This infographic about the First Ladies of Style is from Ogle School! I like this one because they included recent and past First Ladies. While some styles may come and go, it’s important to know when hair and makeup styles originated, and who or what made them famous(especially if you’re in the beauty industry).

Included in this infographic are styles from the following First Ladies:

  • Dolley Madison
  • Frances Clevland
  • Grace Coolidge
  • Mamie Eisenhower
  • Jackie Kennedy
  • Nancy Reagan
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Michelle Obama

First Ladies of Style

From Martha Washington to Michelle Obama, the woman in the White House serving as First Lady has always been a source of interest, focus and inspiration for the American public. Not surprisingly, women across the country take note of — and often copy — her personal style as well. Here is a rundown of some of America’s most notably stylish First Ladies and what defined each of their magnetic images.

First Ladies of Style Created By: Ogle School

Dolley Madison (1809-1817)
Dolley Payne was raised in the Quaker faith and, along with her seven brothers and sisters, grew up wearing modest clothing in somber shades. She met James Madison as a young widow — having tragically lost her first husband to yellow fever — and after agreeing to marry out of her faith, she was expelled from the Society of Friends. Using this to her advantage, she celebrated what was widely reported to be a happy and harmonious marriage by wearing all the latest trends!

Madison quickly became known for her skills as a hostess and entertainer. Having occasionally served as White House hostess when her friend (and widower) Thomas Jefferson was in office prior to her official First Lady post, she was already used to the job. She also very quickly became notorious for her low-necked dresses and sometimes unusual fashion tastes. A striking example of this was her Inaugural Ball outfit, which received mixed reviews for including an outlandish turban accented with feathers.

Madison was popular with many, and not only for her fashion choices; she was chosen as the first private citizen to transmit a message via telegraph by Samuel Morse himself — which she no doubt did in a stylish outfit! Read More…

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