s definitely a time and a place for them!

7 Reasons Why You Need High Heel Caps:

  1. You’re a bridesmaid and the bride-to-be expects everyone to wear their heels on questionable terrain. Don’t complain, just do it and have a little help with heel caps! As a bridesmaid….it’s your duty to make your friend happy no matter what it takes!
  2. Dancing. Yes, if you love to dance but have balance issues in those stilettos….heel caps! No one will notice them and you won’t have to worry about slipping on that ridiculously slender heel.
  3. Vineyard & Beach Weddings. Let’s face it, flats just aren’t as flattering to your new outfit. Walking on grass or sand is quite impossible in heels, but not with heel caps! It might even be easier than wearing flip flops at the beach…no sand flying up your dress!
  4. Driving. I almost always have a pair of flip flops to change into while I’m driving. I started doing that when I got some hot pink suede peep-toe pumps from Nine West. I loved them and wanted them to remain perfect, but driving sure does do a number on your heels! If you don’t feel like changing in and out of shoes….just pop on some heel caps!
  5. Party Time! These will come in handy when your bar or party-hopping. Looking back on my weekends at ODU…..we seriously ruined some great shoes trekking from one party to the other! Dressing down just wasn’t an option….
  6. You NEED them for emergencies. Keep a set in your purse (and maybe even an extra for your friend). There’s already a ton of crap in there that you rarely need anyways….what’s one more thing? Some high heel caps will definitely come in handy when you overdress for a picnic, take that unexpected stroll, etc.
  7. Or, when you have a funeral to attend. Gloomy thought, but true….everyone has trouble getting to the burial site in their high heels!


Always pack an extra pair for a friend in need!!!

Get them on Amazon.com!

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