I recently got an e-mail about hair extensions that I thought I should share with everyone.

Whether you use hair extensions occasionally, or have them professionally done they should be handled with care and properly maintained.


Some types of hair extensions need to be professionally maintained(usually about every 2-3 months).

So, if you go that route make sure you talk to your hairstylist about cost and plan ahead accordingly!

Should Hair Extensions Tangle Easily?

Here’s the reader e-mail:

Dear Erika,

Do you use hair extensions? According to your personal experiences, is it normal for them to tangle easily after months of use?



Here’s my response:

Dear Anonymous,

I don’t use hair extensions in my own hair, but I have put them in my clients hair. It depends on how they are cared for and what type of hair you use. The method of application is also very important for long-term wear.

Cheap hair extensions are never a good idea, but a lot of people go with it because it’s expensive to get extensions. Extensions should not be done at home or for the cheapest price. The hair will tangle easier if it’s poor quality, for example.

If you have quality hair extensions that were properly applied then it should not easily tangle as long as you’re taking care of them.


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2 Responses to Should Hair Extensions Tangle Easily?

  1. jay says:

    I am wondering what is your favourite hair extensions method?clip in,tape in,fusion etc?

    • Erika says:

      Clip-In Hair Extensions are great for formal and wedding styles or updos. I’ve also used clip-ins for clients with Alopecia to create a beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle(but clip-ins would be difficult to use for someone like this looking for an everyday style).

      Tape-In Hair Extensions are my favorite for adding length and thickness to the hair for long periods of time. They’re not as damaging and last at least 3 months with proper care.

      Fusion Hair Extensions are more natural looking and can be customized beyond belief! I feel that they promote breakage and need more care(not just maintenance, but also handling with care throughout the day). If done properly….they’re great and you may only experience a little damage…but most people do them too tight.

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