Why won’t color stay in my hair?


I get my hair colored silver/grey and I wait 3-4 days before I wash my hair. But when I do shampoo, which is with purple shampoo, a lot of it washes out and has a coppery color and then there are grey streaks as well. Is it possible to have hair that can’t be dyed?



Dear Anonymous,

It sounds like your hair wasn’t lightened enough before the semi-permanent color was applied. Silver/grey tones are tricky and take best when the hair is lighter.
Keep in mind that most of the time this color is applied with a deposit-only product, so it will not last as long because your hair isn’t really being “dyed”.
Purple shampoo is not meant to be used in this situation. It is for blondes and natural grey/white hair. It’s meant to reverse yellow/gold/copper tones and deposits on the hair.
It’s also a little more harsh like a clarifying or cleansing shampoo. It’s probably stripping the color rather than saving it.
You should be using a color care shampoo. I know you said that this happens at the first wash, so the shampoo may not make a difference until your hair is properly colored.

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  1. Tina says:

    Have a client who is a level 7 .she wanted to be a 5n. I used a 5n with 20developer and when we shampooed and dried the hair was still a level 7 .the color did not deposit. Have never seen this happen before.

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