Heart-Face-Shape-HairstylesAre you looking for hairstyles for heart-shaped faces? If so, then that’s great! You’re choosing a new style the right way!

Make sure that your face is definitely heart-shaped before you start looking for cuts. There are a few links below to help you choose the perfect cut for your face shape!

If you have a heart-shaped face…you may also have questions about bangs. I love this face shape because those that have it have been blessed with natural volume, which is awesome when paired with the perfect hairstyles!

Here are a few references about bangs:

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Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Here’s a great Q&A from a reader:


I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions as to what sort of haircut I should get.

I’m average height and rather curvy, and I have a heart-shaped face, I think.

Currently, I have side-swept bangs (which I like) and really long hair that’s all one length. It’s probably at least halfway down my back, and it’s just too long.

I have a lot of hair, but it’s kind of thin. When it air dries it’s wavy at the bottom but flat on top, and I would like it to have more volume.

If you have any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it!


Dear Emily,

It’s difficult to give you a proper consultation without seeing you face-to-face or having a picture of your current style. It’s also hard to determine because we may have different ways of describing hair texture.

Here are a few articles to help you get started:

Styles For Curvy Women

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The Styles For Your Body

If you know that your face is heart-shaped then it will make a difference on how you style it, your part, and your layers (if any). Most people with a heart-shaped face will have a slightly off-centered part, or a side part. Full bangs are not something I suggest, and if you go for bangs just make sure they are side bangs or side-swept bangs and a little longer(depending on how extreme your hairline is)!

Here’s a guide on facial shapes:

Finding Your Face Shape

Here’s a great article from Allure magazine with some great hairstyles for heart-shaped faces:

Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces


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