Beauty Tip # 50: Applying Makeup

The reason why you should apply makeup with your ring finger….



Most of us do this naturally without thinking about it. You’ve probably never noticed this, but now you will!

The ring finger applies less pressure than your other fingers, so application is more even and naturally blended. It is the “weakest” finger, but I prefer to use a more positive term….it’s “delicate”.


Think about it…your pointer finger is a little more aggressive…and your pinky finger is just not controllable. If you use your pinky finger to apply makeup, then you might as well be applying it with a gummy worm.

This is most commonly brought up when talking about applying eye cream or concealer. In my opinion, it works for any kind of makeup application. Cream blushes, eyeshadows, and other similar products should also be applied with the ring finger.

If you prefer not to use your finger to apply makeup then you may want to read about makeup sponges!

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