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Have you voted for your favorite products in the 2015 Customer Choice Beauty Awards yet?

It’s okay if you haven’t! I didn’t even think about it until I got an e-mail from Julep asking for my vote! Of course, I clicked on it because I LOVE JULEP!

However, I was appauled when I saw that “WEN” Conditioner was one of the nominees for question number one.

Ridiculous! Everyone’s hair is falling out, and they still get nominated for an award?!

Yea right….I would rather use anything else….actually I would rather deprive myself of conditioner before I use Wen!

Read about the class action suit against them, and what it’s doing to women with all hair types!

Aside from WEN (and how much I despise it), here are the 2015 Beauty Categories and which products I voted for! Again, I can’t believe that WEN pops up more than once…yes, multiple times!

My Picks:


Best Shampoo

via Nordstrom.com

Calista Tools Amp Volume with Pro Element

I only voted for this because i am not familiar with the other brand and I will NEVER vote for WEN products!

Best Conditioner


Alterna Bamboo Volume Conditioner

….because I LOVE Alterna!

Best Hair Treatment

via NickChavezBeverlyHills.com

Nick Chavez Velvet Mesquite Hair Serum

This product was the “Most Wished for Product” on QVC!

There must be something awesome about it, but I was thinking….”Velvet sounds nice, but mesquite?! Definitely not when we’re talking about hair products! That just screams “manly”!”

BUT….the other two candidates were WEN products, and you know…..

Best Volumizing Styling Product


Alterna Bamboo 48 Hour Spray

Best Hairspray


Alterna Caviar Working Hairspray

I love the Alterna Caviar line….just saying 🙂 .

Best Hair Tool

via ghdhair.com

ghd Eclipse Styling Iron

I would have chosen a Paul Mitchell tool if the option was given…those are the best!

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