Redken-Hair-ColorIt’s easy to switch from a KENRA Color to Redken formula with this guide!

I rarely use a guide for switching between color lines because I trust myself more than the guide, but if you’re more of a novice then this will help you until you become more familiar with Redken hair color.

If you don’t have swatches for both color lines, then this makes it so much easier to figure out!

Using a formulation guide is also a good idea if you have a new client that has a formula from another color line.

This happens a lot, and rather than rely on trial and error you can have a better grasp on where to start with your color formula.

KENRA Color to Redken Formula



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8 Responses to KENRA Color to Redken Formula

  1. Melissa jeffries says:

    I have new client who’s stylist was using Kendra. I use redken fusion and am so confused on the coveraion table. Her stylist used 5B not sure what that is comparable to redken color fusion? Any help would be great

    • Erika says:

      I would use 5N with a quarter to a half of 5Gb(equal parts is okay too, it just depends on your clients undertones). 5B from Kenra is a deep brown that’s a lot like most neutrals, but it has a touch of warmth. I use 5B on my hair sometimes and I really like it. It’s comparable to my old favorite from L’Oreal Professionals HiRichesse line- 5.31, which was a gold/blue.

      You can also use 5Gg & 6Gg with a quarter to a half of 4Ab(equal parts is okay too, it just depends on your clients undertones). If you don’t want to take any chances you can test out both on a mannequin or some hair swatches!

      Best of luck to you and thanks for reading!

      • Melissa jeffries says:

        Her hair is solid white so I’m assuming 5nn with a little 5ngb would work?

        • Erika says:

          Oh, so you are using COVER Fusion, not COLOR Fusion…right? If so, that’s great because I LOVE COVER FUSION!!!! I would use 5NGi instead of 5NGb with the 5NN. I use both formulas for different clients and they’re great, but 5NGb will give you a little more gold(which is warmer than Kenra 5B).

          *If your client was using Kenra 5B(I’m assuming with 30 volume if her hair is white), then your results would be closer to a 5.5B-6B. Just make sure you know if the stylist used 5B, or if the results were that of a 5B. To get a true 5B on solid white hair I would use 4NN & 5NGi with 30 volume, equal parts.

          A lot of people use 20 volume for grey coverage, but it’s not going to give the same lasting results as 30 volume. When I see stylists doing this I think it’s more because they’re unsure about using the 30 volume…so don’t hesitate…it’s the absolute best way to cover grey!

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