Here’s what I packed for my trip…excluding makeup and shampoo!

Today’s my last day in Orlando, FL so I thought I would share some beauty travel tips that I used for this trip. The more I travel the easier it gets. I tend to pack lighter(my boyfriend probably wouldn’t agree) and I spend less time getting ready so I’ll have more time for fun!

Luckily today is a little overcast because I already got plenty of sun! Here’s a bonus beauty tip for you…don’t forget the sunscreen!

I talk about my experience with sun burn during a previous trip to Florida in 5 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen and even though I wear more now I still seem to get too much sun. The Florida sun is so much more intense than back home in Virginia, so if you’re traveling to a sunnier state don’t forget to be more cautious at the pool or beach!

Here are some great beauty travel tips to get you ready for your next vacation!

Beauty Travel Tips

Pack ONE heated tool!

I brought a large barrel curling iron with me to Orlando, FL. I knew it would be humid and we’d be going swimming, so there’s no sense in wasting time with a flat iron. I just scrunched my hair and curled a few pieces on top!

If you must bring a flat iron then just pack a mini iron.

Some of you are thinking…

OMG…a mini flat iron would be a nightmare with my abundantly thick head of hair!

If that’s you then you need to style your hair differently during your vacation. A mini flat iron is great for bangs or touching up a few pieces around your face, but not a whole head of hair.

I pulled my bangs back with a bobby pin and wore a ponytail quite a bit. This is an effortless way to look great in minutes! Don’t forget to wear some pretty earrings if you want to dress up your look a little!

Forget your blow dryer.


I just curled my bangs a little to dress up my ponytail look! Effortless and professional!

I know…this is a tough one!

For those of you that appreciate your blow dryer…leaving it behind is difficult!

You already know that the blow dryer provided in hotels and resorts is worse than your backup at home. They usually have a short cord and smell like something is burning!

I left my pro dryer at home this time and when we went on our cruise last year.

I even refrained from packing my round brush this trip! All I have is my styling brush and I barely used it!

Keep in mind that the messy look is easy to pull off on a beach vacation, but if you’re going to the mountains then go ahead and pack your round brush if it’s something you must have. Anywhere without a lot of humidity is an acceptable place to do some extra hair styling!

Tip:If you have long hair…DO NOT flip your head upside-down and blow dry your hair with the small hair dryer. It is possible to get your hair sucked in the end of the dryer and it happens fast!


Waterproof makeup makes vacationing so much easier!

On this trip I was attending the ERA International Business Conference, so I had classes and events to attend(business casual attire expected). Usually I skip the mascara while I’m on vacation, or I put some on before going out to dinner. I had to dress up a little and my pool time was limited to the afternoons before dinner and other events.

I wore waterproof mascara and that made going from class to the pool and back to the conference events so much easier! I just freshened up my eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer after the pool.

Aerosols are allowed on your carry-on.

redken-dry-shampooOnly if it’s a personal care item and travel size. I didn’t have any mini hairsprays…highly unusual but these things happen sometimes!

I packed a mini dry shampoo, styling oil, curl primer, and texturizing spray so I got by. I’m definitely going to pick up some extra minis to keep on hand next time I hit up the beauty supply store!

My style didn’t hold all day, but I went for a more relaxed look so it was no biggie.

Tip: Get creative. I used my texturizing spray on dry hair before curling it. Something is better than nothing!

Tip: Don’t forget to “lock” your liquid products that don’t have a top before you pack your suitcase for departure! Usually all you have to do is twist the top to lock it.

Don’t forget your tweezers!

I forgot mine this time and it’s been really hard to not get my daily eyebrow plucking in!

I’m usually a last minute packer…and I either over pack or under pack…always! I was so focused on not packing anything sharp, but I don’t know why I left the tweezers and packed two razors(one for legs, one bikini razor)!

Make yourself comfortable.


I used the amenities tray for my makeup! This keeps things tidy and prevents everything from getting wet.

I always unpack and organize everything right after I check in. It’s so much easier to find things this way.

I also hang up all of my nice clothing(most of the time I have to ask for extra coat hangers).

I like to arrange my beauty products and jewelry so I know what I have when I’m getting ready.

There’s nothing more frustrating than fumbling through a messy suitcase when you’re in a hurry to meet everyone for dinner!

If you put everything in plain sight(neatly) when you arrive then getting ready will be a piece of cake!

Tip: When you pack your suitcase roll up your clothing instead of laying it flat. This will prevent extra wrinkling!

Use the glasses in your room to organize your makeup!


Use hotel glasses to organize your makeup and brushes!

Housekeeping usually notices that I’m using the glasses for my makeup brushes and will leave some new ones for drinking.

I also use the amenities tray for my things if they have one. It’s not necessary, but I think it keeps things more tidy and prevents my makeup from ending up in a puddle of water.

If there’s a coffee caddy…that works great for organizing your beauty products!

Odds and ends to throw in your bag:

  • Extra hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Nail clippers(allowed on carry-on)
  • Tampons…just in case

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