I was reading something you had on perms and I just wanted to know what you would recommend.

I colored my hair myself about 3 months ago and I have talked to a couple other people about this but I was wondering what your opinion would be.

I was wondering if you thought it would be a good idea for me to get a perm because I know you aren’t supposed to get a perm if you’ve colored your hair and especially with box color, but I figured since it was about 3 months ago it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.


Dear Ceara,

Sometimes I feel that people ask for perms because they are just unhappy with their hair all around. So, a perm seems like a great idea! Here are some things to consider…

  • What type of cut do you have?
  • Is your hair thin or thick?
  • Does your stylist give you a truly good cut that’s right for you? You’ll know because you can’t get it to “look right”.

With the right cut and a quality job you would love your hair in its natural texture. If you just want curls, that’s okay too!

Try hot rollers, or velcro rollers if your hair is already damaged 🙂

I wouldn’t recommend it just to be safe. It may not break off, but it will feel horrible.

The hair feels different than it would from lightener damage or excessive exposure to heat. When wet your hair would be nearly impossible to comb and when dry it would seem lifeless or lack vibrancy & tone.

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9 Responses to Perms with Colored Hair

  1. Martha F. says:

    I need a very quick advice for several meetings i have to attend, for which i want to feel confident and nice. I am in the late 7o, had last december perms and coloured my hair 2 weeks ago with “Healthy Look Cream gloss-product” I have short hair.

    I appreciate a good advice if i shall have perms done now or get rather a styling-cut, until my haircolour is more washed out/

    Thanks for responding!

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  3. Destiny says:

    I am really wanting to get a perm too but I dyed my hair a little over 3 months ago also. I don’t use heating products unless it’s a special occasion like a holiday and then I straighten it a little bit. Before my last color it had been over a year since I colored my hair and over a year before that so my hair doesn’t feel damaged at all to me really (other than the typical split ends that I haven’t had trimmed yet) but I feel it everyday so of course it would feel normal to me. My hair is easy to comb when wet although I don’t comb it much when it’s wet because I’ve heard that is damaging to the roots as well. I shampoo and condition every other day but I never have to deep condition. What do you think? Would I be safe to get a perm?

    • Erika says:

      I don’t suggest it if you had your hair colored(especially permanent). A perm would change the feeling and elasticity of your hair in a way that’s indescribable…it’s unlike any other kind of damage and you would regret it so much.

      Have you thought about other ways to get curls? Do you think you really want a perm, or are you just unhappy with your hair? Check out these Perm Alternatives and give it another 3 months. If you still want the perm in March/April…then go for it…but make sure they use something mild for best results. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

  4. Monica says:

    I really don’t like my naturally straight and thin-ish hair, so I’ve been thinking about getting a perm maybe in the next month. But here is the thing, I just dyed my hair a week ago. My hair doesn’t seem too damaged I try not to use heat and I’m starting to come up with ways to make my hair as healthy as possible before I consider getting a perm. I’ve dyed my hair many times and my natural hair is dark brown and I bleached my hair once before. I really want nice curly volumized hair without having to use an iron every day. I do plan on getting a big hair cut to get rid of as much damaged hair as possible before I get a perm. Do you think I could still get a perm if I make a big cut?

    • Erika says:

      I don’t think you should get a perm. Have you tried other ways of styling your hair or a new cut? There are lots of things you can do to make your hair more full, but most people just don’t know where to start. Check out my post on Perm Alternatives for some great suggestions for styling your hair without getting a perm.

      You might want to try using a texturing spray along with some thickening products. You don’t have to curl your hair very much when you use the right products. I usually just curl a few big chunks of my hair, spray it, then loosen it with my fingers. It looks so much better than when I spend time curling my hair(as long as you like the messy natural look.

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