I love to make things, and usually it’s because I can’t find what I’m looking for(or I find it and it’s extremely overpriced).

DIY-Wreath-BurlapFor example, I was looking for a fall wreath and everything was either ugly and cheap, or beautiful and VERY expensive! I found a wreath that I loved and it was$79.99 at Pier 1! That’s crazy…I’d much rather make something simple that I can reuse every season.

The wreath I made could have had more burlap, but I didn’t want to buy an extra roll because I was so close! If I had more from the beginning I would have wrapped it a lot tighter, so keep that in mind when you make yours!

So, here’s my DIY burlap wreath and a some easy-to-follow steps on how to make it! This was my first burlap wreath, so anyone can do it!

DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I went on Pinterest and seached for a DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial to have something to go off of. There are lots of different styles and some are a little more complicated than others. I didn’t like the exact wreath in the tutorial that I found, so I put my own spin on it!



Total Cost= $15-$20

You may spend a little more/less depending on the supplies you already have and/or if you buy additional decorative items.

*I live in a more rural area, so I try to get what I need close by. If you live near a craft store it may cost a few extra dollars, but there will be more to choose from!


1. Secure the beginning of the ribbon around the frame.

You can do this with anything…safety pins were handy at the time!

Hot glue is great too!

*Don’t use hot glue for the accent pieces if you want to change them seasonally)!

2. Weave the ribbon in and out of the wire frame.

There is no special way to do this, but following a pattern helps. Halfway through I had used up one roll of burlap(15 yards).

3. Don’t worry if it looks like crap.

As you can see, mine was very disproportionate, but that’s okay because you will “fluff” it when you’re done!

4. Two rolls of burlap ribbon(15 ft each) were just barely enough.

If you want a really full wreath I suggest buying an extra roll and pushing each weave back to tighten it as you go.

5. If you run out just fluff and space the ribbon around the wire frame to fill in the holes.

It will look better if you don’t have to do this, I made it work but next time I’ll buy more burlap!

6. Straighten or arrange the burlap where you need to.

As you can see in the last photo, mine was very uneven and flat on one side.

If there’s a section that doesn’t look very good, don’t worry! Just put some flowers on top of it!

7. Lastly, add accents to your liking or for the current season!

The flower I used has a clip, so I can use the same frame and just swap out the accents!


My finished wreath!

I originally planned on adding more flowers or a wooden letter, but I was happy with the simple look.

As you can see, the bottom right is more full than the top left of the wreath. That’s where I had to “move and fluff” the burlap.

I like the more full section better, but you can make it as full as you like!

*I used twine to make a loop for hanging, but anything will do!

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