Pollie is a curious and fun-loving maltipoo that enjoys just about anything! She gets excited for no reason at all and sometimes starts spontaneously running laps around the house!

Just like a toddler….she needs constant entertainment or things to play with when she is not eating or sleeping. I pick up a small toy each week, so that’s why I got this pooch perks box. Check out the video below of her playing with her new Halloween themed bat toy!

She is loving her new #poochperks box!

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  This was the first box I’ve ordered for Pollie, and I liked this company the most because they feature local or small companies that you won’t find in large pet stores. I almost signed up for 3 months of bark box, but it was really expensive so I didn’t do it. Monthly boxes are so much fun, but they are an easy way to spend money without realizing it! I suggest that you order one box a few times a year as a treat rather than committing to a recurring order.Check out Pooch Perks!

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