Caitlyn Jenner and MAC makeup are teaming up to create a new product line…I certainly didn’t see that coming yet!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little shocked. I understand that a lot of companies may want to use “her” as an endorser because she gets a lot of publicity.

anything with her name on it gets attention, and I can see why.

She’s not the first trans woman to be famous, so why is everyone so interested in her? Maybe it’s because of the Kardashian family, but a lot of it has to do with how accepting our society has become. Either way, I don’t think that qualifies her to be a makeup expert.

“I wanted a lipstick that would be universal, suited to more people, and was an everyday lipstick, not just a high-glam, once-in-a-while kind of lipstick. I like a little color on my lips, not a lot during the day. And this rosy nude is the color I’ve gone to. To be honest, I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money. It’s very simple.”

-Caitlyn Jenner

Does she know what she’s talking about? I don’t know…I’m sure the experts at M·A·C came up with this shade. It’s not daring, it’s not dull…it’s something anyone can wear without making a huge statement.

I know a few transgender women personally, and for the most part hair and makeup is not their expertise. It takes years to get comfortable with beauty products, and even longer to know what “goes” and what doesn’t. Some people might even agree that it takes a professional cosmetologist, hairstylist, or makeup artist to give other people advice about beauty products.

Caitlyn Jenner and MAC Makeup



As a professional(and someone who dreamed of being a hairstylist/makeup artist since childhood), I feel that an “everyday” lip product is not going to be a tube of lipstick.

I’m not knocking Caitlyn Jenners new product, but I always think of my grandmother when I think of lipstick.

Women used to wear it 24/7, but it’s not the 1950’s. We wear tinted lip glosses and balms more often than lipstick. That’s what I thought of when I read New Beauty’s article…it shows that her ability to give beauty advice isn’t quite there yet.

Experience is the key to giving great advice, no matter what the subject is.

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