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Full bangs are a big commitment for most of us.

I’ve only had them a few times, and that was in elementary and middle school.

Now, they just don’t work for me so I wear side bangs…if any.

Anyone can wear them…it just depends on your hair, your part, and if you have any cowlicks!

Keep in mind that if you go for it, it’s going to be a big change(especially if you’ve never had them).

You may even regret it at first, but give your new full bangs a chance. After a day or two you’ll love them and be so glad that you did it!

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Here’s a great Q&A reference to help you decide if full bangs are right for you:

Dear Erika,

Would love your opinion on whether or not I can rock the full bangs. I need a change but I don’t want to do something I could regret!



-Age 22

Dear Jamie-

Thanks for the head shot! So,  we already know side bangs will always work for you.

How stubborn is your part?

Do you have a cowlick in the front?

Those are the things I think about when someone wants full bangs. The texture of your hair is great for full bangs…with straight hair you’ll have less maintenance.

Check out…“Should I Get Bangs?”…if you need a little more guidance!

Here’s how to find your “bang area”:

Take a comb and put it on the top center of your head.

Wherever the comb comes off the head is where your “bang area” should start. Test out how your bangs will cooperate by taking this section straight down(wet it a little).

If your hair puckers up or goes in different directions it will be harder for you to have straight bangs. You would have to train them and it would be a huge pain!

Be sure to read “To Bang or Not to Bang” for more tips & let me know how it goes 🙂

Good Luck! – Erika

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