As you all know….I’m a passionate hairstylist and I know what we like! Here’s a list of some perfect gifts for hairstylists….just in case that special someone in your life shares the same passions that I do!

These items are hand-picked by me and I am not being paid or given free items for sharing this list with you. A lot of people think that’s all that bloggers do, but this is the real deal folks!

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Power Styler


New in 2015!

The Power Styler just came out this year and it’s the perfect gift for any hairstylist that hasn’t discovered them yet! My Paul Mitchell blow dryers already have a nozzle like this, so when I first used a hair dryer without it I could not deal!

  • Cuts blow dry time in half
  • Sets any style: wavy, straight, or curly
  • Creates longer-lasting blow drys
  • Clips onto any straight-edged blow dryer nozzle


The beauty of this product is that you don’t have to buy an expensive hair dryer to get similar results. The nozzle won’t do it all, so make sure you grab a quality round brush to go with it!



Available in a wide variety of colors!

It’s a real struggle trying to keep a blow-out fresh if we need to put our hair up, and traditional ponytail holders always leave a “crease”.


  • Allows space for individual hair to avoid “bobble marks”
  • Won’t drag on hair or scalp
  • Smooth & metal free-won’t cause breakage

Get the perfect color for your favorite stylist on!

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