100-Perfectly-Random-Beauty-Tips100 perfectly random beauty tips are simple things you can do daily, weekly, or monthly to improve your skin, hair, nails, makeup, etc.

Some of these tips are linked to more information on my website or other sites that I like.

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Here’s a bonus tip…#101!
“Wash your pillowcases and sheets weekly to prevent breakouts!”

100 Perfectly Random Beauty Tips

  1. Always remove your makeup at night!
  2. Wear sunscreen…everyday!
  3. Get “beachy” waves with just a few steps.
  4. Use a cleansing toner every morning and night.
  5. Not all beauty tutorials are created equally.
  6. Always bring photos of what you want to your hair appointment.
  7. Put your makeup on before you get dressed…for obvious reasons.
  8. Pamper your brows, but read about it first!
  9. Use a cleanser that’s right for you, everyday.
  10. Tweeze everyday…there’s always something to pluck!
  11. Always use moisturizer…always…head-to-toe.
  12. Hairspray is your best friend.
  13. A little bit of eye cream goes a long way!
  14. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips to prevent flaking when you wear gloss or lipstick.
  15. It’s okay to use drugstore beauty products, but make sure they’re the best!
  16. But don’t use Pantene Pro-V, just don’t.
  17. Know your eyebrow color before you buy a pencil or powder.
  18. Try a “lob” or long angled bob if you need a change, but don’t want it to be too drastic.
  19. Join my private Google+ Community for exclusive contests, freebies, and more beauty tips!
  20. Buy makeup sets so you can “try before you buy”.
  21. Do what you feel comfortable with.
  22. Shave the right way… click here for shaving secrets!
  23. Elongate your eyelashes…here are 6 secrets!
  24. For extra volume use root booster before you blow dry.
  25. Being yourself makes you more beautiful.
  26. No time for makeup? A little mascara will do!
  27. Rodan+Fields skin care products are the bomb…they will FIX anything!
  28. Apply your eyeliner with your eyes halfway open, rather than closing one!
  29. Keep your hair healthy with these simple suggestions.
  30. Switch from box color to salon color!
  31. Eat clean! You’ll feel better and look better in just a few days.
  32. Always brush your skin.
  33. Make your own anti-aging mask…DIY it!
  34. Try a fun nail art tutorial to change it up!
  35. Take vitamins like Biotin for healthier hair, skin, & nails.
  36. Don’t go overboard with your makeup.
  37. Restore your damaged hair.
  38. Use makeup primer to make your makeup last!
  39. Brush your teeth every morning and night, no exceptions.
  40. Use a makeup sponge.
  41. Removing box color is never easy! 
  42. If your eyelashes are thinning, or you have trouble growing them…try a serum.
  43. When you’re feeling “blah”…get a tan!
  44. Mousse is essential to a great blow out!
  45. Make sure the nail salon you go to follows proper sanitation procedures.
  46. Organize your beauty products.
  47. Drink water, of course.
  48. Use dry shampoo when you need to, but don’t over do it.
  49. Be healthy…it will show on the outside too!
  50. Applying makeup the right way.
  51. Honey, it has beauty benefits…read them here!
  52. Thicken up your hair and make it stay all day…
  53. Get bangs to change your look! Full or side…hmmm?
  54. Make your hair color last longer…it’s possible!
  55. Don’t get a perm if you have highlighted hair.
  56. Use a konjac sponge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  57. Moisturize your dry skin with a special tonic.
  58. Always schedule a consultation when you want to make a big change with your hair.
  59. If you have color-treated hair…definitely use products that will make it last and keep it healthy!
  60. Use a mud mask…they work wonders!
  61. Check out beauty polls to see what other like when it comes to products, salon services, etc.
  62. Like my Facebook page to get beauty tips from all of my favorite bloggers everyday!
  63. The cycles of life…haircuts!
  64. Don’t use box hair color.
  65. Always have wipes or moist towelettes handy.
  66. Use a Biotin conditioner every once in a while.
  67. Make your own tingling peppermint seaweed mask…DIY it!
  68. Brush your hair daily…it’s also great for scalp stimulation and hair growth!
  69. If your hair is damaged…don’t make it worse! Take this quiz!
  70. Prevent breakouts and blemishes with the right skin care products.
  71. Check beauty product ingredients before you buy them.
  72. Use coconut oil when you can, it’s great for your skin!
  73. Don’t use just any products…use the right ones for your hair type!
  74. Protect your hair from the elements.
  75. Use a foundation brush if you’re not a fan of makeup sponges.
  76. Stop cellulite by eating the right foods.
  77. Save money and give yourself a manicure or pedicure.
  78. Use “It’s a 10 Miracle” products…they’re seriously awesome…especially the leave-in conditioner!
  79. Get rid of your dark circles.
  80. Always have a mirror handy!
  81. Reconsider that perm…there are plenty of other options!
  82. Don’t get a perm if you have color-treated hair.
  83. Try a skin derma roller.
  84. Eliminate dark spots on your face or body.
  85. Use organic coffee grounds and coconut oil to exfoliate your skin…DIY it!
  86. Eliminate stretch marks, don’t just live with them.
  87. Use serums-for your face, eyes, etc.!
  88. Get good eye makeup brushes and keep them clean.
  89. If your hair is thinning or falling out try these shampoos & conditioners!
  90. Use dry shampoo…it will change your life!
  91. Don’t use WEN hair care products.
  92. Get a moisturizer with sunscreen so you don’t have to apply two products!
  93. Sally’s Beauty products are NOT professional, that’s why it’s open to the public.
  94. When you’re not sure about something…ask for advice, or learn from others experiences!
  95. Use tea tree oil to treat scalp issues, acne, and more.
  96. Try a vitamin C serum for your face.
  97. Don’t get a perm if your hair is colored!
  98. Cuticle oil will refresh your manicure/pedicure and lasts longer than lotion.
  99. Contour your face shape…the right way.
  100. Use popsicle sticks in the bathroom.

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7 Responses to 100 Perfectly Random Beauty Tips

  1. I like the very first tip which says remove make up at night, so simple yet so practical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jay Ren says:

    I liked number 10, tweezing every day. When I first started tweezing my eyebrows, it hurt so bad. Eventually, you learn little tricks on how to hold your skin back and how to pluck that make it not hurt at all. Plus, beauty maintenance really happens with the little things like tweezing every day!

  3. Bryson Owens says:

    My daughter wants to work in the make-up industry when she is older because she loves fashion. I’ll share your article with her so that she knows things like always brushing your face to exfoliate. I’ll try to find a dermatologist that she can actually talk to and get advice from.

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    My blog addresses a lot of the same topics as youгs and I feel we could greatly
    benefit from each otһer. If you might be interested feel
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    Аwesome blog by the way!

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