Outrageous Wrestler Hairstyles

Here’s another unusually entertaining infographic from Ogle Schools! I’ve never considered the fact that pro wrestlers have an image to uphold just like other celebrities or sports icons. Wrestlers maintain a brand image, and most of them have catchy nick names, but do they really have iconic hairstyles?

This infographic will take you back in time…highlighting some of the most recognizable hairstyles in the wrestling industry!

Do you recognize these iconic wrestlers based on their outrageous hairstyles alone? Test yourself to find out if you’re a wrestling history champ or a chump by using the sliding bar below.


via Ogleschools.com

Iconic Wrestler Hairstyles Created by: Ogle School


The story of professional wrestling can be told many ways. It can be shared through the personalities that defined it: larger-than-life figures like Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon and John Cena. It can be told through the fights that made it great: unforgettable matches like Wrestlemania, The Royal Rumble and Hell in the Cell. Or you can tell it through the hair. From The Ultimate Warrior’s flowing mane to Daniel Bryan’s hipster beard, every iconic wrestler who has ever entered the ring has had an equally iconic hairstyle. So let’s go on a journey through the history of wrestling and take a look at some of the hairstyles that deserve their own place in the WWE Hall of Fame. Read More…

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