If you’ve suffered from side effects caused by using WEN products…..

read this post about biotin for hair and it’s help with hair health!

Biotin is one of the many vitamins that can help restore your hair, skin, and nails.

Biotin-for-Hair-VitaminsSometimes you will see them on the shelf labeled as “Hair, Skin, & Nail” vitamins, which may include a blend of Biotin, Vitamin E, and other vitamins that are beneficial for your hair, skin, and nails.

These vitamins:

  • provide hair, skin, & nail support
  • boost your metabolism
  • gluten-free


Here’s a question about Biotin from my Advice Column:

Hi, I just started taking biotin, but I usually perm my hair.

I was wondering will my hair be affected if I permed it, while still taking biotin?



Age 16


Biotin is great for hair health! You shouldn’t have a problem taking biotin while perming your hair.

Some medications can affect the results of chemical processes (especially perms), and unfortunately it can’t always be predicted. Most of the time it’s because a client doesn’t mention it, or the stylist doesn’t realize that it will make a difference.

Biotin is great for making your hair healthier, stronger, and can speed up the growing process. Faster hair growth is the only thing that’s somewhat of a burden when it comes to perms and color. If you’re spending money on your hair you want it to last, so if your hair is growing faster then you may need to get it touched up more often.

Hormones can also change the way your hair will take to a chemical process. This is true with perms and color, but varies depending on the person. Menstrual cycles, puberty, menopause, etc. can cause some big problems when it comes to chemical services, but most people will not have a problem.

Good luck and keep taking your vitamins!


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