5-Shampoos-For-Hair-LossIf you’re suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, then you’ve probably tried everything to get your hair back to normal.

I’ve heard from so many readers about home remedies they’ve tried, and some of them have even sought medical advice/treatment.

Everyone wants to know what works, so here are 5 shampoos for hair loss that I recommend or use at home!


5 Shampoos For Hair Loss

Regenepure Treatments


Regenepure-DR-Hair-Loss-ShampooRegenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo

Regenepure DR is a powerful hair loss shampoo with ketoconazole, a powerful anti-fungal that removes the build-up of DHT on the scalp.

This shampoo helps curb hair loss in men and women without sulfates, parabens, DEA and other harsh chemicals.

It is also great for treating dandruff, itchy scalp, or dry scalp!


*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Regenepure-NT-Nourishing-Treatment-ShampooRegenepure Nourishing Treatment

Regenepure NT is a hair and scalp moisturizing shampoo that cleanses the scalp while promoting future healthy hair growth.

It’s designed to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles while keeping the hair healthy, thick, and conditioned.

This is one of the best shampoos for thinning hair in women.


*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Regenepure-Intense-Biotin-ConditionerRegenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner

Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner is formulated to bring limp and brittle hair back to life with ingredients like biotin, tea tree and jojoba oils, keratin, silk proteins, copper peptides, and saw palmetto extract.

This conditioner is very heavy! It works wonders, but if you have very fine or thin hair(or your hair seems oily when you use conditioner) then you may want to use it lightly or only once per week. My hair is somewhat thick and medium-textured/wavy. I use this conditioner about twice per week.


*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree


Paul-Mitchell-Tea-Tree-Hair-Scalp-TreatmentPaul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment

I use this treatment after shampooing and conditioning my hair. You can use it as often as you feel necessary, but 1-2 times per week should be enough.

When I first started using it(my hair was thinner and my scalp wasn’t “normal”), I applied it every time I shampooed and conditioned my hair. You will notice a difference and should change your regimen as your hair improves.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

paul-mitchell-lavender-mint-moisturizingPaul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

This moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are part of Paul Mitchell’s tea tree product line. The lavender mint moisturizing shampoo and conditioner not only smell great, but they’re perfect for improving your hair and it’s dryness.

Quenches thirsty hair and soothes the senses with calming lavender, mint, and tea tree extracts!

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Paul-Mitchell-Lemon-Sage-ThickeningPaul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

This thickening shampoo and conditioner are part of Paul Mitchell’s tea tree product line. The lemon sage thickening shampoo and conditioner will help restore fine, limp hair while adding volume.

Thickens hair and refreshes the senses with natural extracts of lemon, sage, peppermint, and tea tree!


*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Joico Clinícure

Joico-Clinicure-Botanical-Treatment-NaturalJoico Clinícure Treatment Kit for Natural Hair

This kit helps those with advanced stages of thinning hair(there’s also one for early stages) to create an optimal scalp environment for healthier, thicker-looking hair.

It includes a purifying scalp cleanse product, balancing scalp nourish product, and advanced thinning rescue solution.

There are two different treatment kits for natural hair, one is for the early stages of thinning and the other is for advanced thinning.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Joico-Clinicure-Botanical-Treatment-Chemically-TreatedJoico Clinícure Treatment Kit for Chemically Treated Hair

This kit helps those with advanced stages of thinning hair(there’s also one for early stages) to create an optimal scalp environment for healthier, thicker-looking chemically-treated hair.

It includes everything that the kit for natural hair has, but the formula is safe for chemically-treated hair and will not affect your color or curls.

There are two different treatment kits for chemically treated hair, one is for the early stages of thinning and the other is for advanced thinning.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Aveda Invati System

Aveda-Invati-Exfoliating-ShampooAveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo

Cleanses and renews the scalp.

  • Removes build-up that can clog pores and renews the scalp.
  • Contains an invigorating blend of herbs, including certified organic turmeric and ginger.
  • One of 7 groundbreaking products honored with gold-level Cradle to Cradle® certification.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Aveda-Invati-Thickening-ConditionerAveda Invati Thickening Conditioner

Weightlessly thickens the hair from within.

  • Soy proteins and naturally derived amino acids mimic hair’s building blocks to help weightlessly thicken hair from within.
  • Contains an invigorating blend of herbs, including certified organic turmeric and ginger.
  • One of 7 groundbreaking products honored with gold-level Cradle to Cradle® certification.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Aveda-Invati-Scalp-RevitalizerAveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer

Helps keep the hair you have longer.

  • Apply twice a day, lifting your hair in sections to spray directly onto the scalp.
  • Spray 16 times onto wet or damp hair, evenly covering the head.
  • Gently massage the product into your scalp and do not rinse!
  • Also contains certified organic herbs!
  • Available by itself for use with your favorite shampoo and conditioner or in the Aveda Invati System Kit

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Nioxin 3-Step System

Nioxin-System-CleanserThis 3-step system isn’t for everyone. It’s similar to the clinicure systems by Joico, but in my opinion it’s a little stronger. It’s also most commonly used for hair loss or thinning that comes with age.

If you are looking for a hair thinning solution and you lost hair because of using WEN, this should be your last resort product.

*Nioxin Systems come in 6 different types, so you need to make sure that you’re using the right one for your situation!

There are 2 systems for natural/non-chemically treated hair that is fine, 2 systems for natural/non-chemically treated hair that is medium to coarse, and 2 systems for colored or chemically treated hair.

Nioxin-System-1Nioxin System 1 *Natural Hair

System 1 is for normal to thin-looking, fine hair that is natural. Volumizing leave-on treatment for normal to thin-looking hair – contains antioxidants and botanicals to help provide a refreshed scalp environment.

  • Amplifies hair texture while protecting against breakage.
  • Refreshes the scalp while delivering a healthy shine.
  • Includes a cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Nioxin-System-2Nioxin System 2 *Natural Hair

System 2 is for noticeably thinning, fine hair that is natural. Volumizing, cosmetic leave-on treatment for noticeably thinning hair – contains SPF 15 sunscreen to protect scalp skin, and antioxidants and botanicals to help provide a refreshed scalp environment.

  • Denser-looking hair while strengthening against damage.
  • Provides healthier and shinier hair while protecting the scalp.
  • Includes a cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Nioxin-System-3Nioxin System 3 *Colored or Permed Hair

System 3 is for normal to thin-looking, fine hair that is chemically treated. Volumizing leave-on treatment for normal to thin-looking hair – contains antioxidants and botanicals to help provide a refreshed scalp environment.

  • Amplifies hair texture and restores natural moisture balance for colored hair.
  • Protects and preserves colored and permed hair.
  • Includes a cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Nioxin-System-4Nioxin System 4 *Colored or Permed Hair

System 4 is for noticeably thinning, fine hair that is chemically treated. Volumizing, cosmetic leave-on treatment for noticeably thinning hair – contains an SPF 15 sunscreen to protect scalp skin, and antioxidants and botanicals to help provide a refreshed scalp environment.

  • Delivers denser-looking hair and restores moisture balance.
  • Protects the scalp and preserves hair color.
  • Includes a cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Nioxin-System-5Nioxin System 5 *Natural Hair

System 5 is for normal to thin-looking, medium to coarse hair that is natural. Moisturizing leave-on treatment for normal to thin-looking hair – contains antioxidants and botanicals to help provide a refreshed scalp environment

  • Delivers smoothing control to the hair.
  • Refreshes the scalp and provides moisture balance.
  • Includes a cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Nioxin-System-6Nioxin System 6 *Natural Hair

System 6 is for noticeably thinning, medium to coarse hair that is natural. Moisturizing leave-on treatment for noticeably thinning hair – contains an SPF sunscreen to help protect scalp skin and antioxidants and botanicals to help provide a refreshed scalp environment.

  • Delivers smoothing control to the hair.
  • Refreshes the scalp and provides moisture balance.
  • Includes a cleanser, scalp therapy conditioner, and scalp treatment.

*Purchase online here or at a store near you!

Do you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning?

If you’ve tried any of these products, or if you have a suggestion for other readers…please leave a comment below!


45 Responses to 5 Shampoos for Hair Loss

  1. Hi Erika

    I just love the way you give me a list of good products for making my hubby so amazing because I have faced hair loss problem last 1 month. Hope he will like it when I will recover such an irritating problem. Thanks a lot for the honest review as well.

  2. Thanks for your awesome reviews. And I have no doubt about those products. But in addition, I would like to add another name to the list. Amplixin hair support system. I had a severe hair loss problem back then. And I was so frustrated and depressed that I started to believe there are no solutions for hair loss. Then I have found amplixin recommendation from a friend. It saves me from my misery and relieves me for a lifetime.

  3. Deb says:

    Would you happen to be familiar with Zenagen Revolve?

  4. Deb says:

    Would you happen to be familiar with Zenagen Revolve?

  5. Anna says:

    Interesting….do you work for or are compensated by Regenepure? I can’t possibly conceive you would hold this brand up to the left bed of Alterna for hair loss. I worked for Salonceuticals (makers of Regenepure) and they are a small time company with limited resources. Their products are non-miraculous at best.

    You commented about one particular brand being a pyramid scheme and therefore you can’t endorse it but, don’t you really mean they don’t have an affiliate kickback for putting links in your blog? I certainly know Regenepure does and is most likely why they are in your top 3 products list. Again, I worked for them as I have for many cosmetic manufacturing companies so, I know ALL the tricks of the trade. Your readers should know the truth not be a source of income!

    So says the girl who’s hair is fallling out. If I could restore it with Regenepure product – the ones I used to sell, don’t you think I would be slathering them on every day??

    • Erika says:

      I do not work for Regenepure.

      I do, however, work for Living Proof as a consultant….I travel and promote brand awareness as well as educate consumers/hairstylists about which products are best for them and how to use them. Even though I work for them, you don’t see a whole lot about Living Proof on my blog.

      I’ve been a hairstylist for 11 years and have heard/seen so many different “hair scenarios” along with what has worked for those clients and what hasn’t. EVERY situation is different and that goes for the product effectiveness as well. I just make suggestions for people who don’t know what to try or where to find what they’re looking for.

      Products are always changing and progress in the beauty industry is moving faster than I can keep up. When did you work for that company? Maybe their products have been re-formulated….or maybe they do work for some people.

      One example…and I hate to use it..is WEN. Their shampoo has devastated so many women(read about it here), but I still hear from some clients and readers that love it and have been using it for years with no problems. That’s fine and I don’t knock it or try to push them to use something else because everyone is different. I’m certainly not going to use it, and I’m not going to recommend it…but some people like it…whatever floats your boat.

      On recommending Alterna and Regenepure….
      Alterna is one of my FAVORITE hair care brands….it’s pretty awesome and hard to beat. Their thickening products are very different from those like Regenepure and Nioxin(those are more of a treatment solution…closer to medical-type shampoos). If I had time, I would write separate posts for each type of hair loss or thinning…and those products probably wouldn’t be mentioned in the same article. Thousands of people stumble upon these posts, that’s why I mention that it’s situational and that you must identify the type of problem you have before choosing a product. It’s impossible for me to explain everything down to details for every individual that might read this post….that’s why I list a wide variety of options.

      On disclosing kickbacks- I have disclosure statements on my blog as I do earn very small commissions from Amazon and other similar online retailers. HOWEVER, if a product company reaches out to me for a review or to promote their products…I will do that in a separate post if I feel that what they have to offer will be beneficial to my readers. Those posts include disclosure statements, but I have very few of them on my website.

      Lastly, I started this website because I began to realize that so many clients/consumers are mislead when it comes to the beauty industry. That’s why I’m so blunt when it comes to my opinions and recommendations…I want people to know the truth. I would NEVER suggest something just to make a fraction of a penny off someone. Also, Regenepure is not a “top 3” product on my website…it is merely in a list of suggestions that are in no specific order.

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your expertise!

  6. Zandaley Kirchkesner says:

    Which shampoo do you recommend for postpartum hair loss? This is my second baby and I’m breastfeeding, and it didn’t happen before but this time around chuncks of my hair have fallen off and I have bald spots. I want a shampoo That will prompt hair growth during this time

    • Erika says:

      How long has it been since you had your baby? It’s scary, but your hair will get better. Definitely continue taking your vitamins(especially biotin/vitamin e) and keep your scalp clean, healthy, and free from build up so that your hair has a healthy follicle!

  7. Deb says:

    Interesting thread here, I have been using Monat for nine weeks under a reps guidance and LOST 50% OF MY HAIR!!! I am terrified where to go from here. I’m praying I get my hair back
    Ck. Right now it’s all bald spots and brittle dry hair, just terrifying.

    • Erika says:

      I do not endorse or recommend Monat. I don’t know much about it, but I do know of other brands/products(like the ones I mention on my blog) work and are available for a lower price.

      Pyramid Schemes should be avoided….that’s all I’m saying 🙂

      • Carey-Anne Goldsack says:

        Just thought I would give an update. I have been using Eprouvage now for about 10 months. I buy it from the salon but other online places sell it too. I have noticed hair growth on my forehead/sides of front of my head. My hairdresser even noticed my roots are thicker. I also massage my head upside down every time I wash it. It is natural so it takes time but it works!

    • Elise says:

      Deb, I tried Monat in August, 2017 and had fantastic results. After seeing the results and watching all the phenomenal youtube videos, I decided to become a consultant. I had heard of the “detox” period and was prepared for it. However, I never had it. Week after week went by and my hair looked great. I was getting new hair growth and my existing hair was really starting to grow. (Note: I had my hair cut just a week after starting Monat). Then in the middle to the end of September, my hair started falling out BAD! I asked my rep about it and she told me to switch to a different line. Not a big deal since I received all the products when I became a consultant. But what if I was the average customer? The stuff is too expensive to just switch lines a moment’s notice. Anyway, I did switch and for a couple of days my hair was oily and frizzy and no improvement in the fallout. Once the oiliness and frizz went away, I still had zero improvement with hair loss. So I emailed her again and got the same answer. So finally, I emailed her Monday (10/23) and told her it was getting worse and definitely worse than before I started using Monat. (I was using Nioxin before) I told her I didn’t think this was detox because I wasn’t experiencing the oiliness, frizziness, itchy scalp or any of that. She gave me another regimen to follow for 30 days and said it’s just late detox. I really am not buying that! Why would my detox only include hair loss? All my new growth fell out. As for the growth rate of my hair, after looking at the calendar and knowing how often I go between cuts, there really is no difference in the hair growth rate. I think some people think their hair is growing faster but the before and after pictures are usually about 2 months apart and at 8 weeks, most people need a trim or cut anyway. So I don’t think people are taking this into account. I will give Monat credit for my hair being more manageable and looking better overall but at this rate, I won’t have any left to manage. I have stopped trying to sell it and am switching shampoos. I know firsthand that any time a customer is not satisfied, they’re told it’s “detox”. I think Monat is great for some people, but I’m not one of those. And as for the 30 day money back guarantee they offer that I once thought was so wonderful, well it took over 60 days for me to start having problems and they tell you it’s a 90 day system. So if it’s a 90 day system, then why the 30 day money back guarantee? They’ll just tell you it’s detox or you have to stick with it for the full 90 days. I’m so over Monat and am really interested in hearing if others have the same experience as me. I’m seeing this whole thing end up in the category with Wen.

    • Jordan says:

      You were probably going through a detox, and should really finish out the last three weeks. There is a great video about this process and the three stages of hair that your scalp goes through.


  8. Mai says:

    Hey there, what’s the best treatment for hair loss after having a baby, my son is about six months and my hair had never been failing this bad, thank you

  9. Vanessa says:

    What would you suggest for thinning hair due to thyroid issues?
    Im getting mixed reviews.

    • Erika says:

      It depends on what’s going on with your thyroid…products will not do it all. I’m not a doctor, so I cannot make suggestions based on medical conditions. You can try something like Nioxin Diamax, but most likely you need to start with your health.

  10. Sally says:

    Kerastase Initialiste saved my thinning hair. I’ve never had such thick hair my entire life after using this!

  11. Just wondering if you have heard of Eprouvage and if you have your opinion. I was going to use Nioxin but the hair salon said that the products they recommend for hair loss are Nioxin and Eprouvage, with better results seen with Eprouvage. I also have major hair thinning from using Wen since 2009 and have been searching for the best solution. Thanks!

    • Erika says:

      I haven’t heard of that one yet, but another popular brand is Keranique. It’s at Ulta Beauty and those that don’t care for Nioxin seem to love it.

      • Thanks. My picture is my hair before I lost it, now it is so fine and thin, easily 1/2 what it was because of thinning. Nioxin and Eprouvage are ones they sell at the salon. Eprouvage is a new one, only about about 2 years but with really good results from what I have read and from what the hairdressers’ said. I checked out Keranique, it looks like an As Seen On TV product. I am unable to use it though as it has Minoxidil – since I am nursing. I have also read that 5% Minoxidil, once a day is better for women that 2% twice a day.Reviews on Amazon and other sites are overall not good for Keranique. Thanks though!

  12. Melissa Clark says:

    MONAT has many wonderful testimonies on google and MONAT fb pages. Safe botanical oils without any harsh ingredients.A first of its kind anti aging hair care line. With proven results. 3rd party clinical studies from Princeton University. Helps promote hair regrowth. MONAT is so molecularly structured to penetrate deep into the scalp,pores,hair shaft,cuticle and hair strand. It blocks the DHT hormone that causes hair loss and mimics your own natural bodies oil to re grow your real hair before bringing back the hair you once had before any damage. Every MONAT product has Capyxil(red clover exract)to boost hair growth. Balances out scalp to your normal ph balance. Boost shine,elasticity,and volume. MONAT works for those who have hair loss from chemo,pregnancy,alepecia,hormonal imbalance,genetics,surgery,thyroid problems,stress,environmental causes and many more. Please feel free to contact me for more info or if anyone has any questions. MONAT has a hair care system for all hair types and textures.

    • Kathy rogers says:

      Can you send me some info on the Monat product you are talking about. I have been using Keranique for almost 3 months and it seems to be doing nothing . . I think my issue may be hormonal imbalance . . But started noticing my hair thinning about 6 months ago . . Thanks

    • Elaine Sumlin says:

      Please send me some info on Monat, since my hair has started thinning about 3 months ago and is really bad now. My hair dresser just noticed it this month because it is so bad. I think I will be bald by middle on summer if the doctor can’t find the problem. I use to have really thick hair.

  13. Michelle Copley says:

    I had weight loss surgery and one of the things we are warned of before is hair loss. That being said I am luckier than most because I have always had fast growing super thick hair that has rarely been in bad shape because I have always treated my hair as if it WERE fragile and rarely ever using heat for anything. With that being said I take 2 hair and nails tablets and a higher dose of b complex vitamins and have used shampoos for hair loss and if they don’t already have tree tea oil or rosemary in them I add a few drops to the shampoo or conditioner. Is there anything else I should be doing? I’ve read about some horse and dog shampoos that are ok for humans to use and wanted to know what you thought of those as well. This is the thinnest my hair has ever been but it doesn’t look bad aside from the regrowth lol my hair tends to frizz and curl up like crazy so the days of throwing my hair in a bun is not ok for general population’s sight. I have also colored my hair since I was 19 when I went gray prematurely and now I am afraid to do my roots so I am a real hot mess LOL

  14. Hannah Harris says:

    It was such an amazing article. But form my point of view the product I am using deep hair treatmentis really effective.It will improve your hairs for sure so try it once people because This deep nourishing treatment masque is enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil – touted for its high concentrations of vitamins A and E that help strengthen and smoothen hair naturally, as well as Sea Kelp extract, which is a humectant that helps your hair retain moisture.

  15. Melissa says:

    I struggled for many many years with dry,brittle,non growing hair. It would get shoulder length but was very dry and frizzy and would have so many split ends that my hair would break off. I tried everything from keratin treatments to Brazilian blowouts,to DIY remedies,to expensive shampoos and conditioners and leave in sprays but nothing worked. Only left it dryer and frizzed. It wasn’t until 4 months ago someone introduced me to Monat. All natural botanical plant based products. These products are so concentrated one system has lasted me the entire 5 months! I’m 38 yrs old and my hair is growing! Shiny,healthy and strong. No more globs of hair in the shower drain. Monats products have clinical studies with less than a 1% return rate. It has helped those from genetic hair loss to cancer chemo patients. It also will grow back eye brows and eye lashes too!

  16. Xochitl says:

    When you recommend 3 separate items from the same brand, such as Regenepure, are you basically suggesting we need to purchase all three to get results? I’m only asking because they are all quite pricey and sometimes I don’t understand if the reviews are solely based on the shampoos or if they include the scalp treatments. Tx!

  17. CeeDee says:

    Thanks! Was looking for something effective to counteract the 4-year-ago Wen hair loss with no recovery that I can see. Please continue sharing & updating. Blessings!

    • Erika says:

      I haven’t heard anything new yet, but I will share when I do!

      You may also want to read through some of the comments on this page and the two posts listed below. There are some great suggestions from other readers who’ve been through the same experiences with WEN as you have. I’m working on putting a lot of the information on one page, but it’s not done yet.

      Here are some other good references for you:
      Do These Things If You’re Losing Hair
      WEN Causes Hair Loss

  18. Angela says:

    Hi there, just curious, why would you say Nioxon is a last resort? my sister just gave me some to try and I’m very interested to see if it works for my thinning hair, I’ve never tried anything for this before, so I just want to make sure there are no dangers and using it. Thanks!

    • Erika says:

      Nioxin is a stronger system and it’s for a specific type of thinning(it’s also expensive and you must use the Nioxin system that is specific to your hair/situation). Nioxin is best for people who have thinning hair because of aging…that’s why I list it as the last resort.

      I posted these suggestions in response to the many comments on WEN Causes Hair Loss. Nioxin is a last resort in that case because there is no evidence yet as to why WEN causes hair loss, so I recommend that people try other methods before using Nioxin.

      Nioxin isn’t dangerous, but if your hair is thinning and you’re not over 50(or not close to menopause) then I suggest thinking about what else may be causing the thinning. At 25 I experienced a lot of thinning and my hair just wasn’t “normal”. It was due to stress and lack of certain vitamins….so think about all factors first 🙂 .

  19. knlovett says:

    You should look into Monat, which is a naturally-based, non-toxic hair care line which is clinically proven to work better at stopping hair loss and regrowing hair better than products containing Minoxidil. It also improves the texture and condition of your hair with each use without any silicones or parabens. I used Nioxin for 5 years and it ruined my hair. It did slow hair loss but made my hair completely dull and so brittle that it broke off after only 1-2 inches. I actually started wearing wigs until a few months on Monat! I’d love to send you some Monat products and information to try if you’d be interested in looking into this new line. – Kristi

    • Erika says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! Nioxin is great, but you must use the right system for your hair. There are more options than there used to be, so I think they are improving!

      I also suggest using a leave-in conditioner and/or weekly hair mask with products like Nioxin so that your hair will not get dull/brittle.

      These are the BEST for repairing and nourishing damaged hair(also great for normal hair):

    • Tiffiny says:

      Hi! Was just reading your post . And I wanted to know more about this product you use. I am trying to limit my exposure to unnecessary toxins as I am battling an auto immune disorder. I have female pattern baldness and am getting thin in the crown , and am looking for a good product

      • Erika says:

        Which product line are you referring to?

        Have you tried the Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment by Paul Mitchell? I always suggest starting simple instead of trying more harsh products for hair loss first. In your case it’s a little different because the body can be unpredictable.

      • Melissa says:

        Hello. I’m a Market Partner for MONAT. A botanical plant based anti aging hair care line proven to regrow hair. MONAT has so many amazing testimonies on MONAT testimonies fb pages. MONAT is the only botanical plant based hair care system that is toxin free with 3rd party clinical studies with less than a 1% return rate which speaks volumes. Many salon products is filled with toxins that does the body more harm than good. So if you would like more info about MONAT please email me or look me up on fb. Thank you so much!

    • Janice visconti says:

      Interested in Monat products. Can you send me information and maybe some samples of product I guess due to surgeries medication and age. My hair has gotten very think and am finding hair everywhere

  20. James Bergman says:

    I also appreciate your posting these shampoos I can use to help curb/slow down my hair loss. However, I don’t think I have ever seen any of them in stores. Would I need to buy them at a salon? Also, where do you find out about this stuff? I bet you didn’t learn about all of these products in school.

    • Erika says:

      I went to a Paul Mitchell school….so we were thoroughly educated on their product systems but my learning leaders were not allowed to talk about other product brands. The shampoos I recommend in this post are products that I’ve personally had a good experience with, my clients told me about them, or they were carried at my salon.

      I found the Regenepure products by accident! I’m a member of a product review site that sends me products in exchange for an honest review(sometimes they do a giveaway for my readers). They sent me the Regenepure Volumizing Biotin Conditioner and I have to be honest…it’s not something that I would just order on a whim. I’ve already finished my first bottle and ordered another. Regenepure is the most clicked product link on my product posts and it’s results correlate with the interest I’ve seen in the products.

      You can order most of these online or get them at a salon. If you order on Amazon make sure the retailer has a lot of good reviews and/or is a verified seller. I usually try to provide a link to the product website or somewhere that you can order it, but that’s not always possible. I will add another comment with locations where you can find each of the product brands!

      Thanks for reading!

  21. rahmanlima74 says:

    Thank u for sharing that very important information with me.

    • Erika says:

      Your welcome! There are other great shampoos for hair loss/hair thinning, but I have used these or recommended them to my clients and seen the results.

      So far….I think most readers are liking the Regenepure products. This is just from reading their e-mails and comments. If you’ve used anything else that worked, please share!

      Thanks for reading!

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