KENRA permanent color is somewhat easy to use if you have a good foundation in the basics of hair color. This is true with all color lines, but some are more complicated than others. I like the consistency and predictability of KENRA permanent hair color.

This section of the KENRA Color Manual includes the following topics:

  • Permanent Coloring Creme and Developer
  • Permanent Color Mixing Ratio
  • Underlying Pigment
  • Gray Coverage
  • 5 Steps to Formulation
  • Color Formulation Examples
  • High Lift
  • Blonding Cream
  • Color Boosters

KENRA Permanent Color










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4 Responses to KENRA Permanent Color

  1. Rita Linville says:

    Can I Process Kenra Perment hair color
    Under low heat,if needed for warmth.

    • Erika says:

      I do not suggest processing any permanent hair color under heat(unless directed by the manufacturer, but I can’t think of any that do). Heat can promote “hot roots” and cause other issues. Heat will not speed up the process of color either.

      If it’s because your client is cold then you could try putting a plastic processing cap(only the thin type like this)over their hair. That will help because a draft from the a/c, for example, can make someone a little chilly with color on their hair. *Processing caps are often not recommended during a single process color because they can retain heat, but if you use the right kind it will not make a difference.

      What is the reason for needing warmth while processing?

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