Are you getting married this summer? Warm weather weddings are most desirable, but it can be hard to look fresh in blistering heat! If you’ve already searched, then you know it’s hard to find good bridal tips for hot weather. Let’s face it, when it’s 90° outside there isn’t a whole lot you can do to beat the sweat!

This infographic from Ogle School includes several unique ideas for beating the heat “Texas” style. It’s super hot there(i’m in VA, so we really can’t complain), and if there’s no shade then it won’t matter if you used anti-frizz hairspray, the best makeup primer, and waterproof eye makeup. One of my least favorite things is sweating in “dressy” clothes…it sounds silly, but I literally hate it. If you get hot easily, then you completely understand!

Bridal Tips for Hot Weather

Every bride wants to look like a million bucks when it’s time to say “I do,” and with approximately two million weddings taking place every year in the United States, you can bet that the beauty ante is always being upped. Brides who hail from Texas, though, take wedding day glamour to a whole new level. From braving sweltering heat to sporting engagement rings bigger than their home state, Texas brides have their own ways of looking gorgeous while getting hitched.

Bridal Beauty Texas Style Created By:Ogle School

Keep Your Cool

When it comes to the most popular months to tie the knot, June, July, and August win by a landslide. In Austin, for example, the average temperature during those months is 92°, 96°, and 97°, respectively. This presents some problems if you prefer to blush rather than broil on your big day. Before you even think about what type of makeup will stand up to the heat (we’ll get to that in a second), tackle any perspiration problems you may have from the inside out. Even if you don’t sweat much, fainting at the altar from heat stroke simply won’t do.

To help avoid this sort of (potentially) sticky situation, get in the habit of taking cold or cool showers a week or two before your wedding. Chilly showers not only help your body temperature stay nice and stable, but have also been found to act as an effective mood booster and immune system activator. In other words, giving your water heater a break can result in your being happier, healthier, and blissfully unfazed by rising temperatures.

The day of and before your wedding, make sure that no drop of coffee or slice of jalapeño gets anywhere near your mouth. Caffeine and spicy foods have been proven to increase sweat production—the former by stimulating the nervous system, the latter by triggering heat-sensitive nerve receptors, thereby tricking the body into thinking it’s hot. So, if you have an addiction to coffee, soda, or all things picante, start detoxing early.

You already know you should stay hydrated—the health benefits of water include body temperature regulation, moisturizing skin and lips, and improved cell oxygenation. However, You may not know that sugary or alcoholic beverages can rob your body of fluids. You don’t have to steer completely clear of champagne at your reception, just be sure to stick to H2O in the hours leading up to your wedding. Read More…

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