Tweeze everyday…there’s always something to pluck!

It seems like everyday I notice at least one hair that needs to be tweezed.

Sometimes they’re noticeable…sometimes they’re not, but they have to go!

Beauty Tip #10: Always Tweeze!

If you do a quick check every day you’ll probably still get surprised by a hair or two, but making an effort is better than not paying attention at all! I sometimes wonder if someone at work just couldn’t stop staring at a stray hair on my face, but I just thought they were really interested in what I had to say. Maybe both, that’s okay too!

So…I know I posted something a while back about my favorite new tweezers….for in-grown hairs. My new favorite is this tweezer set.

What’s better than a great pair of tweezers?

Three great pairs of tweezers, each with their own unique purpose!

If you haven’t tried the in-grown hair tweezers yet then you might not know why I love them so much. Those tweezers will seriously change your life…seriously.

The only dilemma I’ve had with them is that they don’t necessarily grab those well-rooted hairs and can be hard to shape your brows with. I’m not complaining though, because that’s not what their for. I just get lazy and try to take care of everything with the in-grown hair tweezers because I can’t find my standard pair of tweezers.

That’s where this tweezer set comes in handy….oh heck yes.

They come in a nice little pouch and they’re professional grade, so you know they’re not going to suck like that cheap pair you bought one time!

Here are a few reasons why you need tweezers:

  1. Pesky Splinters
  2. Fake Eyelashes
  3. That Hard-To-Reach Black Hole in Your Car…
  4. Arts & Crafts
  5. More Reasons!

Love It Tweezers come in a set with three different tool sizes: standard, slanted, and extra-small. They come in a convenient leather pouch, guarantee your money back if you’re not happy, and come with a lifetime warranty!

Go ahead and try them, what do you have to lose?

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  4. Erika says:

    Here’s a link to the questions and answers about this tweezer set on

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