Long Angled Bob

The Long Angled Bob, or “Lob” is pretty much always in style these days.

It looks best with oval face shapes, but can also be worn by hearts, squares, and a few others by adding bangs or adjusting the length. If you’re not sure which facial shape you are check out this post about facial shapes!

Some people think they need the “perfect” hair texture to get this look, but that’s not true! Whether you have very fine or thin hair…thick hair…or in-between you can wear this cut. The key is finding a stylist that is great at cutting and knows what to do with your hair texture.

If you love this haircut, but don’t know how to explain it to your stylist then don’t forget to bring a photo with you!

Long Angled Bob


Here are a few pointers on what to say during the consultation with your hairstylist:

  • Length- Tell your stylist how long you want the angle to be in the front. Show your stylist where that point is.

  • Angle- How soft or extreme do you want your haircut to look? Tell your stylist how much of an angle you want. This goes hand-in-hand with the length and will change how the cut looks.

  • Layers- Do you want additional movement in your haircut? In the haircut I did in the photo she only has very light layering around the bottom because her hair is fine. If your hair is thick you may want some medium to long layering (light).

  • Bangs- Do you want to add bangs? Should they be full or straight? Bangs are about preference and face shape, so ask your stylist for their opinion if you’re not sure. You can also read my post…To Bang or Not to Bang…to help you decide which way to go!

Love the cut and the color?!

Click here to see the exact formulas and techniques I used to create the look!

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