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I LOVE to organize, but sometimes I get a little too hung up on looking for the perfect item to complete my project.

I’ve been looking for a month or so for the perfect storage solution in my laundry room. I have one shelf that isn’t very wide and a lot of space above it. I know that we will put cabinets there someday, but it isn’t a huge priority at the moment.

Organize With Style

I purchased several different types of storage cubes and containers, but most of them were too big, flimsy, or just didn’t work out. I even tried to use one of my IKEA cubes, but that was too big as well.

So, I finally went with these closet storage boxes which are really for shoes or clothes. It wasn’t what I was looking for, but it’s better! They’re stackable, pretty, and narrow enough to fit completely on my 12 inch shelves.


To the right of the gray box you can see the baskets I was using. There were two of them and they were too small to hold everything. Now they have my basic tools in them and hardware for picture hanging, etc.

My laundry/utility room look so much cleaner and neater than it did before! I will order another box now that I know this one is perfect to put on the other side of the air freshener. The small basket is for anything that I find in pants pockets or the bottom of the washing machine. It really helps to have a “catch all” so that everyone can check the basket for their lost belongings!

What do you use in your utility room?

Baskets are very popular right now, but the bigger you go it seems that all of them are very wide and do not fit well on most shelves! Share your solutions and favorites! I would love to know if there is something out there that is more like what I originally wanted!

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    Here’s a link to the questions and answers about this product on

    Linen Boxes Q&A

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