Here’s a different kind of beauty infographic from Ogle School! Most infographics are based on comparisons, step-by-step instructions, statistics, etc. Until I read this, I never though about how some of my favorite everyday beauty products came about.

One of them is Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care System…I’ve been using it since my late teens. Sometimes I decide to try something else, and I always go back to it. That’s because it’s simple and it works. There must be something to it, and this infographic explains it all!

I’ve had several clients in their 50’s or older tell me that they use Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care System, and they claim that it’s the secret to their beautiful skin. It might be the products, but I think it’s more about simplicity and routine. The 3-step system makes it easy for people to stay consistent, and that’s very important when it comes to skin care.

Another key to skin  care(and the 3-step system) is moisturizer. Women who have great skin always moisturize their face, neck, and chest!

This post touches on some of your favorite beauty products and will give you a new appreciation for the things you use on a daily basis. Included in this infographic are popular favorites like:

Beauty Products That Changed The World

The average beauty routine is pretty … well, routine. We cleanse our skin, apply makeup, do our hair, spritz on perfume and we’re out the door. Not much to really think about, right? But did you know some of the products you use in your everyday routine carry real, historic significance and may have even revolutionized the world of beauty?

Read on to learn how some of the classic beauty products you probably use every day changed the world.

Beauty Products That Changed The World Created By: Ogle School

Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System

The average modern skin care routine is necessarily complex and accompanied by various steps. It wasn’t always that way, though. Washing one’s face used to be considered the only real necessity. That is until Clinique’s multi-step skin care system was first presented to the world in 1968 via an article in Vogue magazine. The three-parter was the first of its kind to go above and beyond the average skin care routine of simply washing one’s face.

Clinique’s revolutionary package utilized multiple steps: exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing to ensure the best complexion possible. In 1978, the company extended its marketing to men, revealing a skin care line for men. Business is booming more than ever, with Clinique stores currently operating in a staggering 138 nations across the globe. Read More…

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