Which products are the best root boosters?

It depends on your hair type, how you style your hair, etc. Root boosters come in spray form, spray mousses, and even sometimes a powder form.

I consider the powders and foams to be in their own category, and the spray mousse to be just a mousse….not necessarily a root booster.



So, here are a few of the best root boosters that will give you more volume. Root boosters work best when applied to damp/towel-dried hair, and then blow dried with a round brush.

*If you’re not comfortable blow drying with a round brush…just flip your head upside down and dry the roots a bit. This is NOT the proper way to blow dry your hair! You should not do this and direct the dryer at your ends because that can promote split-ends and damage.


The Best Root Boosters…

Moroccanoil Root Boost


Moroccanoil Root Boost

Moroccanoil Root Booster is very light, but it gives you amazing volume at the root! It’s like a wet hairspray, and you should spray it in key areas at the root before you blow dry! Here are a few highlights about this product:

  • Creates a strong texture at the root.
  • Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil.
  • Best for medium to fine hair.
  • Helps control static and provides a natural, long-lasting finish!

*This root booster pairs well with Moroccanoil’s Volumizing Mousse!

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus


Big Sexy Hair Root Plump Plus

Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus is a humidity-resistant volumizing spray mousse that helps you create big volume at the root with extra hold! It dispenses out as a spray and turns into a mousse. It works best when applied to wet damp or towel-dried hair. Here are a few highlights about this product:

  • Protects hair from humidity.
  • Great for heavy or thick hair textures.
  • Results will vary and depend on whether or not you blow-dry or air-dry your hair.

*This root booster pairs well with Big Sexy Hair’s Spray & Stay Intense Hold Hairspray!


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    Here’s another great curling tool from Bedhead:

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