Here are some of the best makeup gift sets! I chose these sets because they make great gifts and because all of them will work for anyone that loves makeup!

If you love changing it up….go for a monthly box like New Beauty or Birch Box. If mineral makeup is your thing, then check out Pür Minerals or Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals kits!

Monthly Makeup Mash-Up


Gift-Set-Birch-BoxWhy is Birch Box an awesome gift…or makeup set to buy for yourself?
It’s THE BEST way to try different products from an array of reputable brands without a huge monetary commitment!

If you don’t like something in the Birch Box…who cares? It was just a mini version of the product and you didn’t pay more than a few dollars for it. That’s soooo much better than paying $29.95 just to discover that you completely despise the mascara that everyone raved about.

Not only that, but then you’ll feel like you have to give it to a friend just so it doesn’t go to a complete waste. Samples last a few weeks, and if you don’t like it….just toss it! No biggie!

They also have a box for men….check it out!

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