nail-polish-caddyJulep finally came out with the New Polish Caddy! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and my nail polish collection is in serious need of organization!

Julep’s nail color caddy is one of their most popular items, but the original product left a few things to be desired.

Nail Polish Caddy

There were many complaints about the quality of the caddy, the compartments, etc. I was reading the reviews because I had a lot of jules(points) on my Julep Maven account and I wanted to get the color caddy.

Some reviewers pointed out that the color caddy’s quality was not the same as it was when it first came out. Maybe they cut some corners, which compromised the likability of the product.

A few months after I decided not to buy the nail polish caddy(even though I wanted it so badly)…I got an e-mail from Julep about the new color caddy. They were doing a survey to find out what everyone wanted in the new polish caddy. There were questions on size, compartments, how many polishes it should hold, etc.

Here’s the old color caddy:



I’m going to order one soon, and I hope the new product has been worth the wait! Are you a Julep Maven that’s tried the old or new color caddy? Share the scoop in the comment section!

Click here to get the NEW Color Caddy plus 3 FREE nail polishes!


I got the new nail polish caddy from Julep and I love it! It’s so convenient and I cannot believe I didn’t get something like this sooner. When it’s time to do my nails(more like when I feel like doing my nails) I just grab my nail polish caddy and I’ve got everything I need to do my manicure.

I like doing my nails at the kitchen table or on the sofa with my lap desk. Sitting still is SO hard for me so it’s necessary that I get comfortable and set everything up and stay put. Remember…don’t attempt to paint your nails an hour before bedtime…make it two. You think you can lay your hands on top of the covers and they’ll still be perfect when you wake up…but that never happens…creases and crinkles happen!

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