Redken-Hair-ColorIt’s easy to switch from a KENRA Color to Redken formula with this guide!

I rarely use a guide for switching between color lines because I trust myself more than the guide.

If you don’t have swatches for both color lines, then this makes it so much easier to figure out!

Using a formulation guide is also a good idea if you have a new client that has a formula from another color line.

This happens a lot, and rather than rely on trial and error you can have a better grasp on where to start with your color formula.



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5 Responses to KENRA Color to Redken Formula

  1. Melissa jeffries says:

    I have new client who’s stylist was using Kendra. I use redken fusion and am so confused on the coveraion table. Her stylist used 5B not sure what that is comparable to redken color fusion? Any help would be great

    • Erika says:

      I would use 5N with a quarter to a half of 5Gb(equal parts is okay too, it just depends on your clients undertones). 5B from Kenra is a deep brown that’s a lot like most neutrals, but it has a touch of warmth. I use 5B on my hair sometimes and I really like it. It’s comparable to my old favorite from L’Oreal Professionals HiRichesse line- 5.31, which was a gold/blue.

      You can also use 5Gg & 6Gg with a quarter to a half of 4Ab(equal parts is okay too, it just depends on your clients undertones). If you don’t want to take any chances you can test out both on a mannequin or some hair swatches!

      Best of luck to you and thanks for reading!

      • Melissa jeffries says:

        Her hair is solid white so I’m assuming 5nn with a little 5ngb would work?

        • Erika says:

          Oh, so you are using COVER Fusion, not COLOR Fusion…right? If so, that’s great because I LOVE COVER FUSION!!!! I would use 5NGi instead of 5NGb with the 5NN. I use both formulas for different clients and they’re great, but 5NGb will give you a little more gold(which is warmer than Kenra 5B).

          *If your client was using Kenra 5B(I’m assuming with 30 volume if her hair is white), then your results would be closer to a 5.5B-6B. Just make sure you know if the stylist used 5B, or if the results were that of a 5B. To get a true 5B on solid white hair I would use 4NN & 5NGi with 30 volume, equal parts.

          A lot of people use 20 volume for grey coverage, but it’s not going to give the same lasting results as 30 volume. When I see stylists doing this I think it’s more because they’re unsure about using the 30 volume…so don’t hesitate…it’s the absolute best way to cover grey!

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