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If you’re suffering from any one of a number of unsightly but common skin issues — such as acne, wrinkles, rosacea or others — your first line of attack is probably camouflage. It’s tempting to get out your makeup kit and perform a quick “band-aid” fix … and perhaps follow that by purchasing an expensive regime of skincare treatments.

However, did you know there are many product-free approaches you can take to significantly improve your skin? Just a few simple steps daily can either assist with existing skin conditions or prevent new problems from arising. Consider these ideas before running out to buy the latest cream,serum or injectable.

Product Free Beauty Fixes Created By: Ogle School

  1. Drink lots of water. You’ve likely heard this all your life, but there’s a reason this advice never goes out of style. Your skin is made up of cells, which are made up of water. And if you don’t get enough water, neither does your skin, resulting in dehydration and possible wrinkles. Water also washes out toxins, which can contribute to acne, and aids in cell regeneration. Read More…

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