As you all know…I’m a passionate hairstylist and I know what we like! Here’s a list of some perfect gifts for hairstylists…just in case that special someone in your life shares the same passions that I do!

These items are hand-picked by me and I am not being paid or given free items for sharing this list with you. A lot of people think that’s all that bloggers do, but this is the real deal folks!

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Gifts for Hairstylists

Power Styler


New in 2015!

The Power Styler just came out this year and it’s the perfect gift for any hairstylist that hasn’t discovered them yet! My Paul Mitchell blow dryers already have a nozzle like this, so when I first used a hair dryer without it I could not deal!

  • Cuts blow dry time in half
  • Sets any style: wavy, straight, or curly
  • Creates longer-lasting blow drys
  • Clips onto any straight-edged blow dryer nozzle

The beauty of this product is that you don’t have to buy an expensive hair dryer to get similar results. The nozzle won’t do it all, so make sure you grab a quality round brush to go with it!



Available in a wide variety of colors!

It’s a real struggle trying to keep a blow-out fresh if we need to put our hair up, and traditional ponytail holders always leave a “crease”.


  • Allows space for individual hair to avoid “bobble marks”
  • Won’t drag on hair or scalp
  • Smooth & metal free-won’t cause breakage

Get the perfect color for your favorite stylist on!

Julep Maven Box


Julep Nail Polish

Julep is my favorite monthly beauty box!

It includes all full-size products and I can swap out products that I don’t want before each box is sent out!

Here’s how it works:

  • First box is free!
  • Choose the products you want from the new collection each month
  • Free shippping and site-wide discounts for maven members
  • Customized style profile

Julep maven boxes are custom to each persons individual style and taste. After signing up there’s a quick quiz that finds your “style profile”. Monthly boxes include products that each maven would like based on their style profile!

Every month you have the option to keep the box as it is, or swap out products for different ones if you want something else. It’s not just nail polish either…here’s what Julep has to offer:


Julep Eyeshadow Palette

Double Clips by Olivia Garden

These clips are absolutely amaze!

I discovered them a few years ago, and they made my job so much easier!

Hairstylists are always hoarding clips…they’re attached to our clothes…in our drawers…on the counter…etc.

The double clip allows us to clip up two sections of hair with one clip while eliminating unnecessary steps.

Instead of dealing with 3-7 clips just for one cut….your stylist friend can get away with 2! That’s far less work and things to keep track of when she/he would much rather be focusing on their work!

Here’s the link to purchase a pack of these clips or find a store near you!

Stylist Pride Hoodie


This pull over hoodie offers the perfect cover up option for cool days!

It comes in black (naturally!), and it’s made of a super-soft cotton/poly blend that holds its shape and flatters your form.

I have one of their hoodies with a different logo and it’s very true to size, so if someone wears a size medium(8-10) shirt then you should order a size medium hoodie.

They also have other designs like “keep calm & style on”, Love with scissors, and more!

If you don’t know what size to order they have other stylist pride items like:

  • Messenger Bags
  • Drinkware
  • Jewelry
  • Tech Accessories

Visit to view other styles and order one for your favorite hairstylist!

Brush Hair Straightener


Straightening Iron Brush

Another awesome new product!

The brush hair straightener makes it easier to straighten hair without using a comb. It’s also great for kids because there’s no risk of burning the scalp!

  • Instant heat-up, 8 seconds to straight
  • Heats up to 450°
  • Detangling Brush
  • Won’t burn your fingers or hands

Click Here to learn more about this revolutionary hair straightener!

Carbon Combs


Carbon Combs by Cricket

These aren’t your typical combs! I know it seems kinda lame, but trust me…these are a must-have for any hairstylist!

Carbon combs won’t melt and they’re super sturdy…they pretty much last a lifetime!

I only buy carbon combs now (and have for several years) because it doesn’t feel right to use a regular plastic comb anymore.

Browse different colors and styles of carbon combs!

This set includes:

  • C50- Perfect for wrapping perms, teasing, backcombing, or distributing hair color into the nape area and sideburns. The tail is ideal for weaving, sectioning, and lifting teased hair.
  • C30- This comb is necessary for moving, controlling, and elevating heavy, thick, or coarse hair.
  • C20- The perfect all-around cutting comb! Use for zero-tension cutting techniques
  • C25- Great for detangling hair, sectioning, and applying color!

Stylish Water Bottle


BPA Free Glass Water Bottle

Hairstylists are on their feet all day and usually have little to no time for breaks.

We often forget to drink enough water because we are so busy, so keeping it close is a great way to stay hydrated!

Having a “stylish” water bottle isn’t important, but it’s better than something that looks like it should be on your bike. Stylists like to keep their work station clean and this model will blend in while she’s on the floor!

I like these glass water bottles because they’re BPA-Free and easy to clean! It also has a leak-free bamboo lid, so it’s perfect for people who are on-the-go.

Get a stylish water bottle for your favorite stylist!

Comfortable Shoes


Crocs Ballet Flat

I spent too much time wearing shoes that were not supportive enough because they were cute. Crocs were available, but they didn’t come in so many stylish options.

A quality shoe is very important for someone that stands all day, so give her something she needs and will love!

Shoes are the key to preventing injuries and taking care of your body.

Crocs are:

  • Comfortable
  • Light Weight
  • Odor-Resistant
  • Available in a wide variety of styles!

Check out styles and available colors!

Shear Case


All-In-One Shear Case & Holster

This is the shear case that I have, and it’s perfect for a busy hairstylist!


  • Combo Cache- removable shear and accessory holder
  • Multi-Purpose- 12 Compartments
  • Stores shears, combs, razors, & clips
  • Snap Buckle Closure
  • Belt to wear while working

Check out this shear case and other fun & functional styles!

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