I love doing my own nails, but it can be challenging to make them look like I got them done at a nail salon. These nail polish hacks from Ogle School are a great way to improve your polishing skills!

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Nail Polish Hacks

Getting a manicure can be fun, but sometimes we just don’t have the funds — or the time — for it. And sometimes, we’re a bit too lazy to even bother. But we shouldn’t let any of these factors get in the way of having fabulous nails. It’s actually quite easy to look like you just came from the nail salon without ever having to leave your house.

The following DIY tips and hacks will show you how to look like you’ve just had a professional manicure without spending a dime or getting off the couch.

Lazy Girl Nail Hacks Created By: Ogle School


To achieve this cute look, you’ll first want to dip the rounded end of a bobby pin into the nail polish color of your choice. Next, carefully press the polish-dipped end of the bobby pin to your nails, creating as many dots as you’d like.

Allow your nails to air-dry for a few moments, and then finish off by dipping them into a bowl of ice water, causing the dots to harden. Read More…

Click here to get the full list of Lazy Girl Nail Hacks!

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