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I just read an article that was shared by New Beauty Magazine about why you should wash your makeup brushes.

There are tons of reasons why you should…and basic hygiene is reason enough for me.

I was my makeup brushes about once per month and I always throw out old makeup(especially mascara).

Please don’t confuse this with professional makeup artists and their tools! I wash my makeup brushes before each client.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

The article tells a story about a woman that became paralyzed because of an infection she contracted from dirty makeup brushes. They were not her personal makeup brushes…she used someone else’s and that’s how she got infected.

I’m a little disappointed in the article from New Beauty Magazine because it puts emphasis on telling you that you should always wash YOUR makeup brushes. While that is true, I feel that it doesn’t directly pertain to the woman’s story.

She was infected because she used another persons beauty tools.

The article does not explain the importance of using your own makeup all the time. It does not talk about the importance of choosing not to use someone else’s makeup, or telling your friends that you’d rather not share yours. I’ve always said “no” to friends that want to use my makeup…even my sister!

They often thought that I was being a bitch or way too particular, but I didn’t care. It’s better than getting pink eye because you let someone use your mascara(mascara is the easiest way to contract infections when it comes to makeup). Plus…it really sucks to have to throw away a $25 tube of mascara because you couldn’t say “no” to your friend.

Seriously…some of you need to stop sharing…this woman’s story is the perfect example of why(although it probably won’t happen to everyone that share’s a makeup brush).

Here’s the link the story on New Beauty.com:

Woman Became Paralyzed from a Common Beauty Mistake

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