I don’t know when you’ll need these zombie beauty tips, but Ogle Schools shared an interesting infographic to help you out! Maybe you’re a big fan of the hit TV show “The Walking Dead”, or maybe you need a last minute Halloween costume idea. Either way, these zombie beauty tips have you covered!

Zombie Beauty Tips

Are you tired of not being invited to parties because you’re “a rotted, blood-soaked legion of the undead”? Sick of going on date after date, only to have none of them ever return your phone calls (I mean, okay, they’re not calling you back because you ripped their hearts out with your bare hands, but whatever. You can’t help it if you’re a free spirit.)?

If you’re a demonic/undead/quirky gal suffering from any of these pesky issues, read on for tips on how to go from monstrous to fabulous.

Zombie Beauty Tips Created By: Ogle School

Problem: Dark Under-Eye Circles

At the stroke of midnight, enter the abandoned, haunted mansion at the top of the hill (use GPS for directions).
Place a spoon in the freezer/portal to demonic dimension.
After two minutes of fighting off the ghost of a 17th-century sea captain, remove the spoon from the freezer and gently rub it under each eye.
Get sucked into the demonic dimension with fabulous, flawless under-eyes. Read More…

Click here for the full list of Zombie Beauty Tips!

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