So…everyone is into LulaRoe right now. There are tons of great patterns, fabrics, and styles. Everything I have, I ordered without trying on in hopes that I would love it. Or course, I did my research first and chose the items that I felt would fit the best. I hope you like them, and don’t forget to share your LulaRoe Top 5 Picks in the comment section!

Hairstylist approved Lula Roe leggings! If you haven’t tried them yet and want to see which prints are available right…

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Here are my LulaRoe top 5 picks! If you don’t know what to purchase when you go to the next pop-up party, then start with these!

New to LulaRoe? Check out this sizing chart to determine you size in LulaRoe clothing!

LulaRoe Top 5 Picks

1. Madison Skirt



The Madison Skirt is a great multi-functional piece for Spring, Summer, and those in-betweener Fall days!

As most of you know…I LOVE skirts and dresses with pockets! That’s why I had to order this skirt over the other LulaRoe skirt styles. Don’t get me wrong…the Lola, Cassie, and Azure skirt styles are great too!

You can wear this skirt at your hips, or at high waist. It all depends on your style, your body type, and what makes you most comfortable!

I suggest ordering this skirt in your normal size if you’re going to wear it at your hips, and a size smaller if you prefer to wear it at high waist.

Take note that the pockets are easier to use if you wear it at the hip, otherwise having items floating around your mid-section can feel a little awkward.

  • Hidden Pockets
  • Full Skirt
  • Pleats
  • Casual or Dressy

Click here to view an alternative option for this skirt!

2. Perfect Tee



So, I have a little confession about the Perfect Tee.

I really liked the style of this shirt, and had been searching high and low for one in a print or solid color that I liked. One night a friend of mine posted two Perfect Tees for sale in one of her online parties and I bought one…in a print that I would NEVER purchase at a store and only like a little.

I know, it’s silly, but I figure that if it’s flattering and comfortable it doesn’t matter(and I liked the print, a little). I can’t wait for one to pop up in a solid color, but in the meantime…I’m glad that I bought the Perfect Tee in a questionable pattern.

The cool thing about LulaRoe isn’t just that it’s comfortable, it’s that it’s unique and it will open you up to wearing new things that you never would have!

I used to wear all black…all the time(mainly because it was the dress code at my salon and I just grew to love it). Everyone knows how hard it is to break out of your clothing comfort zone, and LulaRoe has done that for me!

  • Longer Short Sleeves
  • Slits on Sides at Hip
  • Flowly at Bottom & Fitted at Top

Click here to view an alternative option for this shirt!

3. Amelia Dress



The Amelia Dress is perfect for just about anyone!

My favorite part…it has POCKETS! I love dresses and skirts with pockets because they’re usually super comfy, and of course…very functional!

Seriously, it’s like like that bridesmaid’s dress that beautifully flatters every body type in the bridal party. It’s the dress that you can order without trying on and know that it will fit…the impossible becomes possible!

If you’re thinking about ordering one…make sure that you take note on the fabric type. This dress is made in two types: one that is forgiving, and one that is not as forgiving!

So, depending on your body type…you may have to go a size up in this dress.

Personally, I go a size up from the size that I order in LulaRoe shirts. I wear a Large in the Perfect Tee, so I order an Extra Large in the Amelia Dress. When I get back down to a size 12 I will probably order this dress in a size Large.

  • Stretchy Knit Fabric
  • Exposed Zip Up Back
  • Flowly Full Skirt
  • Hidden Pockets

Click here to view an alternative option for this dress!

4. Monroe Kimono



The Monroe Kimono is absolutely necessary if you love wearing leggings in public!

Finding the “perfect” length shirts to wear with leggings so that you can avoid a fashion faux pas isn’t easy. I have a few perfect shirts that I can pair with my leggings when I leave the house(one of them is the LulaRoe Perfect Tee).

Sometimes you need a stylish cover up to hide your behind.

Sometimes you need it because your shirt is sleeveless, and it’s not  exactly in season yet.

This kimono is also a great piece to wear with your favorite dress(as shown in the photo)!

I have tons of sleeveless dresses, and there just isn’t enough Summer to wear them as often as I would like! I can’t tell you how many times I gaze over at that section of my closet when it’s cold outside…thinking to myself…

“I do have the perfect outfit to wear…if only it were warmer out!”

The Monroe Kimono solves that problem, and it comes in plenty of patterns to jazz up any little black dress!

  • Flowing, Over-Sized, & Comfortable
  • Patterned Chiffon & Lace Fabrics
  • Flirty Fringe Embellishment

Click here to view an alternative option for this kimono!

5. Leggings



I LOVE these leggings!

At first, I was a little skeptical because they only come in two sizes.

I’m a size 14 Tall, and sometimes a 16(hoping to be a 12 again in the near future)….anyone that’s in my boat knows that “one size fits all” pants are not a good idea. The only thing I own that’s “one size fits all” is a robe.

So, if you haven’t purchased a pair of these awesome leggings yet…I think it’s time! You’re either: One Size(OS) or Tall & Curvy(TC). Of course, I order TC because I’m tall(5’9) and curvy(especially in the hips)!

If you’re short and curvy I would still go for the TC’s, but if you’re tall and slim I suggest checking out this blog. The author is a 5’9 and slender mom who loves LulaRoe! I’m not sure what size she orders, but she’s a great comparison for those of you who aren’t sure which size you are.

Here’s the size chart for LulaRoe leggings!

  • Ultra Stretchy
  • Super Soft
  • Solids & Patterns
  • Sizes: One Size or Tall & Curvy

Click here to view an alternative option for these leggings!

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29 Responses to LulaRoe Top 5 Picks

  1. […] The following LulaRoe Alternatives on Modcloth are inspired by my favorite items post: LulaRoe Top 5 Picks! […]

  2. Joanne Born says:

    I’m new to Lularoe. I recently went to a party, bought a L in the Irma. I usually buy a 1x in other tops. The L in the Irma fits good. What about the other tops? Interested in purchasing a Perfect T or a Randy. Any suggestions?

    • Erika says:

      I have the Perfect T and it’s a little more snug, mostly across the chest and in the arms. If flows nicely and it very forgiving from the chest, down. So, if you’re okay with it being more fitted on your arms then stick with the large. I don’t think the rest of the shirt will be a lot different if you go up a size….maybe just a little longer.

      I don’t have a Randy, but it looks as though you would want to buy it in the XL.

      Remember, you can always try them on at pop-ups and parties! You may also want to consider asking a friend if they have one you can try on!

  3. Leslie says:

    Hello I wear a 12 pants and I am 5″4. What size Leggins should I buy? Thank you

  4. Becky says:

    What size perfect tee do you recommend..I seem to share the same body type and sizing as you, though I am 5’7″. I have a small perfect right now that I wore with a XL Cassie, knotted on one hip, and loved how it looked. If I moved up to a medium would it be more bulky!or just loosen up the fitted top without bulking up the belly fabric?

    • Erika says:

      I also wear an XL Cassie, but I go down a size in most LulaRoe shirts. The big difference that I notice with the Perfect Tee is the arms. You’ll have a little more room in the sleeves(not a bad thing, they won’t look baggy…just fit more comfortably), and the rest of the shirt won’t look much different.

  5. Emily says:

    I am also a 14 T!! I’m really wondering which size monroe to get! I would assume a large, but wondering if that would end up being huge?

    • Erika says:

      It will fit 🙂

    • Hi, Emily, you may have resolved this issue by now, however I wear a 14 dress typically and I can wear both the Small and Large Monroes. Your shoulder span will determine which Monroe would fit you best. I can tell you that there is not as much room to play with in the small but both still fit. I do feel that I need to be careful putting it on so it does not stretch it, but once it’s on, it’s fine.

  6. Awnya Boam says:

    LOVE LulaRoe! The leggings and Cassie skirts are my fav but I also love the maxis and Maddison’s. :).

    Love your review!!

  7. JT says:

    I’m also a 14 T. Have you tried a Cassie? What do you think of its sizing? What size would you get?

  8. Michelle says:

    I also wear a 14T and I love LuLaRoe. I’ve been wanting to try the Amelia dress- but I’m worried that it might be a little short waisted for me. What do you think about where the waistline hits on you?

    • Erika says:

      I think that depends on your body shape. My legs are unusually(i think they are) long and I have a short torso. I often have more difficulty with dresses of this length looking too short on me.

      I don’t think it will matter where the waist hits. If it looks good, then wear it! Pair it with a little belt or wear accessories to pull it all together 🙂

  9. Jules says:

    What size do you wear in the Madison. I normally wear a 14 T as well and I am wondering what size to order?

    • Erika says:

      I wear an XL, I would usually order a Large but with LulaRoe I go up a size for all dresses and skirts. Shirts are okay in a Large, but some are still too big and look really baggy on me.

  10. Katherine says:

    Hi! When you say that there are 2 kinds of fabric for the Amelia dresses, what are they? I am thinking about getting one but I want to make sure the fabric flatters my body 🙂

    • Erika says:

      One of them is more stretching and forgiving, and the other is thicker with less stretch and is more fitted. You should be able to tell by the photos because the thicker fabric is more textured. The dress I have is a ribbed fabric, but they are not all like that.

  11. amy mcminis says:

    You had me until I read “vote for a criminal with a jerk of a husband that has no problem with eliminating undesirable humans, and Shari law in our courts”
    You might want to keep your liberalism to yourself, because I’m afraid Queen of wall stree Clinton is less and less popular the more she’s found out.

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