Is it too early for makeup?



Hi ,
I was wondering if could ask you a few questions about talking to children about cosmetics.

Do you feel it’s a necessary conversation to have?

What age do you feel it is appropriate to talk about?

I’m a college journalist writing an article about the appropriate age for young women to wear makeup.

I appreciate your input on the matter.

Thank you very much,

Dear Liz,

I admire you for taking on the subject as it is a very hard one to approach. I have a lot of thoughts on this so I hope you don’t mind an ear full!

First of all I feel that it is important to talk about self image and being confident.

If makeup and looks are too important at a young age it can seriously alter the mind of a pre-teen. My mother was VERY into how I looked and made sure that I never left the house with a hair out of place. Luckily in middle school my stepmother helped me realize that it doesn’t matter, I could be a kid and get dirty.

I think that parents should let kids be who they want to be and when they ask about the matter should be when it is brought up. If we put ideas into a childs mind they will stick and they will wonder what else is wrong with them.

Before you know it, they are always worried about their looks and this leads to anxiety and self image issues. Girls who wear makeup too early become sexualized at a young age and sometimes that can create worse problems.

I have an example of this with a family friend and her young daughter. She is now in the 10th grade and like any girl she is really into makeup and how she looks…..

When she was in the 6th/7th grade her mother pointed out that she had more noticeable upper lip hair. Yes, her hair is darker, but she was a kid and it wasn’t noticeable enough to get picked on. By 8th grade they got her LASER hair removal and she will probably be getting her legs done soon. I think that if kids have an imperfection and it’s not so bad as to cause problems at school then let it go unless it becomes an issue.

Age is hard thing to measure because kids are doing so much more at a younger age.

I think that having a speaker for age 11-13 in middle school would be very effective. Makeup should be an occasional thing(if at all), at least until mid-high school.

I can remember prom and how all the guys thought this one girl looked amazing. She never wore makeup to school(probably never did), she didn’t care because she was confident. That’s what made dressing up for prom so special, and that’s why everyone thought she was so stunning!

I understand that cover-up may be needed with acne and such especially with bullying these days. I started wearing light makeup in high school and I think my mother may have made me more self conscious about the whole thing. If young girls have a positive self image then makeup would be the last thing on their minds!

I hope I’ve answered your questions. There is a lot to be said about this topic and if I think of anything else I will certainly e-mail you! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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