Pinup hair and makeup looks are always in style! While these looks are simple, they do take a little bit of time and skill. This infographic from Ogle School pairs pinup girl hair and makeup styles to make it easy for you to choose a look that’s perfect for any occasion!

Pinup Hair and Makeup Looks

The unique look of the 1940s pin­up girl is one that has been adoringly emulated by women of all ages for decades. From victory curls to red lipstick, it’s a style that is simultaneously retro and timeless. Take a look at these iconic pin­up girl images, and read on to find out how to easily look just like them.

How to Look Like a Pinup Girl Created By: Ogle School

Bouffant Updo With Victory Curls:

  • Section off the crown area of your hair from temple to temple.
  • Separate the section into layers, rolling and securely pinning each one into a heat roller.
  • Allow curls to set and remove rollers, loosely brushing the curls out with your fingers.
  • Starting from the area closest to your face, section off the remaining layers of hair and use bobby pins to fasten them to top of your head, directly beneath the bundle of curls.
  • Set with hairspray. Read More…

Click here to get the full list of hair and makeup how-to’s for the perfect pinup girl looks!

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