Messy hair don’t care…just like long hair, short hair, wavy hair, straight hair, etc. I think everyone should love their hair the way it is. Whether it’s fixed, or wind-blown. It’s not as easy as I make it sound, Here’s a different kind of beauty infographic from Ogle School! Most infographics are based on comparisons, step-by-step instructions, statistics, etc. Until I read this, I never though about how so I know. The key is knowing how to style your hair for what you have planned that day.

For example, I don’t straighten my hair when it’s hot outside…or when I want to drive with my windows down. That’s why this look I’m sharing from my instagram is perfect for ANY day. I still round brushed my hair, but I didn’t spend as much time on my blow out. I know if I don’t then my bangs will look ridiculous!

Messy Hair Don’t Care

I used two small claw clips to hold up my hair in a simple messy twist. It’s easy and effortless. Plus, if it gets really messed up I can just redo it in 5 seconds!

There’s a reason why I use clips rather than ponytail holders. Ponytails are great, and I can make them look sophisticated or relaxed…but my hair will need to be re-washed the next day if I want to wear it in any style other than a ponytail. That’s okay sometimes, but one of my least favorite things is a “crease” in my hair. If you have extremely thick or curly hair, then you may need to go up a size with your claw clips. I could use one large clip instead of two small clips, but it doesn’t look the same. One clip with this low and loose style will make it look like you barely tried, and might as well be wearing sweatpants. Two clips creates a more “fixed” look without actually fixing your hair!

Here’s what I used for today’s hair and makeup:


*UNITE Shina Mist has been discontinued! Here’s what you can use instead:


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